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People With Flowers in Colours


Dump armored vehicles near Kabul, Afghanistan. Here you can find not only the Soviet tanks and armored personnel carriers of the time of the Afghan war 1979-1989, but a lot of other, often rare military equipment. There are even ancient French tanks Renault FT-17, in the 1920-ies in different ways fell into the country. After the expulsion of the Taliban, the Americans and the French have taken several of these cars for restoration and now they are in the museums of these countries. In 2012 he was even found Polish tank “Renault”, captured by the red army during the Soviet-Polish war of 1920, and transferred to friendly Afghanistan in 1923…

Interesting photo. In the background is half Renault FT with broken sector on the sloth.

The process of restoration of the Afghan Renault FT tank Museum in Samur, France

Renault FT from the tank Museum collection in Samura (France). In 2007 moved to France from Afghanistan, the French Military Special Forces (Museum)

The Americans take out the rarities from the junkyard of military equipment under the Kabul

This landfill is as old. In the background two Indian armored car of the Second world war, the rumors are not preserved in any Museum in the world


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