Love & Gelato

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Summary: Will is totally going to the new gelato shop for the gelato, totally not the cute worker…. ft. a pining! Will and an adorable! Nico

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*title is from one of my most favorite books EVER its by Jenna Evans Welch, you should totally check it out if you haven’t already*

Will desperately needed a break from college. It was fucking him over in ways that he never thought possible. 

He walked from campus to his apartment; he can’t afforad a car with the years of debt ahead of him. He was about two blocks from his apartetn when he passed a shop, Maria’s Gelato. It was new and there was a simple sign saying:

Grand Opening!

Will felt an unexplainable tug in his body. 

He’s never had gelato before, so what could hurt?

There was a couple people inside. On the walls hung vintage pictures of places in Italy. It was small and cozy. 

He was looking at the seemingly infinte list of flavors. Tiramisu, hazelnut, mango….

“Hi! Welcme to Maria’s Gelato. What can I get you today?” A voice interupted his train of thought, and Will idn’t realize he was next in line.

A guy around Will’s age stood behind the counter, and Will forgot how to speak English. He was stunning. He had big, round chocolate eyes and a deep olive tan. His dark hair was swept to the side. He had a light dust of freckles in his cheeks and a jawline that could cut. He wore a royal violet shirt with tiny ice cream sundaes all around it that Will knew would look tacky on anyone else.  He was absolutely beautiful

Will swallowed thickly, trying not to get too enchanted by the alluring boy in front of him. 

“Um…I’ll get… Actually… I’ve never tried gelato before, could you surprise me?”, Will said hopefully. 

The boy tilted his head to the side adorably. “Okay.. I think I can do that.” He smiled at Will, and he felt his heart leap.

Will could only manage meek nod. 

He scooped the gelato, and Will noticed his name was Nico. The name fitted him perfectly somehow. He payed Nico, when the gelato was in his hand. It looked like vanilla, but had chcoclate shavings in it. It sent chills to Will’s hand. 

Will scooped a bite into his mouth and a burst of flavor exploded on his tongue. It was like ice cream on steroids and a thousand times better. It was like everything in the world had a baby and it was this gelato. 

What is this? And why haven’t I had this before?

“It’s stacciatella.”, Nico soft smiled, ”Do you like it? It was my mother’s favorite. We named this place after her.”

“She seems like an amazing woman.”, Will said after his third spoonful of the gelato, trying not to wolf it down and look like an animal. 

“So.. how is your first time trying gelato?”, Nico said, slightly leaning across the counter. 

“What did you say this flavor was?”


Will admired how the word rolled off Nico’s tongue easily, “I’m naming my first daughter after this.” 

Nico laughed. A sound that rung in the plaster walls of the little shop. “Well, lucky her.” 

Will savoured every bite of gelato, trading words with the cute worker. As much as he wanted to stay and chat with Nico, he had a shit ton of essays to write. he waved goodbye to Nico, trying to hide his blush when the boy sent him a soft smile back. 

Will left the quaint little store, and even though he faced hours of cramming last minute essays, he couldn’t help but think this was one of the best days he had in a long time. 

All because of the chocolate-eyed boy with ice cream patterned shirt. 

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todiewouldbeagrandadventure  asked:

So I've been wanting to learn how to sew with a sewing machine, but I have no idea where to start, I'd like to get a decent one but not something crazy expensive. do you have any recommendations on machines? And maybe tips so I don't sew my finger into a piece of fabric😱

I recommend this one! Cause its easy, afforadable, and it has ***~~~!!!AUTO-TENSION!!!~~~** and ***~~~!!!AUTO-THREADING!!!~~~*** 

Which, just fucking trust me, you will thank me for. 

If you buy a machine from Joanns, they also offer sewing 101 basic classes. Its something like 40 bucks for 3 hrs? And thats realy all you need. 

My dad taught me to sew, and he told me “Once you know how to straight stitch, you know how to do everything.” Which is mostly true. You can get most jobs done with a straight stitch and the more complicated, complex techniques come at experience and need. And are just awesome, easier shortcuts. You really just need someone to show you the nooks and crannys of yoru machine. 

Fifth Harmony Asks
  • Like Mariah: Can you sing? Do people around you actually validate that fact or are you restricted to the cruddy managment team at Bathroom Records?
  • Me & My Girls: An non-negotiable quality that a best friend must posses.
  • Miss Movin On: Describe your worst breakup? If you've never been in a relationship then describe your worst friendship breakup without using the letter "b".
  • Sledgehammer: What's the farthest you've ever gone? (First base, eye contact, all the way, are you michelle duggar?)
  • One Wish: If you could have the wardrobe of any Fifth Harmony member, from the auditions until present day, who would you choose?
  • Worth It: What's the largest amount of money you've ever spent on one item? What was it? Was it worth every penny?
  • Bo$$: What's your dream occupation?
  • Better Together: Who is your MCE/WCE?
  • Brave Honest Beautiful: (3 for 1) What's one fear you've overcome? What's the one thing someone was honest to you about that changed you for the better? What's your advice to someone struggling with self image and self worth?
  • Reflection: What song on your playlist makes you feel the most confident and beautiful?
  • Don't Wanna Dance Alone: What's one 5H dance routine that you know like the back of your hand?
  • Suga Mama: It's your sixth date out with someone you like. You suggested this super casual and afforadable restaurant. The check comes, how do you go about paying? (Are they paying? Are you paying? Are you guys paying for yourselves? Halvsies?)
  • Top Down: What's your dream city or country to live in?
  • Who Are You: What's your ethnicity? Nationality?
  • Everlasting Love: Have you you ever been in a relationship? If so, what's the longest relationship you've been in?
  • Over: What's the latest you've ever gotten home after a night out with friends while living under your parents/guadians roof? Did you get in trouble?
  • Leave My Heart Out Of This: What's your biggest deal breaker in a romantic relationship?
  • Body Rock: 5 songs that would definitely be included in your sex playlist.
  • Them Girls Be Like: What's one decision that you often check with your best friend before making?
  • Going Nowhere: Two new years resolutions that you have yet to take action on.
  • We Know: The most outrageous lie you've ever told that someone actually believed.
  • This Is How We Roll: What's an imperfection of yours that you've come to love?

strangestbird  asked:

Just another bit of advice for the girl who asked about rushing but couldn't afford it.. I didn't think I could either, but I made a deal with my dad that if he paid my dues for my first ever semester, I would pay them the rest of the years. This gave me an entire semester to start saving up for NEXT semesters, and it has been working out well for me! So maybe see if your parents are willing to make an agreement like that!

fantastic idea! thanks for sharing your solution! ;)