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Boyfriend/Girlfriend Feelings

Summary: Your feelings for Sam scare the life out of you. So you cling to Dean for guidance. One day when you drag them out to go swimming, Sam asks you about your feelings for his older brother, only to be surprised when he learns he’s had it all wrong.

A/N: I don’t know why, but in my mind the A/C in the bunker just…sucks.

Request: Alright here’s hoping I get in cause your writing is FANTASTIC. Sam x reader. They’ve been friends for years and they’re both crazy about one another but Sam thinks she’s into dean because of all the to me they spend togethet but he’s actually trying to help her get Sammy. Thanks:)

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: Shirtless Winchesters - I know I need a warning for that.

Word Count: 1.7k

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You doubled over with laughter at the sight of Dean trying to flip the bacon while shirtless. The grease was spitting everywhere, and the way that he jumped and yelped every time a drop hit him was almost worthy of recording.

Somehow, you and Dean were both awake and ready for the day before Sam. Normally he was the one up before both of you.

So here you and Dean were, goofing around in the kitchen while cooking breakfast. It was hot in the bunker, the middle of summer was always the worst. The air-conditioning system in the bunker needed a serious update. You were wearing only a pair of shorts and a tank top, while Dean was only wearing his pyjama pants.

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sweet lies

summary: He dodged the subject of his career as much as possible but he still had to lie. Until he finally decided to tell you about it all.

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pairing: park chanyeol x fem reader 

genre: angst, fluff, smut, mob! au 

word count: 3k

warnings: mentions of blood and violence, fingering 


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Title: Believe Me


Author’s Note: I was bored and this popped into my filthy mind. Apologies, children. I do have some non-smutty imagines coming out in the near future if this isn’t your speed. Lemme know what you think!

Links: My Master List  and My Current Requests

You shouldn’t have come to Texas, you realized that now as you sat at the kitchen counter, watching Tyler prepare dinner for the two of you. You thought the distance between Texas and home would give your feelings a chance to cool down; you couldn’t have been more wrong. When Tyler greeted you at the airport, much to your chagrin, you realized he was just as friendly, just as enjoyable, and just as perfect as he had always been. Listening to kitschy, antiquated anecdotes had never been your thing, but “distance makes the heart grow fonder”? Yeah, that’s what you were experiencing.  

“When did you learn how to cook?” you asked incredulously, watching him deftly chop through a small pile of basil leaves. “That’s like, Iron Chef level skill.” you said.

“I guess I’ve learned a lot in the past few years.” he said with a smirk, rolling his eyes at your comment. “In Boston, I had to learn to feed myself, you know?” He scraped the greens up with the edge of his knife, depositing them in the pan that sizzled beside him on the stove.

“Is this how you get all the girls, Ty? Make them something delicious to seduce them?” you joked, your own heart dropping as you thought about him doing this with other girls. Lots of other girls.

The smirk dropped from his face as he turned, grabbing the salt and pepper shakers from the cabinet behind him. “First, you haven’t tried anything yet. You have no idea if it’s delicious or not.” he said, turning back to the stove, grinding some pepper into the pan. He glanced up at you before continuing. “And I’ve never cooked for a girl before.” he said, his brown eyes holding your gaze. “You’re my first.”

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Witch tip

Thrift stores. You can find almost anything there! 🙌🏼 I know it’s been said but seriously ~ you’ll be finding affordable beautiful one of a kind vintage items 😍 I’ve found seashells, crystals, cauldrons, chalices, books, mortar and pestles, boxes, spice shelves, books, candles, an altar cloth or decorations plus sooo many jars! 🌙🎀🔮✨

Bulletin Board ideas "Master List"

I found a bunch of my old ideas for Door Decs, Bulletin Boards, AND Programs. Unfortunately won’t have time to complete the ideas that are listed here, but I hope that you all can find some inspiration from them! I’ll add on to this as I think of more and inform you all when I do!

This post is designated for BULLETIN BOARDS! There are separate posts for Door Decs and Programs. I left out common ideas that you see pretty often.

NOTE: I’m not including things that I plan on completing this semester, as I will make separate posts for these when they’re completed :)

Here you go! (It’s super long)

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bringtotheworld  asked:

How did you get into taxidermy and what kind of treats do Ivar and Jude get to munch on seasonally (like hunting season)? I'm curious since I saw your frozen rat picture awhile back.

I got into taxidermy out of personal interest. It culminated into a business after I started selling older collection piece to afford new ones! 

And the woofers get all kinds of awesome stuff during hunting season! It’s elk season now, so we’ve got plenty of elk legs and scrap meat. We also get a lot of livestock from local farms and ranches - everything from rabbits to horses! 

I also get stuffed animals at Goodwill for a few bucks a piece and let the boys play with those. Cabal, in particular, enjoys collecting his and offering them as gifts to visitors at the property. If he brings you a stick, it’s either his first time meeting you, or he thinks you’re “just okay”. If he brings you his gigantic stuffed trout, he finds you pretty awesome. And if he brings you his alien toy, you’re clearly his best friend ever and it’s the highest honor anyone could receive here on the property. 

Ivar and Jude share a collection of toys, as well - namely their Jolly Egg, which is so well-loved that it’s on its last legs and needs to be replaced, and Ivar’s absurd assortment of bones, which he hoards like some kind of diminutive furry dragon. 

Satisfied but I made it into a story

“Alright, alright! That’s what I’m talking about. Now, everyone give it up, for the maid of honor, Angelica Schuyler!” Laurens voice echoed through the her mind, and the crowd cheered.

