i love how crash love is so heavily hated, but “it was mine” and “darling, i want to destroy you” are two very well written songs and two of the best imo that they have ever produced. elegantly composed, davey’s voice is crisp, all of the instruments sound great, and the lyrics have a lot of meaning behind them.

yeah, AFI doesn’t necessitate to the former 90s “punk” genre anymore. but please tell me when you heard another song or band that sounds like anything AFI has produced in the last eight years. i’ll wait.

i won’t wait for you another night, but i’ll wait.


what is art? this is art

Horror film concept: Dude (outwardly respectable and married with children) trolls and stalks a girl on the internet with sexist, horrible remarks. Thinks nothing of it. It’s just some fun. Gets on with his life. Then it turns out she’s a chainsaw-wielding manic who will absolutely track him down and destroy his life.

Not kidding, I wrote a script like that once. For a class project.

Based on an anecdote my friend told me about her shock at discovering she was being stalked online by, well, a NORMAL family man. With two daughters. (She wasn’t a psycho, though. She was just, eh, quite scared of him.)

It was Kill Bill meets Clerks.

But as my screenwriter teacher pointed: “Well, Sharon, it’s low-budget. Which works and is feasible. But it’s too dark for American audiences, obviously. I think most people would just end up feeling bad for the main guy. He’d be the hero.”

Darth Vader in that hallway is still one of the greatest film scenes ever, IMO.

The second of silence and darkness, the rebels looking tense and scared…then the saber lights up.

It was Star Wars meets Jason Voorhees. A horror movie. That’s all I can compare it to.

A weird clash of film genres.