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5 Healing Herbal Teas That Will Have To Do Some Heavy Fucking Lifting If The Affordable Care Act Is Repealed

Sometimes the natural remedies are the best, and if Congress guts the ACA, they’re about all you’ve got.

1. Chamomile: Containing natural oils that relax the soft muscles of the stomach, chamomile is the perfect tea to calm an upset tummy. And because there’s no earthly way anyone going through chemo uninsured will be able to afford anti-nausea medication, too, it better start pulling its damn weight. Every Affordable Care Act provision that gets repealed is another burden on the shoulders of soothing chamomile.

2. Sage: It’s not just for cooking! Sage has been used for centuries as a tea to ease menstrual cramps, so if and when Congress decides regulating your period with birth control or an IUD should be prohibitively expensive, it’s going to have to step its shit up as a permanent pinch hitter for your Yaz. Can sage pull it off? Hell no. That said, since getting dropped by your insurance would mean having to choose between birth control and groceries, it’s slightly better than nothing.

3. Passion flower: Can a tea substitute for Xanax? It’s time to fucking find out! The beautifully named passion flower brews into a delicious tea that doubles as an anxiety-easing sedative, and it’s gotta be a pretty goddamn strong one if it’s going to take your mind off the fact that refilling the pills that let you get any sleep at all just got fucked up to a hundred dollars a pop following whatever half-baked Band-Aid Congress slaps on the carcass of the ACA.

4. Lemon balm: Say goodbye to tension, malaise, and access to affordable antidepressants thanks to healing lemon balm and an intense partisan rancor in D.C. that has somehow manifested itself as cutting health care for millions of Americans. While this mild mood-lifting medicinal tea stacks up against some honest-to-god Lexapro about as well as a butterfly kiss does to a chainsaw, maybe brewing it double strong could help. It’s not like you’ve got many other options.

5. Lipton tea: Yeah, it’s just generic fucking Lipton tea, but it’s three bucks a box, and if you think you’ll have the budget for hand-rolled loose-leaf medicinal herbs from that specialty store with all the jars once the ACA’s dead, you might want to check your math. Better hope it’s got some healing properties we don’t know about!

i wanna be sarcastic abt this but i feel like that might be taken wrong so im just gonna say: its okay to ask for help. we live in a shitty world that tells us ‘you’re worthless if you can’t be self-sufficient’ and then makes it impossible to survive independently. it’s not shameful or greedy to ask for financial help and it’s okay to be unable to help someone bc you’re struggling yourself. it’s not cool to try and guilt trip people who are asking, though, no matter what ur own situation is, so like. stop doing that, y’all. 

I firmly believe than any form of skin removal, reconstruction, or tightening, should be covered under insurance if it comes after extreme weight loss. I know there are so many people that fear losing weight because they know saggy skin will be their end result, so they decide to further negatively impact their health and stay fat.
When people lose just 100 pounds of body fat it cuts their risk of heart disease in half, lowers their levels of bad cholesterol, and significantly lowers blood pressure. And with your newfound healthy habits your risk of cancer drops as well. HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES SHOULD BE JUMPING WITH JOY ABOUT THIS. They save money in the long run because you got healthy! The least they can do is help you with any loose skin you may have developed.

Fallout universe Health and Food-related headcanons

Because I’m a holistic health and homesteading nut… :’)