She raised her glass to the left side of the room. “A toast to the groom!”

Upturned chairs, dirty white table cloths, dusty bottle of wine.

Hamilton’s friends had sat there, beaming for their friend. She smiled back, breathless by her tight corset. She made eye contact with Hamilton, and her face flushed. She attributed that to the wine.

“To the bride!” Her smiled had widened for the sister she loved so dearly.

Wine glasses left over, napkins discarded on the tables place markers in a pile at the center, in front of a vase of dying flowers.

She had sat there with her family and Eliza’s friends, smiling a smile that didn’t grace her eyes.

“From your sister, who is always by your side. To your union,” and the cheers that had errupted echoed through her mind. She felt less alone in the empty ballroom. “And the hope that you provide! May you always be satisfied.”

The word affected her the same as it had, her sister’s wedding day. A jolt, a her heart clenched and the feeling of falling backwards; and she was swept up by her memories, and a deep sense of regret.

The Winter’s Ball an occasion to revel in. The ballroom, buzzing with life, made warm by the collective heat of people dancing, and the fire that roared in the fireplace across the room. The golden glow of the room, and the relaxed atmosphere had made it easy for Angelica to be lured onto the dancefloor by her sisters.

They had danced and laughed happily, even talking with various soldiers- most had been drunk, and hadn’t hesitated to boast their strength -maybe dance with a few.

It got a bit tiring after a while, the drunk fawning, insensitive to others feelings, and Angelica moved to the side of the room, away from the chatter and the not-real-smiles and the forced politeness when they got too touchy feely.

And it was there, from the side of the room that she spotted him. One, unlike the others, whom converse with an air of intelligence- something captured brilliantly within his eyes; hazel eyes that reflected the candlelight -and his clothing, his soldiers uniform, the almost hung off his hunger-pang frame.

And it was then that Angelica realised her corset may have been just a little too tight, and the spinning of her heaad and flush of her face couldn’t have come from the missing contents of her glass. When had she downed it all? It didn’t seem to matter.

It was a moment, she’d never forget.

He had made his way over, while she was staring into her glass at the few red drops left, she hadn’t seen. And her name left her as he presented her with a new glass, “Hi.”

Her heart sparked, and then burst into flames and a warmth flowed through her veins, like molten gold. She had hardly replied before he asked for a dance. Her drink cast aside, left on the floor by the wall, they took off, dancing in time to the music.

There was something about him, this soldier, that was unalike the others she had talked to, and yet he seemed to be playing the same game, offer drink, give a charming smile, ask for a dance, doesn’t he know? This is not a game!

“You strike me as a woman who has never been satisfied.” The phrase had caught her off guard. She almost missed her step, but there it was, something different to the other, her attention was captured.

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean, you forget yourself.” She had evaded the teasing glint in his eyes, almost scoffed as he smirked.

It fell as he leant forwards, and he insisted with a red face. “Your like me, I’m never satisfied.”

“Is that right?”

“I’ve never been satisfied.”

A chance to start a conversation, she had decided as she introduced herself. “My name is Angelica Schuyler.”

“Alexander Hamilton.”

Bottom lip caught between her teeth, an awkward shuffle of her hands, redder cheeks. He inclined his head, questioning her sudden display of nerves. “Where’s your family from?”

“Unimportant,” His turn. The averting eyes, the shuffle of his hands. “There’s a million things I haven’t done but just you wait. Just you wait!”

And so he set himself apart from the others yet again and an easy conversation blossomed, everything said in total agreement. She felt like she was suddenly free, and enlightened too, like Ben Franklin with his key and kite. But the song had finished all too soon, lasting only two, maybe three minutes.

What a dream, what a dance! Oh how light and young and unburdened she had felt.

Angelica had to admit, he was a flirt. But that detirmination to be more, the way he set himself apart, the way her heart fluttered. She could give him a chance.

But… she had asked about his family and… obviously he was pennyless, flying by the seat oof his pants.

He had flirted with her shamelessly, though, as if none of that mattered.

Peach fuzz, hazel eyes, with flecks of green and gold, long hair collected into a ponytail, a dreamy smile- until he flirted yet again, something witty leaving his lips and a smirk growing as Angelica blushed or giggled -he knew he was handsome, he knew exactly how to charm her. A feeling resonated deep into her core and all she could think of was how she wanted to wisk him away.

From the corner of her eye she noticed her sister, Eliza. A young girl, with a pretty face and innocent eyes. The expression of utter helplessness broke something within Angelica.

As they entered the ballroom Eliza had pointed someone out to Angelica with the words “That one’s mine.” But Angelica had quickly dismissed it, almost forgotten what he looked like. If she had her way, Eliza would be with him most the night, and there were hundreds of other soldiers, what were the odds?

Three fundamental truths, Angelica’s burdens, reigned over her.

1. She must marry rich, and climb the social ladder, for her parents had no sons, so she asked each possible suitor the same question- where’s your family from? -and turned on the charmed, showed she was wittiest around, and she igored the insidious gossip of New York City.

“Where are you taking me?” Alexander had asked as she tugged him from the dancefloor.

“I’m about to change your life.” She replied, because what aelse could she say to keep him interested?

“Then by all means, lead the way.”

She still wanted him for herself.

“Elizabeth Schuyler, it’s a pleassure to meet you.” Her sister voice was soft, and timid.

