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How can I be vegan on a budget?

A huge misconception people have about the vegan lifestyle is that its expensive or they cannot afford it. Thats just not the case, I’ve gathered some links for you to help further explain.

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Shampoo & Conditioner

Photo taken from @makeupfoo’s Instagram! Who else knew that E.L.F. Cosmetics’ Moisturizing lipsticks had secret pot of lipstick on the bottom of the tube?! And to think it couldn’t get any better than being a $3 lipstick. ;)

some quick tips for vegans
  • always buy food in bulk, because it’s cheaper + you don’t have to go grocery shopping as often
  • if you can’t get ahold of the packaging label, just don’t eat it. instead, you can bring your own food/snacks everywhere
  • make a shopping list and go grocery shopping as needed 
  • read the ingredients. all the time. especially if you’re eating out/buying food/eating someone else’s food
  • get a rice cooker!!! i swear it’s so easy + fast to make rice and this way u can be super lazy and cook fast and delicious meals (like me)
  • only buy the staples, then make fancier meals out of them. don’t go crazy buying fancy vegan foods, because you will spend a lot of money.
  • for body products/makeup/etc., you could spend more money and buy from the explicitly vegan brands, or you can buy from everyday drugstore brands and just check the labels super thoroughly. it just depends on your budget. 
  • frozen fruits and vegetables!!! they’re cheaper + they last longer
  • almond milk is AH-mazing and every vegan should try it. heck, you should try it even if you’re not vegan almond milk is LIFe
  • trader joe’s has a lot of great vegan foods and it’s wayyyy cheaper than whole foods
  • fruits and vegetables are great for meals/snacks
  • smoothies!!!
  • it’s okay if you can’t afford to go completely vegan. (as in, you can’t buy only vegan clothes/makeup/body products) baby steps. you’ll get there.
  • don’t beat yourself up if you accidentally eat something non-vegan! we’ve all done it, and it’s okay. just be more careful next time!
  • good luck with your vegan journey! it’s a wonderful, life-changing experience, and I encourage you all to try it! ~mel
Being 👏 vegan 👏 is always 👏 more 👏 affordable!

I am a cashier in a grocery store and I can tell you that meat is so much more expensive than plant foods, even chicken. One man filled the conveyor belt with only meat and the price came up to over $900. Another time, a lady filled the conveyor belt with nothing but fresh produce and the price was under $60. Fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, pastas, beans, rice, cereals, breads, etc. are staple foods that are vegan.

You know what happened when you go vegan? You SAVE money. Even if you’re limited to fast food, you can get Taco Bell instead of Mcdonald’s and substitute beans for meat and ask for no cheese. You don’t need to buy frozen microwave vegan dinners or Tofurky or Vegenaise or any other product that is specifically marketed for vegans in order to be vegan. Even if you can’t afford almond milk you can easily make your own!

I eat on $25 a week. I eat vegan. I am healthy. My blood test results are perfect. I have more energy than I ever did before being vegan. I am motivated to exercise. And I don’t need to spend as much as a vegan to get the same amount of food as I used to get.

You can do it.

And if anyone needs help affording an ethical diet, visit my inbox because I have answers.


I just got my free vegan Conscious Box in the mail! All I had to pay for was the $7.95 price of shipping! I am so excited to try out all of the samples that I got in this month’s box! The packaging is great and the products inside are even better. (:

All of the products in any box are free of GMO’s and all of the products in the box I received are vegan!

Use the coupon code ONEFREE at checkout to get your first Conscious Box for free! You can order a box that is regular, gluten-free, or vegan!

I have a question for vegans.....

I tried being vegan for a few months last year and it left me feeling so lethargic… I also lost a lot of weight which I do NOT want. If anything I want to gain weight (muscles and otherwise).

I’m planning on going vegetarian fairly soon because I can do that pretty easily as a starting point (and because I cant afford to be vegan right now/I live with family) my question is this:

How can I get enough calories to function normally?
What foods am I missing here?
I lift weights and my metabolism is medium-fast. I already felt like I was eating so much food but I just could not function and dropped like 20lbs. I’m also not the best cook….at all.

I’d like to be vegan, or at least as vegan as I can be health wise, because of my love for animals.

I’m open to advice.


New video! 

So i’m starting a new series called vegan on a budget! This is my intro video where I explain to you some basic tips I have if you’re on a tight budget and also introduce this new series! 

It will be a 10 part video series full of cheap, healthy and affordable vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts. There are many videos to come, each video featuring a new, cheap and healthy vegan recipe.
I will also put the cost of the entire meal together and compare it to a normal meat based dish so you guys can see for yourselves that veganism is affordable! 

I hope you guys enjoy it and find it helpful! I will try to get 2 videos per week up for this series, if not more :) 

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finally have a more reliable hourly wage and have been able to afford being vegan again these past few months, this time seems more fun cuz i’ve been working around food for a couple years and got to learn a lot abt cooking and balancing a meal and now i can afford trying out my food ideas at home. but the point of this was feel free to share ur fave recipes or go-to media for inspo 

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Are you a vegan?