  • Sea salt is a major export of coastal states.
  • Another export of coastal states is whale blubber, which is extremely rare and difficult to obtain. It is a high-end source of carbs (see studies on Inuit diets if you want more about that) and would be a delicacy within upper-class settlements.
  • Salt is one of the only existing seasonings (and is used heavily in meat preservation, making cold cuts and little dried fish quite common!), any internationally sourced spices would have long since been used up, never to be replenished.
  • Because of this, Peppercorns are extremely rare, and a very high priced commodity prized more-so as conversation pieces than culinary tools.
  • Salt is also used in hair products. Mixed with warm water and vodka/rum it makes a great volumizer!
  • Tea brewed with hubflower has similar effects to caffeine.
  • Hubflower and mentats make one hell of an energy drink, like ginkgo tea on crack lol
  • We can assume that bees still exist post-war, because of the remaining flora in the Wastes. Honey is the major sweetener, although it is sold at a premium because beekeeping would be a very dangerous career. (Raiding parties would hit beekeeping farms hard)
  • If you see someone without a pocket-full of pemmican on them they’re probably dead tbh
  • Ketosis is common but not completely necessary. Farms and settlements often have razorgrain, maize/corn, tatos and various tubers, which are the major carbohydrate sources.
  • Razorgrain and corn flour/meal is a winter staple. Most people consist off of breads and snow-buried caches filled with thin meats in areas where the ground becomes inhospitable with the cold months.
  • Despite conflicting dialogue concerning the existence of fish, FISH DEFINITELY STILL EXIST
  • Pruno, moonshine, mead and beer are extremely common, as the means to craft them are widely available.
  • Common household nutrient supplements would include: cured liver, bone broth, and gelatin. 
  • Daily oral care consists of alcohol-based mouthwash (straight vodka, preferably), and brushing with tallow soap.
  • Tallow-based soap is readily available and decent hygiene really isn’t a huge issue with anyone who isn’t a piss-poor drifter.
  • ok but can you imagine cornbread with farm sourced honey and mirelurk eggs because i’m hungry as hell rn
  • In controlled environments with plenty of rest and medical supervision, stimpaks can help a person make a miraculous recovery from injury, and erase scarring. However, if used in a high-tension situation coupled with little rest and lack of consistent nutrition, scarring and/or perminant damage will occur.
  • The real-world equivalents of (some of the) Fallout drugs are:
    Med-X: Morphine
    Psycho: PCP
    Mentats: Methylphenidate
    Jet: Methamphetamine
    Calmex: Ketamine
    Day Tripper: Oxycodone
  • People raised in Vaults or who have defected from environments like the Institute have high mortality rates. If their lack of hardcore survival knowledge doesn’t kill them first, the shock of radiation poisoning will.
  • Obesity is next to impossible and a luxury only EXTREMELY wealthy people can afford. As excess weight gain is a product of energy storage (specifically carbs and sugars), the high protein/fat and low carb/sugar diet of the typical Wastelander would leave them in a state of constant energy absorption, coupled with the fact that not everyone is lucky enough to get even one meal a day.



Hey guys! So I’ve been wanting to write this fic for a super long time, but it deals with pretty tricky subject matter so I’ve been a little nervous, but you guys responded so well to my last angsty fic I thought I’d give it a go! This one is superrrr long and I’m sorry about that, but once I got going I just couldn’t stop!

She stared down at the bright pink, sugary drink sitting in front of her. The intense smell of strawberry, sugar syrup invading her nose. Nudging the picture perfect milkshake out of her line of Vision, she couldn’t stop thinking about what her mother had said,

“You’re looking very puffy Elizabeth, I can’t believe all the weight you’ve put on. It’s all those sugary drinks you’ve been consuming, Polly would never let herself get this way.”

“You okay B?” The feminine voice of her gorgeous raven haired friend broke her out of her thoughts. She would give anything to look like Veronica. Her body was lean and her slender face held none of the baby fat Betty was sure held permanent residence on her own face.

“Yeah! I’m fine. Just thinking.”

Veronica and Kevin fell back into conversation about Audrey hepburn.

“You haven’t touched your milkshake, is it too cold?” The moody, beanie wearing boy beside her questioned, pulling the straw into his own mouth.

She smiled, admiring the way his muscular arms stretched across the booth, he could eat whatever he wanted and never gain a pound, she had just recently discovered how built his body was underneath all those layers on clothing. It was a well kept secret. Well if you weren’t Betty cooper who couldn’t manage to keep her hands off of him.

“No , no it’s fine.” She dipped her finger into the whipped cream shooting him a smile and popping it into her mouth.

He raised an eyebrow, smiling hesitantly.