“Schuyler?” Something knowing hid behind his eyes.

“My sister.” She confirmed.

He was after her because she was a schuyler sister, Angelica knew that. It all added up, at least, you can’t be the daughter off the loaded Philip Schuyler without attracting attention from those who wanted the money, the elevated status. She learnt early on that she could never put that aside.

Now, standing in the empty ballroom she reasons that this is why she introduced him to Eliza, who would soon become his bride.

The hollow in her chest and the wake up call back into the dim, dusty room was shocking, and she closed her eyes because then she could pretend to have Alexander, pretend she was the one who took his surname.

He was right, her eyes opened her chest stayed hollow, she would never be satisfied.

“Thank you for all your service.” Eliza had said, words- unbeknownst to her at the time -that would the the beginning of a relationship.

“If it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it.”

Eliza had blushed and Angelica’s lip fell between her teeth once again. She felt the need to pull his attention back to her, like he should have been flirting with her.

She tried to keep the disappointment out of her voice as she excused herself, “I’ll leave you to it.”

She knew her sister very well, loved her more and knew deep within her heart there was no one more trusting of kind. Angelica couldn’t afford to be innocent and nïave and trusting but Eliza could and she wouldn’t take that away. Angelica knew that if she kept Alexander to herself… if she ignored her sister’s dibs, well, it would put a chip in their relationship. Eliza would claim she was fine, after all, she put her sisters first no matter the cost. Silently, resigned, chipped, though not all the way broken, Eliza would have given up Alexander for her sister, she would lie and say she was fine. Angelica couldn’t let that happen.

For nights after they had meet, all the way through her sister’s engagement until the night of the wedding, she’d sat at her window, or if the weather permitted, on her balcony and watched the sky. She fantasized she was in Eliza’s shoes. More then once she’d seen the stars and seen his eyes.

She could keep those in her life at least. He would still be around, and she could romanticise what might have been all the while being his friend. It wouldn’t be enough. It would have to be enough.

She was back in the ballroom, toasting aloud, yet again as she moved back to the wall. Her wine was still there, glasss full, though dust had settled in it. She watched it as she finished her toast.

“To your union, and the hope that you provide. May you always…”

Her sister would be happy as his bride. Angelica stuck out her foot, her golden heels glinted sadly in the dim. She knocked the wine over with her foot, watching as dark red spilled across the wooden floor. She knew he would never- “be satisfied.”

Her footsteps echoed as she strode out of the room, head held high, eyes glossy with the pain of remembering.

She would never be satisfied and there was nothing she could do.


Spotlight: Rose & Fitzgerald Jewelry

Rose & Fitzgerald is more than a just a home goods and jewelry company; it’s a story built on every facet of genuine love. Romantic love, the love of Africa, and the true love of craft.

Founded by a Californian couple who fell in love with the beauty of the indigenous materials and craftspeople they encountered in their adopted home of Kampala, Uganda, the birth and intention of Rose & Fitzgerald was crystal clear from the jump: to share this beautiful part of the world with others who seek ethically made, unique goods that reflect the wild landscapes they are inspired by.

In a world where many artisan goods are produced in factories and peddled by mass marketing campaigns, Rose & Fitzgerald connects its supporters to something truly authentic and ethical.

Affordable, unique, and one-of-a-kind, the brands current product line ranges from home accessories to inspiring bracelets, rings, earrings, and more. Rose & Fitzgerald’s unique foundation and consciousness has solidified its brand as a definite one to watch. Shop here!

Photography: Hazel & Pine

If you see this, post a snippet of your WIP.

“You want my consent?” Harry was nearly tinged blue with the effort of keeping his face straight. King Louis could not be serious.

“I do,” Louis said, expression stony and solemn. “You were fourteen when my father and your uncle held parley. You were a minor.” Then Harry noticed his blue eyes soften. “My sisters are minors,” He breathed, almost to himself. “I could not bear to think of any one of them not being afforded the same kindness.”

A spark of something - warm and treacherous - touched Harry’s heart for a moment. He stamped down on it, hard.

“And if I refuse, will you let me go?” Harry tried not to let hope creep into his tone, knowing full well what the answer would be.

“I cannot.”


“Will not.” Louis corrected firmly, leveling Harry with something that might have resembled earnestness, if only his words were kinder. “This was the agreement, and we must honor it. You understand Harry, you are a monarch.”

“And you are a hypocrite.” Harry shot back. His frustration was so raw it was bleeding into his voice. “How can you ask for my consent and then deny me freedom if I refuse? What is the point?”

“The point is that I will not wed someone who is unwilling.” Louis’ voice was still even, and Harry knew it was from years of practice. A King never betrayed his thoughts, not even at his most frustrated, most frantic moments. “I will not force myself into your bed.” Louis insisted, his stance almost chivalrous. “I refuse to be that kind of husband. I will not agree to a loveless marriage.”

Harry could not hold it in any longer. He burst into a humorless chuckle. “Then you will have no marriage - not to me.” He could feel his own eyes sparking with hatred. “You’re delusional if you think this was meant as anything more than a desperate business deal to keep my people safe. I could never foster affection for the person who killed my family. I can barely look at you without retching.”

He turned away, eyes closed as he willed his anger down. It would not do to start a fight in a strange kingdom, not even a pageboy to call a friend. Harry was completely, utterly alone, orphaned for the second time in his life. He heard Louis sigh, quiet but heavy.

