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  • Me a little while ago: omg I love it when people talk to me about veganism! I wanna educate others and change the world!
  • Me now, after being vegan for over a year: I don't give a fuck if your ancestors ate meat, stop asking me extremely misinformed nutritional questions, no it's not expensive, I'm sorry your cousin has some rare disorder that prevents them from adopting a vegan diet but that gives zero excuses for you to not go vegan, yes I know food deserts exist and unless you live in one of them then you have no excuse not to be vegan, no veganism isn't only about food, b12 is not made by animals it's made by a fucking microbe that's why you have consume it and it's fortified in most common &affordable vegan foods, yes my blood tests came up normal last time I went to the doctor thank you very much, protein deficiency is absurdly rare and only seen in starving populations and not vegans, no plants are not sentient, yes you are a complete hypocrite for saying you love animals and then eating their bodies and paying for their torture, no you are not an environmentalist if you eat animal products, I don't give a fuck about your uncle that owns a "humane" farm where he cuddles the cows and sings them lullabies every night before their premature murder, now let me eat my lentils in fucking peace

Photo taken from @makeupfoo’s Instagram! Who else knew that E.L.F. Cosmetics’ Moisturizing lipsticks had secret pot of lipstick on the bottom of the tube?! And to think it couldn’t get any better than being a $3 lipstick. ;)

I'm still waiting for all of those vegans that ran their mouths about how affordable/accessible veganism is to step up and help others get access, instead of having bitch fits all over posts about how veganism isn't for everyone🙃🙃

I mean, if y'all want everyone to be vegan and think it’s just sooooo financially feasible, instead of talking your pretentious bullshit on tumblr, go spend your money and help people be vegan since you want people to be vegan so bad. If you’re not willing to do so, then shut the fuck up tbh, because we all know why.

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like the capitalist system is not organized the way it is so you can afford a vegan lifestyle??? most vegans are middle to upper class maybe bc veganism requires lots of knowledge money and time if youre willing to keep a balanced healthy diet like its literally for privileged people ¿¿ and vegans’ primary tactic is always to induce guilt on people who cant afford veganism like how fucking shitty do u have to be to do that honestly get lost man


New video! 

So i’m starting a new series called vegan on a budget! This is my intro video where I explain to you some basic tips I have if you’re on a tight budget and also introduce this new series! 

It will be a 10 part video series full of cheap, healthy and affordable vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts. There are many videos to come, each video featuring a new, cheap and healthy vegan recipe.
I will also put the cost of the entire meal together and compare it to a normal meat based dish so you guys can see for yourselves that veganism is affordable! 

I hope you guys enjoy it and find it helpful! I will try to get 2 videos per week up for this series, if not more :) 

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I just got my free vegan Conscious Box in the mail! All I had to pay for was the $7.95 price of shipping! I am so excited to try out all of the samples that I got in this month’s box! The packaging is great and the products inside are even better. (:

All of the products in any box are free of GMO’s and all of the products in the box I received are vegan!

Use the coupon code ONEFREE at checkout to get your first Conscious Box for free! You can order a box that is regular, gluten-free, or vegan!

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You make me laugh. You really think your preach will stop us to eat meat? A life style faux-philosophy (an obtuse ideology at best) that mainly middle class whites (mostly, face it) can afford? Yes, veganism actually do help the earth a lot, but that's kinda negated with all the other wasteful shit you do, and believe me, you do it: you live in an industrialized country, using the Internet for your petty crusade. I can almost hear you saying "you don't know me". I do bitch. We all are the same.

Okay first of all I have two entire tags dedicated to why veganism isn’t just for rich people or white people, so you can just sit the fuck down, lmao.

Secondly, are vegans not allowed to have nice things because you fucking carnists can’t be bothered to lift a fucking finger to care about anything but yourself? Are we supposed to live in caves because we’re not perfect? It’s also pretty much impossible for me, one human being, to put out environmental damage equal to one livestock animal. I don’t drink hundreds of gallons of water a day, I don’t eat several dozen pounds of crops a day, I don’t shit out several pounds of feces several times a day every day, I don’t put out a few tons of methane every day from flatulence… it goes on.