The conversation continued for the next hour until Veronica’s mother came to pick her up, Kevin hitching a ride.
“Walk me home?” she whispered

“You got it Juliet.” He winked

She giggled as they hit the street, they walked in comfortable silence before Jughead broke the quiet

“You okay bets? You’ve been quiet all day.”

She smiled at his concern,

“I’m fine juggie, just a lot on my Mind.”

“Well my favorite blonde, I suggest you stop thinking so much, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” He smirked as they reached her house

“Thanks jug, I’ll keep that in mind.” She rolled her eyes, smiling.

“Your castle awaits” he said gesturing towards her front door.

“Thank you my prince.” She curtseyed, “I’ll see you tommorow.”

As soon as she reached for the doorknob he called her name “Betty?” She turned around raising a brow

“If you ever need to talk, I’m always here.” He said smiling softly

“Thanks juggie.” Before the door closed and he headed in the direction of his house

Something wasn’t right about Betty, she was hardly eating anything, he watched her skip over lunch, pushing food around her plate. And dinner at pops was almost nonexistent. She looked tired and he noticed the way some of her clothes hung off her shoulders. It made his stomach clench and his chest hurt. This was Betty he was talking about, if she was hurting she would tell him



Turning to face herself in the mirror, betty lifted her sweater over stomach, running a hand over the almost flat area. She punched the skin there and frowned. Her mom was right , she was getting big, sure her pants were loose on her but she couldn’t see any difference, her thighs still jiggled a little bit as she ran the track and her cheeks were just as chubby as ever.

A knock on the window scared her, causing her to rip her sweater back down over her body. Turning she spotted Jughead scaling the ladder he had placed by her bedroom window. She smiled and went to help him lift the window.


“What’s up?” He climbed through the window smiling confused at her.

“Just getting ready for school, what are you doing here so early?”

“Thought I could walk you to school, we can grab breakfast on the way.” He raised a brow, waiting for her answer.

“Oh juggie, I was gonna run the track a few times before first period, raincheck?”

He sat on her bed

“Bets you’ve rainchecked me all week, you’ve run that track so much I’m surprised you still have feet to run with.”

She smiled nervously
“Come on, don’t be silly, exercise is good for you.” She grabbed her bag, moving to climb out the window.

He watched her for a second, his eyes moving to the mirror he caught her staring at herself in just minutes before. What was happening to her?

She talked the whole way to school, leaving him no time to ask her anything.

“Okay juggie, I’ll see you after school, I hate tuesdays we don’t have any blocks together.” She pouted.

He smiled softly

“It’s not my favorite day of the week either, you sure you don’t wanna grab something to eat in the caf? I can bring you something?” He asked a little desperately.

She shook her head placing a hand to his cheek,
“I’m okay juggie, I’ll see you later okay.” He nodded silently, it felt like he was always watching her walk away these days.

The day went by so incredibly slow for Jughead, all he could think about was Betty and that fact that her collar bones were becoming more and more prominent. It didn’t make any sense to him, he loved food, he would never pass up food especially not willingly.

Kevin seemed to catch on that something was on his new friends mind,

“Penny for your thoughts” he said in jugheads ear, causing the dark haired boy to jump.

“Jesus, Keller you can be really creepy you know that?”

Kevin smiled “you flatter me, anyway what’s on your exceptionally intelligent mind?”

Jughead allowed himself to stroke his ego at the compliment, before instantly frowning again.

“It’s Betty, I don’t think she’s eating, I mean it’s so obvious she’s losing weight, she can’t afford to lose anymore weight she’ll waste away. And all she wants to do is run on that damn track, like I know she loves to work out but it’s getting crazy, she’s gonna run herself sick, and I tried talking to her but..”

Kevin cut him off with a shake of his head
“It’s just like last year.”

Jugheads head snapped up

“Last year, this already happened?”

Kevin sighed sitting down
“Last year, Betty tried out for the cheerleading squad and was turned away, Cheryl told her she was too fat and Betty pretty much lost it. She wouldn’t eat, she wouldn’t talk to anyone and she pretty much locked herself away in her room. It took the health teacher to finally get her help. It was scary, I thought I was gonna lose my best friend.” Kevin choked up a bit, shaking his head to rid himself of his tears.