“Very well. The best I can do is make you comfortable.” He said, resigned. “You may have anything you like –”

“Except my freedom.” Harry scoffed, rolling his eyes.

Louis ignored him, but Harry noticed the twinge of irritation in his voice as he continued. “– including your pick of bed mates –”

“There is no need for those.”

Harry’s firm statement was met with silence, and when Harry finally turned his head, he saw Louis’ blue eyes peering curiously at him.

A small smirk. “So you are every bit as frigid as your reputation, then.”

Harry felt his blood turn to ice. “I guess so.” He sneered, eyebrow raised and arms crossed over his chest. “Best round up your favorites, Your Highness. It might be awhile.”

PSOTW: Jaya, Riley Lapointes; heatwave

For the prompt: Jaya & Charlie grumpily trying to survive a heatwave

When I was in university, my roommate and I moved into an apartment during an August heatwave that cracked 40 at points. We had no AC, and a very nice wall to wall window situation was…way less nice when you hadn’t gotten curtains yet and your windows all faced west. I think if we hadn’t lived within walking distance of a movie theatre with 4 dollar matinees, we would have despaired. We watched a lot of really, really bad movies that summer.

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So this is new, I’m opening up my shop for wand commissions! If you go to my etsy and follow the instructions you can choose between 6 wand designs, 12 different colours, 3 metal leaf highlights and 3 different gemstones. Put together what you would like and I will make it for you!

Check out my work-tag to see the previous wands and my other work if you’re interested! :)

It would be great if people reblog this and/or tag friends who might be interested! 

Along with the hair cutting tip, here’s a few suggestions on some money-saving stuff for food.

  • Milk with higher fat content lasts longer. I was getting skim milk for the longest time and it would always go bad before I finished it. If you have this problem, get 2% instead. It’ll last at least a week longer. Natural fats in foods like cheese and milk are probably way better for you in the long run than processed sugar.

  • Speaking of processed sugar… despite being sold as a “health food”, those yogurt cups have crazy amounts of sugar in them. For women, it’s recommended that you consume no more than 24 grams of sugar a day, and one yogurt cup will put you at that level or past it. Instead, buy a big tub of generic plain yogurt and buy a big bag of frozen fruit and just mix them together in a blender. It is cheaper to buy the processed cups of yogurt in the grocery store, but if you’re anal about your sugar consumption, this is the cheapest way to get around it. You don’t have to buy fresh fruit, thus saving on the cost, and a bag of frozen fruit will last you about two weeks, depending on the size. And it won’t go bad!

  • Grab bread from discount bins if you can. It’s usually marked down a lot, and if you have access to a toaster oven/toaster, even somewhat hard bread can soften and be consumable for another day or two.

  • Frozen produce is nearly as good as fresh produce at half the cost, and it lasts for months.

  • Iceberg lettuce has very little nutrition and is mostly water. Buy red leaf lettuce if possible - it has the highest nutrition content. Lettuce is known to have a very low shelf life, but there’s a way to prolong it. Fill a bowl that the lettuce will fit in with about a half inch to an inch of water. Cover the lettuce with a plastic bag and place it in the bowl. Put it in the fridge, and it will double or triple the lifespan of the lettuce. Lettuce wilts because there’s no water, and by putting it in a bowl with a plastic bag over it, you’re keeping it hydrated.

  • Cooked rotisserie chickens are cheap, tasty, and easy. You can tear off pieces for sandwiches or other recipes, and there’s about enough to last one person a whole week.

  • Not sure of the science on this, but I literally use the spices I buy for years. There may be some loss of flavor, but not enough to make it worth buying new spices every time the old ones expire. I’ve never seen any of my spices get moldy or spoiled. Remember that expiration dates are made up by the company that sells products, and it’s their best guess. There’s no real rhyme or reason to them, so usually products can last much longer than expiration dates claim, especially dressing, sauces, or anything with vinegar in it. I think I still have, like, five-year-old barbecue sauce, and it still tastes the same.

  • My mother always uses the plastic containers that yogurt and ricotta cheese comes in as her Tupperware. Drove me crazy, but if you really can’t afford Tupperware, it’s one option.

  • If you have any kind of porch or patio (or even very bright window sills), grow some of your own herbs, like basil or rosemary. Then, if you can’t use it all, pick it and set it out to dry in the sun. Once all the moisture is gone, crumble up the dry leaves and use it that way over the winter. No waste!

  • Lastly, when you’ve got meat drippings, pouring them down the drain can screw up your plumbing, because it hardens and creates blockage. Instead, put your drippings into an old empty can of beans. Put it in your freezer and leave it there until you’ve filled it up. Then just throw it in the trash. Or, as my mother does, use it to make gravy or other sauces.
Tough Magic: Part Two Voodoo!Harry AU

Wow! Can you believe! That Harry is going! To get an oscar! I’m shook over these trailers tbh. I’m seeing some people saying they heard a Scottish accent, but I wasn’t really sure. Did any of you hear it? Well, either way I’m super pumped for this movie.

Here’s part two and I hope you guys enjoy it! I felt pretty good about the notes the first part got, but then again I don’t care if this post gets one note or a thousand, I just really like writing this AU. 



“On the night of the full moon,” she began. “Our power is at its strongest. We use this night to gather together as a coven to cast protection over ourselves. Protection from evil spirits, the hunters, and whatever else may be out there that could cause any harm to this home. This ritual goes back to our sister witches in Salem. Once the trials began, our sisters created this ritual to protect themselves and it was been used ever since with high success.” She paused looking over us. “Let us begin.”

