affordable vintage

Witch tip

Thrift stores. You can find almost anything there! 🙌🏼 I know it’s been said but seriously ~ you’ll be finding affordable beautiful one of a kind vintage items 😍 I’ve found seashells, crystals, cauldrons, chalices, books, mortar and pestles, boxes, spice shelves, books, candles, an altar cloth or decorations plus sooo many jars! 🌙🎀🔮✨

If I go to T.J. Maxx hoping to find a vintage mother-of-pearl bracelet on sale for $29.95 and I don’t find one, there is no affordable-vintage-bracelet shortage. There is only one deluded shopper who needs to snap out of it. This is exactly the dynamic at work in the talent marketplace, when employers say, “There’s a shortage of talent!”

That’s ridiculous. Talented people are everywhere. When you hire them, they will walk in the door with energy, experience and ideas. You’ll have to train them on your specific systems and processes. Some employers aren’t willing to do that.

They want job-seekers to show up at their door completely up to date and certified in six or eight of the newest tools and technologies — but then they don’t want to pay for that training! The fictional “talent shortage” is a bid at cost-shifting training costs away from employers and onto universities, community colleges and individual job-seekers themselves.

1969 Gibson SG Standard.  Restored my Mike 1 of mmguitarbar.  If you want one of these affordable vintage restored beauties, drop him a line…I understand he’s working on the restoration of an even more stunning ‘65 SG Standard as we speak!

Intelligent Robot Seeks Active, Free-Spirited Master.

Omnibot. Height: 18”. Weight 11.2 lbs. Super-smart robot desires companion.

Will obey your every command. Can walk, talk, and perform intricate tasks by program or remote control. Comes equipped with onboard alarm clock, cassette tape player, rechargeable battery, serving tray, grasping hand, brilliant flashing eyes and a memory that stores up to 7 different programs in a 7 day period.

Will wake you in the morning or carry hors d’oeuvres from kitchen to jacuzzi.

Will play music or recite poetry. Invaluable for amazement at parties. Affectionate, obedient, well-built, and very affordable.

jeanne-marie  asked:

I am petite and big breasted with broad shoulders and thick arms. will I ever be able to wear a blazer that fits my shoulders and chest without being too long on my arms? help! where do I shop?

Vintage blazers!! You can find them in thrift stores. Very affordable and awesome colors. Vintage blazers generally have more room in the back and shoulder area and the arm length is usually shorter. I always see a lot of petite sizes when I’m shopping but in say like a size 12. They’re perfect for you and if you have an issue with the shoulder pads (which you will run into) they’re easy to remove with scissors. I do it all the time. 

Also, If you find a blazer you love where the sleeves are too long you should try getting it altered. It will be worth it.