Jugheads jaw clenched, no. He wasn’t gonna let that happen, Betty was beautiful and whoever was telling her differently was gonna have to speak to him.
“Thanks Kev, I gotta find Betty. I’ll see you later.”
He threw his books into his bag, Betty had said she’d meet him by the lockers but she wasn’t there. He waited about ten minutes before he shook his head. He knew where she was.

Taking off he practically ran to the track field. Sure enough there was Betty, sneakers pounding the pavement her chest heaving, her slim legs pumping and she came to a halt, bending over and placing her head in her hands.

Alright, that was it.

“Betty!” He called.

She whipped around , her eyes going wide when she caught his “what time is it?! Am I late?! I set my alarm, it was supposed to go off I was gonna meet you by the lockers!” She breathed heavy

“But you didn’t, you’re here. Running. Again.” He said trying to remain cool.

She raised a brow, confused by his tone

“If you’re Angry I’m late, I’m sorry I lost track of time I..”

He cut her off

“You aren’t eating.” He said bluntly.

Her eyes widened

“You’re not eating, you’re skipping meals, you won’t talk to me, all you do is work out and You look so tired Betty.” He said softly.

Her eyes welled up and she looked away avoiding his eyes

“I’m fine juggie. I’ve just been busy.”

His hand went to her chin pulling her face up and towards his

“And now you’re lying to me.”

Almost in an instant, she broke down, her knees giving out as his arms went to hold her upright, wrapping around her waist.

“Jughead ..” she choked

“It’s okay bets, it’s okay”

He let her cry for a few minutes before gently pulling away.

“Talk to me ” he said with pleading eyes.

She took a deep shaky breathe,
“I’m gross, I’m huge, I.. I run and run and I’ll never look like Veronica, I skip meals and I’m still bigger than Polly. Everyone can see it. I don’t know what else to do.” She sounded so broken it made his heart physically hurt.

“No. you’re wrong, you’re beautiful. There is nothing wrong with your body. You don’t have to look like Veronica or Polly or even Cheryl, you’re gorgeous the way you are.”

She looked into his eyes, lip quivering

“But my mom…”
He cut her off

“Is unhappy with herself so she takes that out on you, she wishes she looked half as good as you do. All the girls in this school wish they looked like you Betty. You’re making yourself sick, I can see how tired you are and your clothes are hanging off of you. You need to eat, you need to sleep. Let me buy you dinner okay? Then I’ll take you home and you can sleep.”

Her eyes softened, only a few remaining tears leaking out

“…you really think I’m beautiful? I’m not too big?”

He clutched her hand in his bringing her even tighter against his chest .

“The most beautiful girl in this damn school , and you’re not even close to being big, you’re too small, but even if you were I wouldn’t change a single thing, you’re my favorite person Betty and I don’t appreciate you trying to take her away from me.” He smiled down at her.

She giggled lightly, reaching up to press her hand to his cheek.
“Thankyou juggie.”

He smiled clearing his throat

“Also” he choked

She looked at him confused and waiting


He just stared at her. Was now the right time? he didn’t want to take advantage of her, but damn did he want to kiss her.

“What” she spoke again, this time smiling her eyes darting down to his lips

Screw it.

His mouth was on hers before she even had time to process what was going on. He was stroking her face gently and he couldn’t help but moan. Damn she was a good kisser. That familiar taste of peaches and cream he always smelt on her didn’t disappoint, she was gorgeous and soft and he never wanted to let go.

Pulling away he sighed out of relief, how long had he been waiting to do that? Too long.

She was smiling at him eyes closed when suddenly the sound of a gurgling stomach caused her to look up, blushing.

“Well I think that means it’s time to head out” he held open his palm ready to thread their fingers together. She obliged happily, snuggling into his side.

It was gonna take time but he was gonna help Betty Cooper slay all of her dragons.

One by one.