We all follow her out of the back door that leads to the garden. We walk through the gate and into the woods where there was a clearing that we always used for this. Once we reached our location, there was already a bonfire stacked high that had yet to be lit. We circled around it, Claire was on my left and a girl named Lizzy was to my right. Charlotte always became uneasy during this ritual because she wouldn’t know what happened until she talked to Denis, the man who was hired to watch over them during this time, the next morning. He was also one of the men who took her from her home…

The third time she had done this, she woke up the next morning naked in bed. When she asked him what happened, he said the moon must have had been so powerful that night that the coven lost themselves completely and stripped themselves of their clothes while they danced until the sun was about to rise. He said we all made our way back to the house without our clothes and he had to pick up all of our dresses himself. She had never been more embarrassed and he could tell by how red her cheeks had gotten. “Don’t worry, girl. I’ve seen much worse happen.” We watched as Headmistress raised her hand towards the fire and it erupted into flames. Joining hands, we all begin to recite the Latin spell. The last thing Charlotte remembers from that night is looking up at the full moon before everything went black.


Harry trudged through the woods, making his way home. This was the disadvantage of living in a random cottage you found when you were seventeen. He found it after he ran away from home six years ago, rebuilding the shack all by himself until it was cozy spot he liked to spend his days in. He doesn’t really like a lot of people and he thinks if he lived in a neighborhood or an apartment, he would dread every moment of it and would probably get into arguments with the neighbors. He liked the quiet. Which is why when that annoying girl kept chasing him down to get him to turn over his record, it took everything in him not to start screaming at her. Yeah, he was a dick, but he wasn’t up for making random girls cry in front of others. Especially ones that bought an entire plate of sweets for a mother and daughter who couldn’t even afford to get one. He saw it all happen and it made him feel kind of bad for taking the Fleetwood Mac record for himself. But, technically it was a free-for-all because it was sitting on the box and he really, really wanted it.

Just ahead, he could see a light. He squints his eyes, trying to make out what it was. He thinks it’s a fire that some stupid kids probably lit. Harry was irritated now because it was against the law to light fires this deep in the woods. Tucking the record under his shoulder and adjusting the groceries in the paper bag in his other arm, he marches toward the suspects. When he gets to the clearing, he almost has a stroke from the sight in from of him. There was a large fire stacked about ten feet high. Surrounding it were about twenty girls wearing white, flowing dresses. They were all holding hands and chanting something in another language when all of a sudden they rise into the air. They stay about five feet in the air for a few minutes before coming back to Earth. They let go of each other’s hands and a man he didn’t notice in the corner started to play a drum, causing the group to start dancing; their flowing dresses flying around them like clouds. After a while of this, and Harry doesn’t know why he’s still watching and hasn’t run for the safety of his home, the large fire suddenly turns blue. He knows what this is-what they are. They’re witches…and they’re casting a protection spell. He knows, he’s been practicing voodoo for half of his life. That’s why he left home-his family didn’t accept it. Especially after what had happened…

He came here to study under some of the most powerful in the world. He could sense something was different since the moment he came here. But, he just thought that it was all the magic from the voodoo that leaked through the city. He had no idea there was a whole coven here, though they were quite small.

When he decided that he should leave before their ritual was over, he backed away slowly. Stepping on a branch that was small enough the break under his foot, but big enough to make a loud snap, he failed to escape quietly. He looks down at his feet and then back up at the group and his blood went cold. They had all stopped dancing were all looking at him. Not just in his direction, but directly at him. Their eyes were black, still under the trance of the spell. He decided he was just going to walk away, hopefully not having them follow him. But, when he turns around, he nearly barrels over one of them who had appeared behind him. He knew her-it was the girl from the market. She stared straight ahead, her eyes only being leveled with the top of his chest and dark as the night sky. He opens his mouth, but the words get stuck in his throat. She quickly raises her hand and lays her palm against his forehead and everything went black.


He wakes up snuggled in his bed, the morning light shining through the window causing his back to burn a little. He sits up and reaches his arms above his head and twists his back, making all of his joints crack. He slides out of bed, completely starkers (he was never one to wear clothes to bed or at home in general). He goes about his morning routine of showering, making tea, feeding the chickens, and meditating. During all of this, his new record is playing throughout the small cottage. It’s strange that he likes Stevie Nicks so much because she is a white witch and had nothing to do with voodoo. But her words are so enchanting and melodies so soothing.

Harry turns his record player off before shrugging on his black trench coat to go to the library. He steps out of his house, not bothering to lock the door. His house was so deep in the forest it was almost in the swamp and no one knew it was here except for him. It’s a long walk, but he’s in a good mood today and he was actually enjoying the view around him instead of keeping his head low. Once he reaches the library he sees the older woman sitting at the counter smiling brightly at him. “Harry! Good morning, dear!” She calls.

“How are you today, Ellen?” He walks up to her, resting his elbow against the counter top.

“Oh I’m just great. And yourself?”

“Better now that I’ve gotten to see this gorgeous young lady.” He winks at her, causing her to blush and roll her eyes.

“Stop it, you flirt.” She adjusts her glasses. “I think there’s someone in your spot right now.”

