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hey i'm looking for a affordable 80s fashion style online store for the fall, do you have any suggestions?

mainstream fashion outlets are focusing a lot more heavily on the 90s and early 2000s right now, so your best bet for this sort of thing is looking up vintage clothes on etsy or ebay. 

imyourpresent on etsy is really good for 80s inspired accessories, and feature a lot of bright colors in their stuff. they also have some very 80s inspired clothing that they sell (though it’s a bit pricier, since it’s hand made to order), such as this metallic peplum dress, these incredible leggings, this peplum/suspender skirt, and this sheer cut out dress

missalphabet on etsy is also really good for 80s inspired prints and silhouettes, especially if you’re into bright colors and pop kei/spank kei type looks! she also has a lot of cute accessories, as well as super 80s inspired sweatshirts and tees. 

echoclubhouse has a lot of vintage inspired pieces, though a lot of them are more 90s leanings there’s still some good 80s appropriate stuff in there, like these hair clips and some of their clothing pieces.

shoptunnelvision has an awesome vintage 80s section that i highly recommend checking out too. they also have a lot of plus sized options commonly which is a big help, esp since it’s hard to find vintage plus sized clothing online in general, i feel. 

hopefully those are some good starting points! 


So much gorgeousness in one photoset. LOOK at these spring dresses! I spend all year stocking up on pretty frilly things ton wear when the sun comes out and I’m so glad to come across an online boutique that offers everything I’ve been looking for!

ALL of these are under 30$, how affordable is that? I can buy 3 of these and stuff have money left to binge on my MMORPGs, haha

If you’re interested in hearing about my personal experience when buying from this store, just shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to tell you all about it!

1 - Apricot Long Sleeve With Lace Dress $19.79 US$35.18 
2 - Black Cap Sleeve Lace Dress  $24.55 US$39.58 
3 - Black Round Neck Embroidered Loose Dress  $11.99 US$29.98

Check these out and let me know what your experience is!