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Gold Saints Rant

Does nothing, complains of everything, lost his eyebrowns following a youtube tutorial, will dance in your grave and throw your corpse at wolves, he only accepts body as payment, you can’t find him on his house, actually is hidding behid a table. Skip rules, Sends friend request again after he blocks you. 13/10

Toll, Happy 24/7, makes a lot memes, skips work hours, has premium gym membership, but is bullied, likes children, very friendly, has incredible thighs, only wears thongs,  his neighbor wants to check them, feels awkward about that. 16/10

Smokes weed everyday, likes to cosplay, has collection of wigs and costumes, greedy, takes a lot baths, laughs about the jokes he makes for himself, complicated, exhibicionist, sends you dick pics at night. He said was a accident…isn’t… IS strong, but needs therapy.  21/10

makes bad jokes, his room is a mess, likes spooky things, is scared of spooky things, laughs in inappropriate moments, tried to steal your girl, is in the friendzone, foul all day, takes off his shirt often, but he has a sad torso.  15/10

Has a crush, too shy to cofess, bad at math, suffer of headaches, can’t grow a beard, the first in hang up the christmas lights, walks his drunk friends to home, caring, impulsive, acts later thinks, he regret that. always skip leg day.  16/10

Vegan, Sell weed, his “garden” is 98% weed, smoke weed sometimes, has imaginary friends, to high most of times, big talking, barely do a shit, uses contact lens, mantain his eyes closed so you can’t see how high is him. don’t give a shit about the current events. makes memes about Harambe.  16/10

300% chill, is druk all time, your oldest friend, acts like a 5 years old kid, lazy as fuck, takes off the clothes when is too drunk, has a lame ass tattoo in one hip, tries to be cool but fails, uses forced memes. never fights, inmature, takes the easiest job, never helps in the chores. 13/10

can’t afford fancy nail polish, steals the nail polish from his friend,  very bad at math, day dreaming all time, distracted, nobody tells him what’s going on,  forgets to done his job, likes to poke people, his fingers always ends in weird places. 15/10

always absent, Rambo movies #1 Fan, always is sleeping, has 2 left foots, falls to the floor easily, always carry a big ass bagpack, wears flip flops and is shirtles in middle of the city, isn’t even close to the beach, has hangovers of one month. thows random shit at people.  13/10

likes swords, bad at cutting vegetables, has social anxiety, grummpy when people ignore him, caring, can’t keep a secret, likes to dance, anime trash, loves his sideburns, never skips leg day. screams when you hung him.   15/10

99% salt, Hates people, grumpy beacuse can’t find his nail polish, never gives a fuck, ignores you all time, will sell you by one corn chip, hates the summer, tries to be cool, is a dick with everyone. Party crasher. wants to bang your mom.  14/10

Better than you, has success at makeup tutorials, will sent flowers to your girl… for you too, expert gardener, has class, believes griffith did nothing wrong, don’t needs people to shine, hotter than you when is cross-dressed. You hate him for that. Hates the wind. 17/10

kinda nerd, he shaves his eyebrows to shows his support to his student, caring a lot, has already readed your diary, tries to help with your problems, drinks a lot, never has a hangover. Chill, can sleep for decades. Bad at judging people. Lazy sometimes. 19/10

anonymous asked:

you always have cool nail polish, what brand would you recommend?

i get all my nail polishes nowadays from livelovepolish!! the brands i buy the most are starrily, FUN, and cirque 

that site has the best holos and they’re all v pretty and i want all of them

also they sell this nifty peel off base coat that is gr8 if you can’t wear nail polish for more than a couple days and u don’t want to bother with acetone

the more affordable nail polishes that i buy are all usually from “sinful colors” which you can find at pretty much every drugstore (target, walmart, etc) and also on ebay if u cant get it where you live!

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Of course, I have to include my dearest church who helped me be closer to GOD! If you are interested in listening to our pastor’s preaching, feel free to visit our website at

Rainy season
I am 100% pluviophile. It seems odd how the rain instantly makes me feel better. But yeah, it does.

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Voss artesian sparkling water
I must admit, I did not like its taste. As fancy as the name of this water sounds. I bought it because I have been seeing this on tumblr and i’m only into the bottle.

John 13:7
My favorite bible verse this month. This reminds me that everything happens for a reason and GOD lets it befall for your own good, no matter how tough or fortunate the situation is.

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Black tote bag
I am so inlove with this bag that I plan on purchasing the smaller version. This bag would make any outfit look fancy and sophisticated, i am not kidding.

Nude nails
This affordable nail polish has been making my nails look decent and groomed which I really like.


Bpi savings goal
I’m the type of person who would set savings goal each month to boost me in getting motivated. And i’m so thankful I finally reached my bpi savings goal this month, not to boast but I’m actually planning to blog about my savings tip. As a matter of fact, one of my blog’s goals is to help out everyone especially the young professionals to handle their finances well.

And that’s everything for my May favorites. Thank you for visiting, until next blog!

Wishing you happiness,