His eyebrows furrow together as he looks towards his spot in the corner of the library. It has been his for years. Who doesn’t know it’s his? He mumbles a thank you to Ellen before walking to the hidden corner. He was ready to give a mouthful to this person, scare them into submission and make them leave. He doesn’t always like that he gets so angry so quickly, but it did let him get his way most of the time. When he rounded the corner, ready to yell, he stops in his tracks. It was her. The girl who chased him down a few days ago after he bought “her” record and now she was in “his” spot. He stared at her for a minute, taking in her appearance. She was wearing all black again and he rolled his eyes at the thought. At least wear a colorful shirt or some shit. She was wearing a black, long-sleeved shirt that was tucked into her black and grey plaid skirt. Her whole outfit kind of reminded him of Rachel from “Friends”, including the black tights that she wore under the skirt. He thought they were the ones that went all the way up to the waist like the ones in the 90’s until she crossed her legs and the skirt rose up a bit, showing the top of her stockings. The trimming had lace designs that wrapped snuggly all around the top of her thighs. If he wasn’t holding onto the book shelf, he might have fallen to his knees. He swallows hard, thinking about her legs wrapped around his waist (still wearing the stockings) while he buries his cock deep inside, absolutely destroying her small body.

She shakes his head, readjusts his slightly tighter zipper, and remembers why he marched over here in the first place. He straightens his back and finishes his journey over to the girl who has irritated him twice in one week. Without saying a word, he pulls out the chair across from her and sits himself down. She looks up at him and looking around the area as if she was trying to understand where he came from. She sets the book down, placing her finger against the page she was one before closing it. “Can I help you?” She slumps back in her chair. Damn, he looks just as good as last time. She thought to herself. He was wearing the same jeans well as the same coat. He wore a yellow button up that was half undone, exposing his chest and the two swallows that adorned it. He had a hard scowl set on his face.

“You’re in m’spot.” His voice deeper than last time, showing that he wasn’t teasing and that he was actually angry.

She smirks, crossing her arms over her chest. “Funny, because it looked like it was empty when I got here.” She used his words against him.

He narrows his eyes at her. “I got up teh get a book.”

She laughs, actually laughs at him. “You don’t even have a book.”

“I was goin’ teh get it after I went teh the bathroom. But, I saw you in m’spot.”

“I’ve been here for an hour. Did it take you an hour to take a piss?” She seemed pleased with herself and it made him every more angry because he knew she won their little tiff. It made him want to pull her across his lap.

She watched him try to come up with his next remark. He was pulling at his bottom lip, thinking so hard she was scared he was going to hurt himself. Tired of waiting, she picks her book back up and continues reading. After a few seconds he stands up so quickly it makes her jump and he stalks down the aisle and around the corner. She thinks he’s left because he’s been gone for over ten minutes. However, she jumps again when a book slams against the table she sits at. She looks up as he shrugs off his coat and his hair is now in a bun, showing off his features a million times better. The shirt he wore had short sleeves, showing off the tattoos that covered his entire left arm. He sits back down, ready to open his book when he catches her staring. “What?” He snaps.

Charlotte swallows and shakes her head before shoving her nose back into her book. He looks at her for a few moments, watching as she tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. He huffs before picking up his book and sitting back in his chair, ready to get lost in Bukowski. He doesn’t know how long he was reading through the poetry, but his soothed state is disrupted again by the girl across from him. She’s looking at him as she stands from the table. He gets a little excited, thinking she’s going to leave. “I’m not leaving if that’s what you’re thinking. I’ll be right back.” She waits a beat for him to answer and when he doesn’t she goes on her way, heading to the small café that was built into the library. When she reaches the counter she orders herself a coffee. She digs into her wallet for money, but stops. “And a tea, please.” Why did she just do that? Why did she order a drink for the man who had been nothing but rude to her every time she’s run into him. She gives her name and waits for her order.

Harry can’t help but wonder where she’s gone. She left her coat and umbrella here, but she’s been gone for too long. He doesn’t know why he cares. He tries to shake her out of his head and dive back into his book but he sees her walking back towards the table with steaming cups in each hand. She sits back in her spot, setting the drinks down before gingerly sliding one across to him. Harry stares at the drink in front of him, his mouth set in a straight line as he lowers his book to his lap. “It’s tea. I just guessed what you’d like. You don’t have to drink it.” Her voice is only just higher than a whisper.

“Why would you-“ He starts, confused.

“I don’t know.” She grumbles, taking a sip of her own drink.

He stares at the steaming cup for a moment before picking it up, turning it in his hand to see the name scribbled on it in black marker. “Sharla?” He questions.

She looks up at him, her head tilted to the side. “Hm?”

“Your name, is it Sharla?” He shows her the name on the cup.

She looks at the cup in his hand and giggles, making the inside of his chest twist a little and he doesn’t like it. “It’s supposed to say ‘Charlotte’. That’s my name.”

Charlotte. It suits her, he thinks. “Right… Charlotte.” He takes a drink and sets it down before going back to his book.

“You’re welcome, by the way.”

He groans in frustration, all he wants to do is read in peace and he would be able to if it wasn’t for her sitting in his spot. “What are yeh goin’ on about?”

“You never said thank you. It’s only polite.”

“I would think you’d know by now that ‘m not polite, Kitten.” He smirks.

“Don’t call me that.” She snaps at him, pressing her legs together. He notices.

“Why not? Makes you tingly?”

She gasps, shocked that those words would actually leave he lips. Though, she knew he was right. “No. You don’t have the right to call me that.”

