The beauty and culture of Afghanistan.

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Outsiders often see Afghanistan as a problem in need of a solution: a conflict region that needs more troops or another election. But in seeing Afghanistan as a problem, the people of the country, and their desire for self-determination, are often overlooked.

A Darkness Visible focuses on another story: one of ordinary citizens whose lives play out in the shadow of superpowers. There are stories of violence to be sure, but there is also friendship and love and even romance.

Based on 14 trips to Afghanistan between 1994 and 2010, A Darkness Visible is the work of renowned photojournalist Seamus Murphy. His luminous pictures chronicle a people caught time-and-again in political turmoil, struggling to find their own way.  (via A Darkness Visible: Afghanistan)


Prince William tours the National Memorial Arboretum as he launches an GBP 8 million appeal to make the Alrewas site a world famous centre for remembrance on April 24, 2009 in Lichfield, England. Prince William was officially made the patron of the Future Foundations Appeal. During the poignant visit he viewed the names of his Sandurst platoon commander Major Alexis Roberts of the 1st Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles, killed in Afgahanistan and Intelligence Officer Joanna Dyer who trained in his platoon and killed near Basra.
April 24, 2009| Photos by Christopher Furlong
At War: ‘Hell and Back Again’ Shows War Stories Don’t End When War Movies Do

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Danfung Dennis’s documentary is filled with intimate moments that fictional war films like “Act of Valor” could never accomplish. “To Hell and Back Again” concerns the immediate action of war, which in real life happens in unexpected, violent bursts of seconds or minutes.