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Sugar Baby Education 101: 7 Etiquette Habits

It is a big part of sugar baby’s lifestyle to be comfortable go out on dates with their SDs to high-end restaurants, opening galleries, charities, fundraisers, and balls. What most newbies do not know/lack is the proper etiquette habits. 

For those men who surround themselves with successful people 24/7, would be a big turn off to be with a young lady who does not know how to behave and know the unspoken rules in the public. It is important for all sugar babies to know how to act classy and elegant, take your time, don’t be in a rush, be sophisticated and be a mystery for your SD. 

When you are dating a millionaire, the right manners and ways of conducting yourself assume an even a greater importance since they indicate grooming and class – qualities which are important in the upper classes.

Here are a few tips on dating etiquette if you are seeing someone rich and successful and wish to come off as his/her ideal partner.

#1 How to Communicate

  • Not every thought that comes into your head should come out of your mouth. Vet your thoughts. Speaking your mind does not mean sharing every thought. Some thoughts are not appropriate and could cause irreparable damage to your relationships.
  • Never gossip. Most gossip is bad, negative and damages relationships.
  • Look everyone in the eye for no more than 5 seconds at a time, then divert your glance for another 5 seconds. Practice will turn this into a habit. 
  • Make eye contact with people you speak with.
  • Never criticize, condemn or complain about anyone to another relationship. It’s a giant red flag. People will assume that you are bad mouthing them and will try to stay away from forming any strong relationships with you.

#2 Focus on your partner

When dating a rich man , it is important to let them know you value the time and effort your partner is spending on you. And one of the best ways to do this is by being attentive to your date. Maintain steady eye contact with him and listen actively to what he has to say. Smile often and present a positive body language. Also avoid fiddling with our phone (do not take pictures of the food, take snapchat of yourself, etc. do not present yourself as immature girl.). Unless you’re on call at a high-pressure job, you have no excuse for frequently checking your PDA. Flashing expensive technology makes you look self-absorbed and immature. If you must take a call or check a text, apologize for being rude, and tell your date why it’s necessary.

#3 Eating Etiquette

Believe it or not, most people don’t know how to eat. In the adult world of the successful, you need to know how to eat at social settings. Let’s go down the list:

  • As soon as you sit in your chair take the napkin off the table and drape it over your lap.
  • Never begin eating until everyone has their meal.
  • Never chew with your mouth opened.
  • Never talk while you’re chewing your food.
  • Never dip any food you’re eating into a sauce everyone is using.
  • Don’t wolf down your food. Eat at the same pace as everyone else at the table.
  • Never hold a spoon, fork or knife with your fist.
  • Outside fork is for salads, inside fork for the meal.
  • Never make gestures while your utensils are in your hands.
  • Never reach for anything like salt and pepper. Always ask someone to pass things like that.
  • Don’t slouch at the table. Sit straight up.
  • After the meal, excuse yourself and go to the bathroom and make sure you don’t have any food in your teeth. Carry a toothpick or something similar in your wallet or purse wherever you go.
  • If your date orders, compliment his choices, whether it is his choice of dessert or the wine. At the end of the dinner, thank your partner for inviting you out and don’t leave it for the next day.Focus

#4 Dress Etiquette

When dating a millionaire, it is crucial to turn out in a classy and elegant manner. Adopt a personal style which highlights your best features and above all, get the basics of grooming right. Even though you may not be able to afford a Louis Vuitton handbag or a Cartier watch, ensure that whatever you are wearing is suits you and is appropriate for the occasion.

  • Work and Job Interviews – Some professions have special purpose clothing like construction, roadwork, electricians etc. If you work in an office, dress like your boss or your boss’s boss. In some offices it’s business casual, in others, it’s a suit and tie for men. For women its slacks, or skirts with open collars, heels or no heels are ok.
  • Weddings, Wakes, Funerals –  In most cases, this will be suit and tie for men. For women, it’s the same as work clothes but many women like to wear more formal gowns or a more stylish cocktail dress, usually worn with heels. Some cultures have special dress codes you need to be aware of.
  • Formals – Usually formals are black tie optional, black tie or white tie for men. Optional usually means a dark suit, tie or black bow tie, dark shoes. Black tie means black tuxedo, dark shoes, white tie means black tailcoat, white wing-collar shirt, white bow tie, black shoes for men. For women, it’s a long formal gown or short cocktail dress or dressy long skirt and top, usually worn with heels. White ties are very rare.

#5 Introducing Yourself

In life, you will be forced into situations where you will meet new people. This is an opportunity to develop valuable relationships.

There are 5 basic rules to making introductions:

  • Smile
  • Firm Handshake
  • Make Eye Contact
  • In one sentence explain who you are, why you’re there and who you know at the event
  • Ask Questions About the Person You are Introducing Yourself to.