It’s not just a “petty crusade” either. It’s a serious matter. The lives of billions of animals (including the hundreds of millions of aquatic animals lost from fishing) and the health of our planet are pretty fucking serious concerns, but I guess that doesn’t matter because you’re too much of a selfish fucking prick to put down your hamburger because your taste buds rule over all else. 

For the record, no, you DON’T know me. If you did, you’d know that I’m doing my best to make this world a better place. Besides being vegan, I try to recycle, I try to take public transport whenever I can, I try to buy products that are recycled and/or biodegradeable, I try not to waste things, I try to buy products that are compliant with fair trade standards, and I try to donate a little to charity when I can. I don’t mean to brag, and I might not be out there lobbying for change, leafletting on the streets, or leading marches, but damn it, I give a shit enough to try, which is more than I could say for you.

So before you laugh at me and try to belittle me for not doing everything, maybe you should worry about your own shit, and get the fuck out of your glass house that’s as fragile as your fucking willpower before you throw stones.

@ every uneducated western dieter tryna tell me that veganism is a luxury, expensive, or white privilege.

especially when POC are having their homes ripped from them for cattle grazing.

especially when people are literally being killed by ranchers for protesting the deforestation of our rainforests (look up sister dorothy stang)

especially when animal agriculture is the leading fucking cause to climate change (CONFIRMED BY THE UN)

500 billion animal deaths per year causes a big fucking carbon footprint

especially when our ocean is filled with dead zones + fully/over exploited and we’re looking at fishless oceans by 2030

so don’t try to give me that “not everyone can afford veganism!” and “what about starving kids!” bullshit when over half of the earths food is fed to cattle so privileged Americans can drive to McDonald’s and order an otherwise luxury item for $1-$5

there’s so much more going on and instead of making your uneducated “NOT EVERYONE CAN GO VEGAN SHUT UP” posts - try digging a little deeper and learning something instead.

i don’t care how many of you unfollow/try to argue this because the fact is that 50 years from now our entire fucking planet will be in total collapse and this goes far deeper than a fad diet

Dex is my smollest and I love him but guys…he eats pure garbage. Like honestly one of the things he was most excited for when he found out he got accepted to Samwell was that if he went away for school his mom couldn’t shove vegetables down his throat every five seconds. Then he starts dating Nursey and Nursey’s all “dex bby you can’t have a leftover gordita crunch wrap for breakfast,,, it’s not healthy!! 1!” And Dex wants to murder this boy but also he is so so cute and gives exceptional head and so Dex agrees to eat less junk, and so Nursey gets all excited and starts cooking Dex all this delicious healthy food and like they go with Bitty to the farmers market and just get fruits and veggies for good prices and dex is shookt because he thought healthy eating was for stupid rich people who could afford to be vegan and shame the poor for not doing the same, but then Nursey’s mom grew up in a lower income neighborhood and her mom cooked delicious healthy meals for her everyday, so Nursey is totally plugged for this situation. And once Nursey has Dex eating like a True Whole Foods Caucasian™ he starts packing Dex lunches to take with him when he knows he’ll be out past lunch, and then one day Dex is eating with all his lil coding buddies and they’re eating like corn dogs and chips and oreos and he pulls out a little Tupperware and starts eating the lunch Nursey made him and everyone kinda just quiets down and they’re like “dude.. .Dex what the fuck is that?” And Dex goes all red and he’s like “it’s a kale-quinoa salad…what? It’s good!” And he wants to evaporate right there. He honestly hates Nursey so much. (There’s also a go-go squeeze in his lunch and one of the cookies that Bitty made last night and a funny little poem that Nursey wrote about his eyes on a little slip of paper and Dex can’t stop fucking smiling when he reads it because Nursey drew a little spaceship on it and a bunch of hearts and what may be a ufo and honestly Dex loves Nursey so much)

Meat is Expensive

You know, when people try to refute veganism for the billionth time, one of their go to arguments is that “not everyone can afford to go vegan!”. First, there are so many people (including me and my family) who are vegan on extremely tight budgets. There are many poor vegans.