Devils trained as tempters are given a broad (if somewhat unorthodox) education that theoretically facilitates hiding in plain sight among humans. In practice, the curriculum is half a century out of date and most young devils spend weeks sorting out how buttons work before they graduate to minor existential crises over the merits of leeching. The apprentice system was put in place to remedy the educational system’s most glaring deficiencies, but nonetheless an unacceptably high number of apprentices are burned as witches or perish in preventable horse and buggy accidents before they complete their training.

The tempting curriculum is weighted toward subjects thought to enhance a devil’s ability to manipulate humans, and over time has evolved into something resembling an infernal charm school. History and math are required subjects, but painting, dancing, music and etiquette are afforded equal weight. The ability to sustain a conversation without inadvertently committing blasphemy or outing yourself as an archfiend is an essential skill, while knowing the proper temperature for steeping black vs. green tea is just plain useful. The most accomplished devils might play several instruments, know at least half a dozen popular dances, and can identify a desert fork in a line-up of cutlery. The plum assignments are usually awarded to the most polished students, so young devils spend as much time perfecting their curtsys as they do memorizing ancient curses. Better to be assigned to a cushy court position than a tour skulking about in a slum.

Unfortunately, the tempting curriculum isn’t always cohesive or particularly relevant. Devils sent to Istanbul aren’t well served by three semesters of French court protocol and a short-course in Irish idioms. Young devils do their best to tailor their course loads appropriately, but to say that the instructors aren’t deeply invested in student success is a bit of a cruel understatement. Established tempters assigned fresh apprentices are often befuddled by the disconnect between their charges’ magical aptitude and utter lack of relevant cultural knowledge. Apprentices capable of summoning a modest plague of locusts often don’t have the common sense to get through market day without openly trying to recruit a cat as a familiar or casually eating a raw egg.

Ludwig double majored in Wrath and Music Composition, and minored in Greed. His scientific studies were entirely unsanctioned, although his instructors would have likely approved of the dissections and destructive forays into amateur chemistry. He was considered an excellent student, and his general aptitude for efficiently dismantling and settling things ablaze was much remarked upon. That, and his lovely baritone.

Things I've learned about being healthy

•You hardly ever feel actually motivated, but you still go excersise
•Self control on cheat days is hard as hell
•calorie counting is bullshit- it’s carbs and fat content you gotta watch
•"Low Calorie" doesn’t mean always mean “Healthy”, it often just means that it’s less of what you paid extra for
•Farmers Markets are your best friend
•Buying produce from regular grocery stores is often the worst decision you can make
•Motivation often comes at night
•sleeping for 8 hours from 11:30-6:30 is harder than sleeping from 1:30-8:30, it doesn’t mean you should
•making time isn’t easy
•food logs aren’t easy to remember
•you will have days when you wanna give up, but you will still wake up and go excersise in the morning
•Bad days are okay
•Rest Days are mandatory
•Most “Lose it fast just by eating these way overpriced meals that taste like garbage!” Diets don’t work
•You will often feel “Ugh” as an emotion
•it takes 1 day to ruin your routine and it takes (what seems like) 50 to get it back on track
• find healthy versions of food you already like is your best go too, because you can only eat food that isn’t fulfilling for so long before you binge
•having an occasional binge is okay
•skipping meals is the worst thing you can do to yourself while excersising
•it’s okay and perfectly legal, but frowned upon to say “fuck” while trying a new routine that your body isn’t used too
•Slight burning of muscles: Okay. Muscle aches, spasms, sharp-shooting pains: stop and call your doctor
•fitspo isn’t easy to make if you dont want to be repetitive
•"thinspo" will make you feel hungry- Stick to quotes
•vegetables are better than fruits
• you can add any sweet fruit to black tea and it’ll taste great
•Lots of Splenda
•music is important
•if you find it hard to run outside then invest in a treadmill (yardsale ones are cheap and normally work)
•interval runs
•can’t find/afford weights? Save plastic milk jugs, put water in them, after they start seeming light, freeze them.
•Running buddies are great
•Change your routine
•change your running route
•wash your workout clothed everyday
•even if you just did a five minute interval run and nothing more
•showering is important
•if you get harassed at a public gym, don’t be scared to report it to the staff. That’s one of the reasons they’re there.
•if the gym staff won’t help: show the bitch you’re stronger than they are and break their face
•don’t think you can immediatley run on hiking trails
•biking is more fun than running and uses your leg muscles more

chopinsflowers  asked:

