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Hello there. Marvellous blog! I'm writing a story that takes place on a sort of space cruise where every vacation trip takes 11 months and are very expensive. The story is about some of the staff members that for example works as waiters or cleaners. Do you have any tips on how to improve that grand, luxurious enviroment and activity? Like, I really wanna exaggerate that feeling to a comical degree. Have a nice day (:

It always helps to do a bit of research. If you happen to know anyone who’s super rich, you might could talk to them about the kind of things they see as “extravagant” (though, in my experience, most filthy rich people don’t hugely like to talk about how much money they spend on random shit).

Being poor and never having gone on any type of “luxury” cruise or trip of any kind, I can’t speak to experience. To me, luxurious is a slightly-warmer-than-average towel and a foot massage.

Luckily, the internet has the questions to pretty much everything, and after just a couple minutes of Googling, I found a couple of things. I’m sure you could easily find more.

Filthy Rich Kids Share What Crazy Things They Always Thought Was the Norm

20 Things Rich People Spend Money On that Poor People Like Me Can’t Understand

Eight Popular Amenities for High-End Homes 

But also consider:

  • How much money they spend on their pets
  • How concerned they are with “keeping up appearances”
  • What they expect to be done for them
  • How do they expect to be spoken to?
  • How important are brand names/labels to them?
  • What do they consider relaxing? (Take into account what they have to do for work/on a daily basis when not vacationing.)
  • Are they able to take a true vacation? (Does she spend most of her “down” time talking to investors on the phone even though she should be chilling? That kind of stuff.)

Hope that’s helpful!