But, this isn’t meant to be a post about how cheap veganism is. I just want to point out how expensive meat really is. (Not to mention dairy products..) Let’s compare black beans and ground beef. Ground beef is some of the cheapest meat that people can eat, while black beans are not only cheap, but are a staple in practically any vegan diet.

Currently, the average price of black beans are currently $0.74 for a 15.5 can, and $1.47 for a 16 ounce bag of dried black beans.

The average price of ground beef? $4.238 per pound. (This was also in 2015, and prices of meat are steadily rising.)

This means ground beef is literally 5.727 times more expensive than a can of black beans.

Also, black beans have 39 grams of protein in 8 ounces. Ground beef has 32.5 grams of protein in 8 ounces.

Let’s stop pretending that you’re actually concerned about people’s welfare. Don’t pretend like you know anything about the cost of veganism, because you obviously haven’t done any research. The real issue here is that you are so in love with the taste of meat and dairy and are unwilling to give up your lifestyle, even if that means others will literally have to die to support it.


Swatches of the gorgeous supernatural and relic palettes from @lunatick_cosmetic_labs
I swatches these over primer, but these babies are so pigmented! They have great staying power (had to pull out my heavy duty mefusas makeup - makeup remover!) They are really soft and buttery, they are just gorgeous. Lunatick cosmetic labs are one of my favourite vegan makeup brands, they have high quality, affordable vegan cosmetics and their packaging is incredible! I need to try their bullet lipsticks after this! Nothing from them has disappointed me!

A little introduction

After bills on my income level I’m left with an average of $6 a day, that’s not just food money, that’s money for emergency expenses, clothes, cleaning supplies, fun, socializing, hobbies, AND food. Sounds minimal but I’ve lived off less! I’ve been under the poverty line my entire adult life, so I’ve gathered a bit of advice over the years. This blog is for people who aren’t vegan due to the assumption that they can’t afford it. This blog is also for vegans who want a less repetitive diet but don’t know how to budget it. This blog may or may not be helpful to poor vegans with children, I can’t say, I have no kids. I try to keep poor healthy and not boring. This blog is proof that you can get an all-inclusive vegan diet on any budget, if you can afford food you can afford eating vegan.

Shit my non-vegan friends say

“Just have a cheat day”

“There’s bad stuff in everything you eat anyways”

“I’m going to get some turkey and eat it in front of you”

“But it tastes good”

“Where do you get your protein?”

“I would go vegan if it wasn’t for bacon”

“I’m basically vegan I just eat turkey”

“Cows are just there, there’s too many”

“Meat is good for you”

“I could never afford to go vegan”

“Are you crazy? Chicken is so yummy!”

“I’m eating tuna does that offend you?”


all these people are reblogging my posts yelling at me for being classist or forgetting about all the people who “can’t afford to go vegan”. i think it’s funny that i so rarely get messages from people living this lifestyle who can’t afford necessary stuff like rice and beans. i only ever hear from people speaking over them.

if you are so legitimately concerned about poor people, stop speaking for them. try doing something/acting like you care in literally any other context that isn’t trying to discredit the vegan message. stop erasing poor vegans. vegans of color. young vegans. vegans who live in tough circumstances. vegans with health problems. stop erasing all the amazing people who really are struggling financially or otherwise, yet still care enough to try their best everyday. stop acting like all vegans can afford vegan alternatives to everything. stop acting like all vegans survive on high end, pricey vegan products. stop acting like some of the poorest people on earth don’t survive on plants. stop acting like animal products aren’t considered a luxury to loads of people in third world countries where most of food is fed to animals instead of them.

stop using the potentially unfortunate circumstances of someone else as an argument for why *you* aren’t vegan. it’s getting old and it’s honestly really not okay.