No, and I am not a vegetarian. Before you jump down my throat let me very clearly explain something to you:

Veganism is a political diet, not a health diet. People can survive on vegan diets if they take the right supplements and get the right nutrients, but most people who choose veganism for ‘health’ reasons are not educated about what they need. Veganism is not an option for many people who are disabled, like myself, and who’s bodies require nutrients to adequately heal and function. It is also not realistic for people who cannot afford the vegan alternatives or work too many jobs to have the time or the opportunity to prepare and think of meals and do regular grocery shopping.

But that is not it. Veganism is a diet for urban centres and huge cities.

Let me explain to you how my non-vegan and non- vegetarian diet prescribes to the core beliefs of veganism: the violent abuse, slaughter, and mutilation of sentient earthlings an the absolutely unsustainable amount of space and fuel these mistreated animals occupy and require on the earth.

I am not in an urban centre. I am barely in a city. I am on an island off the west coast of Canada, in a farming and fishing community. I happen to be lucky enough that I can afford to purchase only local meats and animal products (which is not cheap.) I have been to every local farm. The farms in my community are kept in such good condition and the animals are treated so well that it is a regular yearly school trip for elementary children to go to each farm and learn about plant/animal sustainability and the ethics of animal farming. You get to feed treats to the cows while they are being milked. This is not animal abuse. This is feeding our community. This is a way of life. There are no chicken cages or restricting cruel cow pens.

Don’t get me started on this ‘honey is theft bullshit’ either. The beekeepers in this Valley make their living off of that honey. They do everything they can to keep their bees alive and happy and collecting pollen. They take only the excess honey, and leave enough to last the bees through winter because if the bees die their livelihood is lost.

tl;dr Veganism is a political diet for wealthy, able-bodied people in urban centres.

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Hiya, would you be able to link me somewhere where I'd be able to find affordable vegetarian/ + vegan food alternatives? It's just that I want to reduce the amount of meat in my diet before coming vegetarian to see how well I can do currently with my very low food budget. I might not be able to move away from meat completely but I want to have a solid attempt of finding alternative recipes to integrate into my diet. Soya and almond milk I feel queasy taking them so I may remove milk entirely?

Hi! Absolutely! And I’ll share it so other folks can take a look too if they want.

@acti-veg has some really stellar posts about pretty much anything and everything you’d want to know about going vegan. They even have a “vegan on a budget” tag, but here are some posts I picked out for you.

Cheap Vegan Recipes

Cheap Vegan Essentials

Vegan on the Cheap

Tips for Eating Vegan on a Budget

12 Tips for New Vegans who Don’t Know WTF They’re Doing

I totally get the low budget thing, and a lot of people start going vegan to save money. Rice, beans, and frozen vegetables are going to be your friend. Tofu and tempeh are a great, cheap source of protein, but nothing beats canned beans and lentils. Nutritional yeast lasts forever, has protein and vitamin B12, and you can sprinkle it on anything (it tastes like cheesy flakes). It’s pretty much a staple of vegan life (it’s a poorly kept secret that we’re all kind of hooked on it).

Vegan phone apps are also super helpful, either for finding nearby vegan food, or for looking up ingredients and recipes. (HappyCow is my personal favorite vegan food finder).

I’m not sure where you live, so I can’t say for sure what will be available in your area, but if you can’t use soy or almond milk, that’s okay! You can also use rice milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, oat milk, hemp milk, and I think I saw quinoa and hazelnut milk once? I personally love cashew milk, it’s very thick and creamy.

I also have a vegan blog at @vegannerdgirl if you have any more questions. Sometimes I’ll get personal and talk about my medical conditions and health, and how my veganism ties in to all that.

So yeah, I hope that helped! And you can always keep in touch. Nothing makes this easier than having a community who will support you and people you can reach out to. :) Let me know how it goes!

we should all try our best to limit meat consumption and definitely to only source our meat from free range cruelty free farms.

But a lot of people can’t afford it. DON’T you tell me that a minimum wage mother of four can afford a vegan diet if she goes to 5he right places and spends her money wisely. Most meat substitutes contain a lot of gluten or nuts which are both becoming very common allergens.

The main issues with cruelty are pigs and chickens. I never ever buy eggs, chicken, or bacon (I don’t eat other pork products) that is not a 100% free range and trusted brand. If I can’t afford these items I don’t buy them. I know that local beef is very humanely raised.

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i'm really struggling to find quick, simple, healthy, and affordable vegan meals for all times of the day do you think you can help?

I have a big list of cheap vegan recipes here, and a cheap ingredient list attached to that post. You can do a lot with just those few ingredients. When I’m going for quick and cheap, I tend to go for things like hummus with veggies/pita, chickpeas and rice, lentils and rice, quinoa, veggie burgers, basic noodle dishes, stir fries, baked potatoes with beans and salad, that sort of thing. It helps to make things in bulk and freeze/refrigerate them if you can. I very rarely cook for just one meal, I usually make at least twice as much as I need so I can keep the rest for another day, it usually works out much cheaper that way and far  less time consuming.