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Keep Afghan Shias in your prayer. Al-Zahra mosque, a Shia mosque in Kabul, where majority of the attendees are Hazara Afghans is hit by explosion today and it is noted that casualties are high. 

“According to a statement on Mr Danish’s social media profiles, the attacker attempted to enter the mosque but was barred from reaching the prayer hall.

Instead, the attacker triggered a bomb in the kitchen. It has also been reported that the sounds of gunfire rang out after the explosion.”

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With my mom being Thai and a buddhist, and my dad being Afghan (hazara) and a muslim, I never really felt like I truly belonged anywhere.
I was born and raised in Norway - where I obviously was looked upon as a foreigner. I’m also looked upon as a foreigner in both Thailand and Pakistan (where my family resides), and I usually have to hide when my mom goes to buy tickets in Thailand (bc of cheaper price to locals).
They address me as “farang” (translates to guava) which is what the locals use to describe “white people” in Thailand - therefore, excluding me from feeling like I belong. Nicknames such as “ninja” “chip chop” “chinatown” and “terrorist” stuck with me throughout high school. Fortunately, self-irony is something I possess, which made it easier to laugh when I heard the comments being made. But you know what?

Diversity is a blessing which teaches people tolerance, and demolishes the ignorance - which is something the world needs. 
I am Asian, therefore #IDoLookAsian.