Hi! I've noticed you have a bunch of seashells, but I was wondering if you knew about the negative impact seashell harvesting has on the ocean and overall ecosystem? I don't want to patronize you or anything, but from one vegan to another, I just wanted to know! It can be hard to be vegan in every aspect of our lives. Anyway, take care! 🌸

I’m guessing you haven’t been following me for long … Also sending someone a msg like this doesn’t help anything, it can kind of come off as condescending. If you actually cared you would be spreading awareness and making posts about it, as I do. ☺️✌🏼️
99% of my seashells were found by my mom throughout her entire life and gifted to me. I’ve even started to sell my own shells in an attempt to stop others from purchasing from those new age shops which buy abalone shells (which are severely over harvested) in bulk from an unethical source. I also strongly encourage people to buy seashells only from second hand stores and have posted witch tips regarding it etc.

I also have never once claimed to be a vegan, although I’m very close to a vegan diet I still eat (non vegan) bread and such. I don’t eat meat, poultry, fish, eggs or dairy but I really can’t afford to loose any weight and have a troubled stomach so I’m very careful not to cut out all of my options.
Not everyone can be a vegan in everyway, however I make a valid effort and it still helps. I also don’t wear or purchase leather. All of my products are animal friendly, cruelty free and vegan (most I even make myself), if you’re a vegan “in every aspect” it doesn’t just stay within the kitchen

Pls don’t assume things, especially based on a tumblr account of someone you don’t know and most likely just started following (as I’ve posted about all of this multiple times throughout the years). Take care 😇

"I can't afford to lose weight."
  • I just deposited $3 so I'd have enough for rent, we literally cannot afford to get groceries until I get paid next week.
  • And yet, somehow, I'm still losing weight.
  • It's almost like food costs money, and NOT eating food saves money. Could it be that simply eating less leads to weight loss? And in the process you save money? ~Magic~

anonymous asked:

How can I satisfy my intense craving for pressure? Specifically my upper body (I've always kind of wanted a straitjacket or weighted vest). I can't afford a weighted blanket and I haven't got any pets or humans I can get to lie on me. Baths help (water is heavy) but obviously I can't live in the bath.

Since you enjoy the water, you might see if there is a pool nearby. If where you live is large enough it might even have a disability specific pool or a pool with autism friendly times.

Wearing tight clothes can often simulate pressures - this is my go to, and I constantly wear tight, long sleeve, lightweight sweaters, jeans and leggings that are tight around the thighs, compression socks, compression gloves, etc.

You can also try weighted lap pads, which you can make with a bag of rice from the grocery store. You can do this by taking a king sized pillowcase, putting  5lb bag of rice in it, and basically rolling it up. You can tie a piece a string around it, use velcro, or anything else to keep it closed.

Those are probably your two best low cost options.

- Sam

Okay I'm sick of this!!!

Of feeling this way and looking this way!!!
If I could afford some kind of weight loss surgery, I’d do it! But that ain’t ever gonna happen!! So!!

I considering going back on weight watchers. When I was on that 5 years ago I lost 40 pounds!! That was the only time I ever lost weight!!

Butttttt THAT WAS THE ONLY TIME I EVER LOST WEIGHT….5 years ago. I was a completed different person then! I loved that person! I wasn’t this heavy, I was confident, I was MOTIVATED (key word there)

Now I did try to go back on it a year or so ago but I didn’t stick with it and obviously gained a shit ton of weight. I’m just having such a hard time getting and staying motivated!!

Not sure what to do!!! Are we sure there isn’t a motivation pill out there somewhere?? Lol

My main goal is to really loose weight in my arms!! The most embarrassing part of myself, I think. If I can achieve that just a little bit, then I would be thrilled!!


