affordable horse art


ok i am super desperate for $ now so i’m making another sales post lol sorry 

alternate styles this time! i know my polished look can be kinda pricey ( can’t afford to lower them though, they take too long to make. :C ) 

all styles lined up next to each other. 

i’m willing to try LINELESS portraits this time around. i don’t have a lot of practice with them; they will be transparent like the horse.
$40 for a fullbody- i might be willing to try a simple background for an additional $10. i’m not very experienced so this will be experimental, i’ll send plenty of WIPs though! 

clean, polished busts/fullbodies. 
$25 single bust, $50 couple bust, $50 fullbody. 
($2 extra for crystal. On fullbodies, $2 extra for crystal, facet, circuit & crackle.)

colored sketches
$30 fullbody. willing to try couples for $55+ 
($2 extra for crystal, facet, circuit & crackle.)

Please PM me onsite @ Lix #3488 or reblog/ask here if interested. 
If you cannot afford to commission at the time, I’d love it if you can reblog this post so that someone who can might see it.