“Oh, yeah? What will give me the right to then? Do I have teh have yeh screamin’ mine first? I can see yeh squirming in yeh seat. Whatever little boardin’ school yeh at that makes you dress like a funeral service probably forbids men from touchin’ yeh. Is that it? Are yeh a pure little girl who’s never gotten the chance to have a man between her legs?” He eyes her up and down, his tongue sliding to the corner of his mouth and biting down on it.

Her eyes filled with water, threatening to spill over as she stares at him with her lips set in a wobbling pout. She stands so abruptly, the chair slides back and farther than it should have, her anger causing the force from inside of her to push it. Harry watches as she pulls her coat on quickly and picks up her umbrella. “You’re disgusting. Do yourself a favor and learn how to talk to people and to women.” She grabs her book, holding it in one arm. “And do me a favor and never talk to me again.” She turns and leaves in a haste, leaving her drink on the table. It was quiet after she left, the kind of quiet he had been wanting since he came here. But, he didn’t feel right. For once, he didn’t like that he was ruthless to someone. This girl had been nothing but nice to him and he spoke to her with such a vile tongue. He pulls at his bottom lip for a few seconds, battling whether or not he wants to run after her and apologize. He lets out a frustrated growl before standing up, grabbing his coat, and running out of the library. He gets through the front door and looks around. It had started to rain and he kicked himself for not wearing a hood today. He sees her walking quickly across the street and he starts to jog across. Cars honked at him as he jumped in front of them.

“Hey!” He calls out to her. She keeps her head down and walks faster. “Charlotte, seriously!”

She stops and turns sharply on her heal to face him and he almost bumps into her. “’Seriously’? That’s what you have to say to me? You’re a fucking pig and I’ve been nothing but nice to you and I don’t even know why! You don’t deserve it!” She’s proper yelling at him in the middle of the sidewalk, causing them to receive strange looks as people passed by.

“’M sorry, alright?” He shoves his hands in his coat pockets, looking down at the ground. “I was just plannin’ on havin’ a quiet mornin’ at the library in-“

“In your spot? God, are you that territorial that you can’t sacrifice something as simple as a stupid table in a public library? If you want it so badly, fine. I’ll never sit at your precious table ever again. Or how about I do one better? I’ll never go to the library again so you don’t even have to worry about me even blowing air in the direction of your sacred spot!” She spits out her rant to him. He stares at her, not sure what to say and having no smart comeback. Her chest heaved up and down and her grip on her umbrella was so tight her knuckles turned white.  

“You don’ have to do that.” He mumbles. She shakes her head and continues to walk back home. “Let me make it up to you.” He follows her.

“Take your sick mind home, Harry.”

“Not in that way!” He grabs her arm and she pulls away with a gasp. He didn’t grab her hard but she had a quick flash back to her stepfather. He throws up both of his hands in surrender. “I mean with lunch. I’ll pay.”

She ponders for a moment and she knows she should say no and continue home, but who is she to deny free food. “Fine. But, I choose.”


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I finally read your lesbian!percabeth AU and HOLY SHIT IT WAS SO GOOD. Can you give me some lesbian!percy AU headcanons? They don't have to do with Annabeth, just lesbian!percy being fucking awesome!

oh anon, i’m so happy you asked, i always have time for my trans lesbian princess.

