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Roxy’s Moxie

Prompt: Hi I just love your writing and I was wondering if I can request a fic where Roxy is expecting puppies and Penelope finds out and she starts spending a lot of time with Roxy, which leads to Penelope and Luke getting together.

Pairing: Garvez

Words: 3,079

Notes: This literally got away from me, I don’t apologize for it! 

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The Doctor’s Wife

For @doctorroseprompts and @timepetalsprompts ElevenxRose November.

Post-ep for The Doctor’s Wife.

The Doctor walked into the library unsurprised to see Rose curled up on the couch in front of the roaring fire, wrapped in her favorite afghan.

“Hey.”  She smiled up at him as he settled beside her, offering him one end of the blanket.

“Hi,” he sighed back, pulling her into his lap as they watched the flames dance.

“Crazy day, huh?”  She said eventually, and he gave a bitter laugh.

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queen-vaega  asked:

Fiddauthor:15: Kiss in the Rain

Fiddleford walked around the semi-flooded Backupsmoore campus looking for his boyfriend. Earlier that day Ford had said he needed to make a call to his parents and than they could go celebrate his birthday together. But it had been hours since he’d said that, and Fiddleford still hadn’t seen hide nor hair of his roommate. 

When it started to rain he decided to go looking for his boyfriend himself, he thought he might’ve been in one of the labs again and just forgotten that they’d had plans, but Fiddleford didn’t find him there, or in any of the other study rooms or libraries on campus. 

After about thirty minutes of searching in the increasingly heavy down poor he found Ford sitting under an awning near the art building, he looked like a drowned rat so Fiddleford hurried over to him. 

“Honey Bun what on earth are ya doin’ out in the middle of this storm? Your soaking wet!” 

Ford looked up at Fiddleford as he adjusted his umbrella to cover the both of them. Ford’s eyes were red, and it was obvious he’d been crying, “I’m, I’m okay Fidds, I just needed to be alone for a bit after talking to my father. But then it started raining and I found my self stuck here, I’m sorry for worrying you.

Fiddleford knelt down and placed a light kiss on Ford’s scalp, “It’s alright hun, but you should come back to the room with me and dry off, I’ll make us some coffee and you can wrap up in my afghan.”

Ford smiled, “That sounds good.”