Personal - Geography human exam revision (Usa developong country - the Sahel)

Human factors -
+ over population
+ Over cultivation
+ Over grazing
+ Growth of cash crops
+ Poor irrigation methods
+ Deforestation

Physical Factors -
+ Variability and intensity of rainfall
+ Vegetation cover

Social and economical -
+ malnutrition and starvation
+ migration

Physical -
+ rills and gullies
+ loss of topsoil
+ Salinisation

Cures -
+ Afforestation
+ Stone lines
+ managing grazing areas
+ Reduced herd sizes
+ Educataion


Dirt Road(via Dirt road in the afforestation area, Kita Hiroshima-cho, Yamagata…)

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Rub'Al Khali aka The Empty Quarter aka Arakeen is insanely beautiful. As much as I believe in desertification, this landscapes’ disappearance would be a tragedy. #terraform #permaculture #afforestation #desert #desertification #vacationista #holiday #finditliveit #travelhound #addictedtotravel #travelgram #passionpassport #travel #instatravel #instareinabudhabi #rubalkhali by instarein


Rode down to Sadhana Forest in Auroville with a friend. I was here after about 4 years. The place is vegan, runs on solar power and believe in a sort of zero footprint way of life. Interesting but never appealed. This patch of land was barren and dry, which was afforested and ecologically restored by the bunch of folks living in this commune.

Nice and easy place, which has gone very very dense, in it’s tree cover. Not sure about the biodiversity of flora though. Can spot too many Acacia and Casuarina trees around, for instance.

One thing- cynics like me are a pain to all well meaning folks in the world.