I’m not sure if people know but America dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb (a MOAB) on Afghanistan, Nangrahar, thursday 13th April. It was dropped in response to the death of a US soldier fighting IS in Nangrahar (and possibly in response to N Korea’s nuclear trials). We’ve only heard that ‘many militants’ have been killed and we don’t know the exact impact yet. 

Afghanistan has been at war for 38 years now and this is really saddening news, especially the scale of the weapon used. So, please keep afghanistan in your prayers because amid the power struggle of these resourceful countries, it’s afghan civilians that are caught in the crossfire. 


The use of a bomb like this is monstrous.

It is used without the authorization of congress, much less the people of the U.S.A.

It is done while an investigation of possible criminal action by Donald Trump, his campaign and his administration is taking place.

We must pay attention.

The Afghan girls robotics team was denied entry to US. They’ll watch their robot compete over Skype instead.

  • The all-girls robotic team from Afghanistan that was denied a visa to enter the U.S. will have to watch their robot compete over Skype from thousands of miles away instead, one of the competition organizers said.
  • The team of six teenage girls had planned to compete in FIRST Global Challenge, an international robotics competition that will be held in Washington, D.C., in July — but their applications for seven-day travel visas were turned down by the state department twice, Forbes reported.
  • Roya Mahboob, Afghanistan’s first female tech CEO and the woman who organized Afghanistan’s robotics team, said the girls “were crying all the day” when they first heard their visas had been turned down again, Forbes reported. Read more (7/3/17)

A look at the Kung Fu women of Kabul, chipping away at gender norms!

These women and girls are fighting to become Afghanistan’s Shaolin martial art ambassadors!

Kung fu is empowering a group of 10 powerful Hazara women and girls. They are practising “wushu” kung fu on a hilltop in the west of Kabul. They are preparing for the day that Afghanistan can send its women’s wushu team to an international tournament.

© Mohammad Ismail/Reuters


The all-girl robotics team from Afghanistan has finally made it into the US

The Afghan girls previously denied visas to compete in an international robotics competition on Sunday were allowed into the U.S. early Saturday morning thanks to last-minute intervention from President Donald Trump.

The six high-school girls from the Afghanistan Robotics House in Herat, Afghanistan, landed at Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C., where they and their chaperone were greeted by U.S. special envoy and Afghan ambassador Hamdullah Mohib, according to Politico. Read more. (7/15/17, 1:00 PM)