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A really cute Spec Commercial shot on the Canon 7D for Aflac. Direction and Cinematography by Kevin Keiser.

This Day In Toon History

4/23/1946: So in light of Daffy Duck’s eightieth birthday it’s time to do what we do best and DRAG OUT ALL OF HIS DIRTY LAUNDRY…I mean tell the story of his ill-fated marriage to Melissa Duck (among other things). She was a blonde starlet, his second wife and future grandmother to Shirley McLoon and the Aflac Duck. Of all his wives (Mrs Daffy in 1939, Melissa in 1946, an unnamed one in 1950, (two girlfriends in 1952 and 53) Daphne in 1955, Honey Bunch in 1962, Tyr'hanee in 2004, and most recently, Tina Russo in 2011), she was the only one he actually missed when they divorced. It took years for him to pop the question on Daphne, and that’s with having a couple kids from his previous marriages. So all in all, he’s had 7 marriages, two girlfriends in the early 50s, 15 and a half kids (one of them is two headed. I shit you not) and a whole lotta child support payments. -Smartass

randomthefox  asked:

apparently IDW apologized for including the dragondicks OC and fired the writer responsible for including him. huzzah? \o3o/

This is the logical conclusion that any company in a similar position would have taken.

People are fired from jobs all the time, and often because of things they have said or done, whether it was on company premises, or via social networking. 

Aflac canned Gilbert Gottfried from representing their company due to some of his posts on Twitter. 

Fred Willard was fired by PBS after being arrested for “lewd conduct”. 

The Food Network dropped Paula Deen over a comment she made to someone decades ago. 

Charlie Sheen was fired from Two and a Half Men after publicly referring to the show’s creator as a “warlock” and a “troll”.

There are countless other examples out there, and not just from people in the public spotlight.

Ted Anderson openly, and frequently, insulted the very user base he was paid to write for, and there is a ridiculous amount of evidence of this.  As an employee of IDW, he was a representative of the company.  He not only did not make any effort to distance his work from his beliefs, but he even tried to shoehorn said beliefs into someone else’s creative property, which is absolutely not okay.

I’m sure monumental amounts of whining have already taken place because of this, likely crying that “those big mean BRONIES got that poor man FIRED!  And all over someone’s OC!!”.  No.  His attitude is what got him fired.  And if they have similar attitudes themselves, they might want to reconsider them, lest they destine themselves to similar fates.

No matter how self-righteous you think you are, if you’re a pompous asshole that gets their jollies by trying to tear down others over your own lack of self-esteem (especially if you have the nerve to try to PROFIT from it), it’s going to come back to bite you in the ass.  As for people like Dragondicks, who have already made themselves into laughingstocks, I have very little pity for, but still enough sympathy to hope they eventually come to their senses concerning their current, infantile mindset.

The real world and tumblr are two very different places.  And it’s about goddamn time they finally learn this.

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Id feel much better in life if Zack was my best friend

A poem for you and your friend choices:

Zack’s on crack

He’s outta wack

Don’t ever talk smack

Cuz he might just stab you in the back