i’m in love with these shoes from banggood!! they are so comfortable and light, and go with so many different outfits <3

When I was in graduate school and I worked in Harlem–I went into the 125th street Staples to buy pens. There was a girl there–maybe 7th grade, with her mom. She asked her mother to buy her a pack of pens for school. And her mother’s response was, “Someone’ll lend you a pen.” I was ignorant enough to be startled by that. I don’t know if her mom couldn’t afford the pens or didn’t see the sense in buying them, but I assume the former. I wanted to buy the girl some pens, but I didn’t want to embarrass or offend. We do a back to school supply charitable giving thing through David’s office these days. You get assigned a kid and you get a list of supplies and you fill up a backpack. I think of that girl and when the shopping list says buy 6 pens, I buy 12 so the kid can lend some if he wants to.

I got paid yesterday, but it was only a little bit of money from when I was first training. I think I still have some leftover money that I can use with my paycheck to buy a little bit of gas, and then I should have some money left to buy a haircut and a shirt or two from my work with my 50% discount! I have a bit of shopping to do today, it seems. 

Barack Obama is the first sitting US president to publish a scientific paper. The paper, titled “United States Health Care Reform: Progress to Date and Next Steps,” was published in The Journal of the American Medical Association and is an argument for the importance of the Affordable Care Act, the progress he feels it has made, and what steps can be taken to build upon it. Source Source 2

Hello everybody! I’m not usually one for asking for help but I’m turning 18 on August 2, (in like 3-4 days), and I have been living on my own for a while now. At this point, I can no longer afford the essentials, (food, meds, rent. etc.), so if anyone wants to and can help and buy me some ramen noodles or a cup of coffee for my birthday, feel free to donate to my Paypal. Even a dollar helps. For those of you who want to help but are also struggling financially please please just reblog this and get it out there. I will be so so grateful! Alright that’s all, have a good one.