My weighted blanket, made by @chinchillinfloof, came today! It’s soooo soft and heavy. I made it 17 lbs because I like a lot of weight on me when I sleep, hence why I usually sleep on my stomach with my neck turned to the side. No more neck pain with this! I chose to theme it with my special interest, Doctor Who, with yellow on the back. Isaac, who made it, was excellent to work with. They were fantastic! And the best part? It was much more affordable than other weighted blankets. With shipping, it came out to about 113 dollars. For a weighted blanket, that’s a really really good price. Thank you, Isaac!

A Few Ways to Reduce Dysphoria at the Gym

•baggy hoodies, also makes you sweat more which is a plus
•hats (my backwards baseball cap helps me a lot, personally)
•listen to music while you work out
•face away from the mirror (not recommended if you are lifting and need to watch yourself to make sure everything is ok
•bring a supportive friend
•change at home if locker rooms are too stressful or scary
•know that you and your body are valid

If the gym is too much of a stressful environment…
• places like 5 Below have affordable mats, small weights, and other supplies for working out at home
•quick and simple workouts during your free time, especially in the morning after waking up, do make a difference and can help you feel better throughout the day

•NEVER wear a binder at the gym (even if you aren’t doing cardio; weights require a lot of breathing too!!)
•use whichever locker room you feel more comfortable or safe in
•staying active can take a lot out of you in terms of mental energy and you deserve to be proud of yourself for it!

The Girlfriend Ch. 1

Part 2 of “The Nanny” Series

Fandom: BIGBANG/ Choi Seung Hyun

Synopsis: 100 Days & a Surprise Trip

Warnings: The last 1/3 of this chapter is rated M (to be safe). I will separate it with a line of asterisk. So, if you do not want to read the rated content, stop at that line! It is not explicit, but it is still hot and heavy. You have been warned!

Author’s Note: Part two! *squee* Enjoy the fluff while it lasts, people… because the angst train will be pulling into the station very soon.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work. Any images used do not belong to me.

Series Masterlist

A mere three days after you had become an official couple, Seung Hyun was gone again. But he was able to make it home on Valentine’s Day to enjoy the chocolate truffles that you made him. And he was also there on White Day, gifting you with a rather large box of intricately crafted candies. You’d ended up sharing them with Yeon Jun just so you wouldn’t get a stomachache from eating them all.

Unfortunately for the both of you, the story was not the same for your 100 day anniversary. After having spent most of March with you, he’d had to leave once more just before April came around. You made sure that he packed his gift from you after gaining his promise that he wouldn’t open it until the video chat that the two of you had planned for the actual day.

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clumsiestballerina  asked:

fellow autistic here. I NEED my heavy blanket (Not a weighted blanket, but it works) to sleep at night, but now it's nearly summer and it's getting way too hot to sleep with it and i end up sweaty and miserable. Do you or any of your followers know of a solution? Or at least relate so I can feel less miserable?

alright so i dont have a weighted blanket (tragically) so i cant give you any experience knowledge, but from what i do know these are some ideas:

- sleep with your feet out from under the covers . your feet are best at regulating your body temp, so if u can afford to have the weight off them, this could help

- in a similar thought, you could fold up your heavy blanket and keep it just on your actual body, leaving your limbs free (or put it on whichever body part you need the most

- to cool down enough to sleep as a kid i always stuck a wet cloth or cotton wool pad onto my forehead. that helps if u dont mind the texture

- sleep in as little as you feel comfortable with clothes wise , so that you only get the extra warmth from a weighted blanket

- when you go to bed, try to go straight to sleep . whenever i stay on my phone for hours, i have time to warm up my bed while im awake, so i find it harder to sleep. by sleeping when my bed is cold its easier to get to sleep. u can still get hot in the night tho

- ice packs or cold packs !!! sleep with these like a hot water bottle. you can get the orbeez type ones fairly cheaply online or in charity shops, plus they can be super stimmy. freezing a water bottle or putting cold water in a hot water bottle can also work, just make sure you wrap it up in a tea towel to be safe

- if you have the funds, you could make or commission a thin(ner) weighted blanket. im planning on making one from a thin empty cotton duvet case. u can find tutorials online (i would link but im on mobile)

any followers have any suggestions?