#6 Basic Manners

  • Yes
  • Please
  • Thank you
  • Be punctual (Being punctual is especially important when dating the rich since for them time is money, and as soon as they find you tardy, they will see you as a waste of time.)
  • Excuse me when interrupting or entering a conversation
  • Don’t interrupt someone while they are talking
  • Don’t roll your eyes when someone says something you disagree with
  • Don’t look away when someone is talking to you
  • Never check your cell phone when talking to someone
  • Stay positive and keep criticisms and negative comments to yourself
  • Compliment, compliment, compliment
  • Thank anyone hosting an event, dinner etc.
  • Never curse or use inappropriate language during social events
  • Never be rude

#7 Learn to handle embarrassing moments

No one is born with perfect manners and it is all a matter of practice. So while dating your SD if you realize that you have committed a faux pas, make as little of it as possible. Ignore whatever you did or didn’t do and force your mind onto something else. Go on smoothly as if nothing happened and very soon people around you will do the same.


Raj arranges himself in a more comfortable position, his whole demeanour relaxed and amiable, as if they are chatting on the couch in his living room. The unexpected sense of intimacy makes Audrey’s cheeks grow warm again.

Raj: The reason I’m sitting here now is that I trusted someone I shouldn’t have: My former lawyer and business partner, Clifford. But that was an error of judgement that I won’t ever make again. Let me give you some advice, my friend. Never trust a lawyer. Or a man who wears a tie with a short-sleeved shirt.

Audrey: Okay, fine. Can we talk about Naomi now? Because we only have an hour and-

Raj: Very nice bag, by the way. How much would that have cost? Around §3000?

Audrey’s bag cost §2990 at an upmarket Bridgeport boutique. She nods, impressed.

Raj: I know my luxury brands. But tell me, how can you afford §3000 handbags when your magazine is barely making enough money to keep you in teabags??

Audrey: I don’t know what you’re talking about. My magazine is doing very nicely. You must have a bad memory because you congratulated me on its success the last time I was here- 

Raj: I didn’t congratulate you on its success, if I recall. I congratulated you on being able to keep a physical magazine alive and thriving.

Audrey: I don’t understand the difference. But anyway, back to Naomi. It’s really important that-

Raj: Because your circulation isn’t thriving, is it? It’s dropping. Every month. That’s no reflection on the quality of your excellent publication, by the way. But print media is dying. It’s had its glory years.  You have to face facts.

Audrey: How do you know my circulation figures?

Raj: The prison library stocks a great variety of magazines, including The Bridgeport Arts Review. The most recent copy I could get my hands on was 4 months old. I also found another issue published a few months before that. As you know, the circulation figures for any magazine can always be found on the inside cover. The drop in circulation for The Bridgeport Arts Review in just a couple of months was alarming. And I imagine in 4 months figures would have dipped even further. I really don’t know how you manage to stay afloat. 

Raj smiles at her. Her stomach feels like it does when she’s on a plane that is experiencing unexpected turbulence.  

Raj: Would you like to try and explain it to me?

Why Your Perfect Online Image Isn’t Inspiring. At All.

And here are some of my own personal reasons for keeping things real on social media.

1. If you’re selling something, or working with a brand, MAKE IT CLEAR. No one is stupid. We’re all clever people. We’ve all grown up with social media, or at least all get the hang of it by now. You can’t sell stuff without being upfront – it makes people feel like you don’t respect the people who engage with you. I mean – quite obvious really.

2. If you don’t open up about anything how can anyone actually get to know you?

3. If you don’t show any elements of your real life, your “likes” kind of evaporate into… nothingness.

4. Post what you like. But be aware that posting a LOT of edited and “warmified” bikini beach shots and gym selfies can make some people feel like shit. It just can. (Especially when people are scrolling through their phones in bed with a hangover.) But those reactions are equally out of your control.

5. Your opinion is your opinion. And we are all free to change our minds as much as we like. It’s OK to change your mind even if it jars with an “image” you want to have.

6. Be aware that hardly anyone can afford your designer handbag. Thumbs up though. It’s reallynice.

7. If your Instagram feed is turning into a Boden Catalog take a little step back and remind yourself that you are a person! It’s OK to have a hair out of place. Honestly. No one will fire you from the Internet for having a hair of out place. You won’t go down in history as the Girl With The Rogue Strand.

8. No one blames you for “MY OFFICE FOR THE DAY” captions when you’re in a hammock, on a beach, with a really expensive laptop. Like we would ALL do it. But also: you do have to realise thatdoes make you a dick – because you posted it on a Monday. Sometimes you just have to post it because it’s a gorgeous picture, but then you owe it to yourself to whisper out loud: I’m a bit of a dick.

9. You’re a human-being first, not a brand! Human! Human! Human!

10. If you’re promoting a lifestyle that is niche, expect some people to not like it. Some people love fitness, some people hate fitness. Some people love avocados, some people…. you get the picture. Be confident in what you like and build your tribe. You like what you like!!

11. We live in a world where we have so many different types of role modes. Personally for me, I am not inspired at all by flawlessness. Looking at a flawless picture of someone’s abs does not make me want to grab life by the horns. Other things do. Each to their own.

12. Showing your “weird bits” can lead you to your bestest ever friends.

13. Showing what you care about is brave.

14. Admitting to a bad day is brave.

15. We live in a world where we have so many ways to connect, so why don’t we actually try connecting?

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