  • Up until her teenage years, most of her identity process has been concentrated on her gender. It’s a more controversial issue and more non-negotiable, and she spent so much time trying to explain and justify who she was that she didn’t spend much time thinking about who she was attracted to.
  • She’s busy fighting to sleep in girls’ dorms and trying to save enough money to afford blockers and hopefully hrt one day and researching what kinds of rights transgender kids have available to them
  • Of course she has some passing thoughts of crushes and such and she’s always known on some level that she likes girls but she viewed that as secondary to her gender
  • It’s really important to me that Camp Half Blood is super accommodating about getting kids whatever kind of healthcare they need and really don’t give a shit about the gender binary, so I think that really helps to get her some breathing room
  • Also once Gabe is out (it would have been so much worse than canon, but i feel sick thinking about it) Paul is in and they don’t have to worry so much about finances and insurance, she starts to think about her sexuality more
  • Mind you this is also around the time when Thalia comes back to life and Thalia is a raging butch lesbian (FIGHT ME) and Percy is like weeehheeeyyyy HELLO
  • They’re just friends it’s nothing romantic/sexual but lesbian connection is just so Pure and I bet they’ve both never met another lesbian so they are really, really good friends
  • They’re definitely the gayest girls ever to hit the eighth grade and they take immense pleasure in the label (how does annabeth miss this…. prob because she’s up to her eyeballs in compulsory heterosexuality and denial, my poor bi daughter)
  • Listen Thalia and Percy giving the Hunters lectures on how and why they need to be more inclusive and how virginity is bullshit and trans/nb girls need help too and clarifying this very important clarification of whether or not it’s no dating or no men BECAUSE THEY’RE VERY DIFFERENT and they need to know for….. reasons.
  • (The Hunters are like listen all our myths were written by stupid men, we got you, girls are great and trans kids are great and lesbians are great and sexual women are great too)
  • Zoe and Percy dynamic is very Important. Zoe and Thalia still have all their canonical beef and Bianca is young and inexperienced but Zoe needs a new lieutenant BUT THEN COMES PERCY JACKSON, IN ALL HER NATURAL LEADERSHIP GLORY,
  • Zoe is recruiting her, hard. And Percy is this close to accepting. As Thalia starts to work out stuff with Zoe they have many, many conversations about what to do. In the end she decides it’s not what she wants (it’s really not. immortality just isn’t her thing).
  • But like. Zoe and Percy. Zoe being the first woman to ever see worth in her (aside from her mother obvs) and to be recognized as who she truly is by someone like Zoe Nightshade is like….. wow. It changes her.
  • Mmkay. Anyway. When she’s fourteen/fifteen, she becomes hot as hell. Of course she’s her usual blushy-self-depreciating-bad-at-taking-compliments self BUT she’s so excited to be on hrt and so relieved to be passing so well that she’s basically shouting to the heavens about how hot she is all the time
  • (this is, of course, right smack dab in the middle of botl and annabeth is like whAT IS GOING ON hELP)
  • She’s way too absentminded to be fashionable, really, but she has lots of fun wearing cute things and hot things and fishnets and combat boots and heels and skirts and leather jackets and crop tops YES
  • She’s battle calm when she’s putting on eyeliner, literally. She has the same exact impression, Annabeth thinks it’s hilarious (and sexy but don’t tell anyone)
  • The Aphrodite Cabin loves her
  • She takes every opportunity to promote and encourage women
  • She has beautiful hair. Like thick, jet black, shiny hair with some bluish and some reddish undertones so it can look bluish/purplish/reddish depending on the light source and it’s mesmerizing everyone wants to touch it all the time, I think she dyes little streaks of it different colors a lot
  • Her and Rachel go to tons upon tons of pride rallies
  • She owns lots of rainbow stuff
  • She kisses lots of girls platonically, more as a statement and a celebration than anything else
  • Because she’s so beautiful (not to mention a transgender lesbian woman, she gets dehumanization from all sides) she definitely has a lot of creepy fetishizing comments directed at her. You wouldn’t know how much it bothers her from looking at her because her eyes flash dangerously and her face looks like it was carved from stone and she gets really quiet. Everyone else gets furious too (silena screaming and lecturing and clarisse wailing on them, annabeth pulling a combination of the two)
  • But she definitely struggles with insecurity and self hatred sometimes
  • There are definitely many, many girls who look up to her because she’s so inclusive and she’s so respectful and she understands and she’s so confident in herself and it honestly gives them hope
  • Especially when she really solidifies her place as camp leader. There’s a mass coming out.
  • Reyna……….. Reyna……. oh my god
  • (in the au where annabeth needs more time to figure out her sexuality so they don’t get together pre-son they definitely make out… at the bare minimum)
  • But they’d click so well so fast, there’s the immediate connection over being women leaders in a world that’s gone to shit and ALSO being lesbians and Reyna’s like…. yeah, what are boys
  • They have such a good relationship like soooo so good they stay friends for the rest of their lives
  • Hazel and Frank and Percy are basically like in canon except they worship the ground she walks on even more
  • She terrorizes Leo, he has no idea what to make of her and everyone thinks it’s hilarious
  • Piper thinks she’s awesome (also in the au where percabeth and jasper aren’t canon yet and piper’s like um maybe i’m bi and percy’s like, hey, we can figure it out right now and kisses her right in front of everyyyoneee. eeeeKKK)
  • Walking around in a sports bra on the Argo II and making everyone conspicuously hot all over HELLO YES
  • Braiding everyone’s hair………. doing everyone’s makeup……..
  • Her and Annabeth have lots of fun sleeping in each other’s rooms just because they can both on the Argo II and at camp, everyone knows they’re together but the world is just so heteronormative that adults don’t know how to draw boundaries for gay couples lol so they just do what they want
  • A sexually charged moment when she’s doing Annabeth’s eyeliner and she’s leaning down and their faces are really close and they lock eyes and Annabeth nervously bites her lip and then blushes and looks down….. aaYYEEEE

i could talk about her ALL DAY

Prank War! - TW Imagine

Prank War! - TW Imagine

Prompt: You live with everyone that was included in this Imagine! You guys have a house rented that each of you pay fairly. It was a prank war between you and your friends. Let’s see who wins.

A/N: *IM SO SORRY IF THIS WAS POORLY WRITTEN. ALSO ‘Everyone x Reader’ WAS HIGHLY REQUESTED.* I hope you guys liked this! I’m so sorry for not posting anything, school has really kept me up with homework. There will definitely be a part 2 for stage 2 and 3 :) Happy reading! xx

Pairing: Everyone x Reader

Word Count: 1569

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Your POV

“Isaaaaaac!” You screamed out from the bathroom.

You heard the pack run towards the door. You quickly wrapped a towel around your body and walked out. When everyone saw you, they were all shocked to see you partially naked.

“Oh.” Lydia said with a surprised face.

“My.” Liam smirking, liking what he saw (toned legs, arms, more skin exposed than usual).

“GOD!!” You yelled out furiously, looking at Isaac with an evil and upset look.

“I told you, you work with the color blue.” Isaac grinned.

He had put blue hair dye in your shampoo, which you hadn’t realized until you were washing your hair.

“You hair is-“ Kira was interrupted by you.

“Blue? Yeah, I’m aware of that honey.” You were so angry, no, frustrated.

You went back into the bathroom, knowing that the pack was still outside the door.

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I never found my tablet pen and can’t afford a new one right now so I did something kind of drastic but FINALLY fixed up the last chapter. Goodbye my baby. not forever but still. here it is

does anyone know someone who can make similar/nearly exact icons like the ones i have right now at an affordable price? i kind of want to reach this aesthetic through all my blogs and for the life of me i cannot remember or find who ORIGINALLY did the icons i am currently using.


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