affordable accommodations

honestly my heart goes out to all cishet aro/ace folks who feel broken or confused or ashamed and who’ve faced shitty comments because of their aromanticism or asexuality, you are 1000% valid, and i am very sorry that you are experiencing or have experienced that. 

but please just listen to us lgbt people who are saying that the lgbt community is not the one for you, we are just too different; and you are in the group of our oppressors, and we really cant afford to accommodate your needs while staying safe for LGBT folks. 

build your own spaces and communities, i promise you they will be wonderful to help you with your specific struggles, but just please dont take over resources that are meant to support people who struggle with transphobia and/or homophobia. 

Too much bass, you're in for treble

A few years ago, when I was a young college sophomore, I got my first apartment. I was terribly excited to be living on my own, independent, by my own rules. However, being a poor student, I couldn’t afford the nicest accommodations. Namely, the walls were paper thin.

The couple in the unit below me had screaming fights on a weekly basis, but they generally kept it to reasonable hours, so I tolerated this, for the most part, with some minor stomping when it was too loud. No, the problem was the neighbor in the unit next to mine.

I never met the guy. Never even saw his face. But I heard him playing his bass guitar almost every night, well into the wee hours of the morning.

“Surely this is a one-time thing, he’ll settle down,” I naively told myself. I was wrong, it did not settle down.

Finally, I had had enough. The walls were shaking with neighbor-guy’s bass. My dishes were rattling. My picture frames were a-quiver. It was time for some payback.

It’s worth mentioning, at this point, that I played the french horn in the university band.

I brought my instrument home with me, and for the next several weeks, whenever I heard the guy playing, no matter what time it was, even if I had to get out of bed, I’d go stand by the shared wall and play my horn as loudly as I could, with the bell aimed right at the wall.

Now, the french horn is a lovely instrument…when it’s played at a reasonable volume. When blasted, however, it’s something more like the ungodly offspring of a mack truck and an ambulence siren.

The first few times i did this, the bass playing would suddenly stop, as if the guy were confused as to where this horrid brassy screeching were coming from. Then he would start up again. So would I. He turned up his volume. I played even louder. Repeat ad nauseum.

Eventually, I don’t know if the guy gave up or moved out, but the playing stopped very suddenly, and I never heard it again.

I’d like to think I made him miserable for at least a little while, though. He certainly did the same to me.

Josh asked me for 50 bucks this morning as just incase money to keep in his account, so i was like yeh cool. Well he apparently spent it all on the pokies today because he still isnt over what i did yesterday and its his money so he can do whatever he wants with it.

I am struggling so badly.
😭I know its time for me to leave because this isnt what I want but the thought ot having a broken family and the thought of being alone kills me.
😭 ill have to go to a womens shelter until I start getting centrelink and can afford other accommodation and im just not steong enough 😭
I want to breakdown so badly right now but all I can do is have anxiety attack after anxiety attack 😭

I keep forgetting that Dan and Phil are actual real people

hey!! my name is susan and im from poland and im going to the last shadow puppets concert in berlin (23th of august) and i spent all my money on a ticket and probably wont be able afford any accommodation so i was wondering if anyone from berlin might be able to help me and host me for a night?? im nice and tiny so i can fit anywhere (seriously i could even sleep on the floor i just need a place to stay for a night)