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Just two little monarchs with big dreams: dreams bigger than they can swallow.

This piece is available as a print! This is the first in a series of (hopefully) a bunch to come, so if this doesn’t tickle your fancy, perhaps one of the others will. And since I’ll be doing all of the printing and production myself, they are pretty cheap! Check it out here!

Note: the print pictured below the cut is a test, so the text and proportions will vary slightly, but it will end up being about 16″ by 8″

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Study Break - a mini set of stuff for your Sim’s studies!

Hello everyone! I’ve never made object recolours before. I hope these are okay! ^^

Clicky McKeyboard ~~

A lightning fast supercomputer that comes in a bunch of pretty colours.

  • 18 swatches (in Aelia’s Retros)
  • Looks cool
  • At a discounted price of § 3500


Fancy Prints ~~

Affordable yet classy, these art prints look good in any setting.

  • 3 frame swatches (black, white, and light brown)
  • 5 prints to choose from
  • § 200


They both have custom thumbnails for easy access! <3 Let me know if you find any problems when using my cc~  and don’t forget to tag me at @lumine-sims!

humblenymph-deactivated20161105  asked:

Hey 💁 i want to be illustrator and i live in Turkey and people says 'you wont earn enough money in this job instead of that be a interior designer ' bc interior designer is another opportunity so i dont know what to do i need some advise from you !! Thank you ✨✨



This is a great question! 

Art Marketing Masterpost 

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Available in BEARSPACE’s shop these beautiful black and white A3 Risoprints by KIRSTIN TÖDTLING are our prints of the day!  

These prints are £25 available from our shop, pop in to have a look! & see our current exhibition ‘SODASTREAM’ currently in the gallery. We’re open 10-6pm Wed -Sat

Part of the 'Nu’ London Series (2012) these prints are part of a series imagining future cities in which exisiting architectures have adapted to modernity. 

Bearspace | 152 Deptford High Street | SE8 3PQ