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International Women’s Day 2015: Afghan men wear burqas to campaign for women’s rights 

“A small group of Afghan men wearing sky-blue burqas marched through Kabul earlier today to draw attention to women’s rights in the country.

The group of roughly 20 men walked through the capital of Afghanistan to draw attention to the rights of women ahead of international Women’s Day on 8 March.

With muddy trainers just visible beneath the burqas, an item of clothing that became synonymous with oppressive Taliban rule in the 1990s, the march drew some attention from onlookers.

“What is the point of this?” Asked traffic policeman Javed Haidari, 24. “All of the women in my family wear burqas. I wouldn’t let them go out without one.”

But 29-year-old activist Basir, who goes by one name, claims the march – organised by a group called Afghan Peace Volunteers – takes women’s rights “to the streets.”

“One of the best ways to understand how women feel is to walk around and wear a burqa,” he claimed.

Other men on the march said that wearing the item of clothing, which covers individuals from head-to-foot with a small mesh ‘window’ over the face, felt “like a prison”.

They carried signs reading: “equality” and “Don’t tell women what to wear, you should cover your eyes,” a Reuters correspondent reported.

Human Rights Watch claim that many opponents of female rights are using waning international interest in the country to undo much of the progress made following the fall of the Taliban.“

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Nice work Afghan Peace Volunteers !

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Women in Afghanistan are climbing their way through gender barriers with the nonprofit group, Ascend. The organization, founded by 36-year-old Marina Kielpinski LeGree, funds and organizes training and leadership classes for female mountain climbers in Afghanistan. Mountaineering is an uncommon pastime for Afghan men, let alone women, but LeGree is hopeful that Ascend will inspire women to break oppressive gender roles.

“It doesn’t mean the housewife who is in her compound in Kandahar is going to go start climbing mountains,” says LeGree, “but she will know another Afghan woman did it and that message is really important.”

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A group of Afghan men wore burqas and marched through the streets of Kabul to show their solidarity for women’s rights. They carried signs reading: “Equality,” and “Don’t tell women what to wear, you should cover your eyes.”

“One of the best ways to understand how women feel is to walk around and wear a burqa,” said one of the activists who participated in the march.

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Afghan women wearing burqa walk down a Kabul street. Many women still choose to veil themselves wearing the traditional blue burqa to cover their bodies while in public. Many Afghan men are usually asking the women to adhere to this conservative dress code. 

Image by Paula Bronstein on assignment in Kabul, Afghanistan, 2015, via Instagram.