7 Things I'm Learning In My 20's

1)     Don’t depend on anyone for happiness

   We shouldn’t be depending on anyone for our own happiness. Once we start relying on our friends, significant others and even family for happiness we are easily disappointed because no one knows what makes the heart smile more than the keeper of that heart. Happiness is a state of being that only YOU can create. 

2)     Do Anything you want

 Every decade of your life is a learning experience. I feel like the 20’s decade is to truly try and figure out who you are. This is the time where you should experience life to the fullest. Make a list of everything that you would like to achieve before you die; they can be quite small things, things out of your comfort zone or huge things like traveling the world. Whatever you would like to achieve in this life time DO IT! What’s the worst that can happen?

3)     Make Mistakes

  Too often we are criticized for the mistakes we make, especially as women. With each mistake comes a learning lesson. How do we grow as individuals if we don’t make mistakes?

4)     Travel

  This is the time when you should see the world and the beauty of it. Each new surrounding is coupled with a new experience. There is something beautiful about all corners of the world, each city/country represents something different, which in returns enriches us with knowledge we once never possessed.

5)     Don’t apologize when you don’t need to

I feel like as women we apologize too much, even when it isn’t necessary. We have a tendency to take ownership and responsibility of certain things just so we don’t break certain relationships in our lives.

6)     Be Confident In Who You Are and What You Believe In

There is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman and the way she carries herself in every aspect of her life. Your 20’s shouldn’t be about peer pressure and fitting in, that’s what junior high and high school were about. Do what you believe in! For example, if you come from a certain religious background don’t be embarrassed to represent it. Peer pressure only exists if you ALLOW peer pressure to exist. Just do you!

7)     Allow yourself to be Vulnerable at times

The strongest of women are the ones who show their vulnerability at times. We are not perfect and holding back your emotions will not get you closer to perfection. Show your emotions. Just because you feel defeated at times doesn’t mean you’re not a strong, beautiful, and intelligent woman.

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How Do You Wear Your Hijab?

How Do You Wear Your Hijab?

This got me thinking that hijab is so unique to each individual. Every woman who wears a hijab puts her own spin on how to wear it. Here are the different types of hijabs I have concluded exist within our community:

This is not meant to offend anyone its all in good humour. I love all these bloggers!!

1)   The NASA helmet: this is the hijab that wraps around for years and legit looks like you are wearing a helmet around your head. Some say you can stop a bullet from hitting you in the head, and others say you can float without a life jacket. Its also great for storing valuable things, it’s almost like an Ikea closet. Famous bloggers such as Imaan Ali wear these types of hijab (although I love her and her work her hijab is always so big!!)

2)   The barely on hijab: This hijab is barely sitting on your head but is still covering 3/4’s of it. The ¼ that is being exposed are the bangs. The followers of the barely on hijab movement have one of the nicest bangs I have yet to see.

3)   The Turban: The turban hijab is for the sisters who miss the cool breeze hitting their neck. I get it, I’ve been wearing the hijab for 15 years so sometimes you miss the feeling.

4)   The 1960’s Hijab: This type of sister hasn’t changed her style since the Six-Day war. Her Hijab is a straight 3D Triangle (refer to my other blog posts). And sometimes when she wants to be fancy she takes the two ends of her hijab, which rest on her chest and puts a fancy family jeweled ring to hold it up.

5)   The Hump Hijab: This sister has her hijab on right but you can spot her from a mile away because of her ponytail bun it has a diameter of about 1 meter. Usually the song by Fergie “My humps” accompanies this hijabi wherever she goes.

6)   The Wing Hijab: This hijab is the one many hijabis opted using from 2000-on. This hijab goes on normal but has a long wing that starts from the top of the head and can go all the way down to your waist. It’s the modern day Bat Woman.

Which hijabi are you?

Je Suis Muslim

I started off this blog trying to explain my view point on the whole Charlie Hebdo fiasco. After writing the whole blog I decided not to post it for a few reasons: 1) I am exhausted of explaining my ideologies on this particular event. 2) This event has shed a colossal amount of negativity on the religion of Islam. Writing the blog would’ve gave the “extremist thugs” and “bigots” around the world more attention than needed. I rather focus on the positive aspects of Islam.

It got me thinking about every Muslim and non-Muslim born after 2001 and how they have been exposed to Islam in the mainstream media. It has been put under a microscope, with extreme criticism by non experts of the religion. Having said that when an event like the Paris shootings occur many Muslims find themselves living in fear. Women second guessing whether or not they want to put on the hijab; or on the other end women taking off their hijab in fear that they will be targeted in a hate crime. We also have men shaving their beards so they are not easily recognized. My dear Muslim brothers and sisters, during these difficult times we need to stand in solidarity with each other and be proud of who we are and what we believe in. Islam did not start when 9/11 took place and nor did it start when the Paris shootings took place. Islam has been around for over 1400 years, and we shall not forget the amazing contributions Muslims have made, that make society function today.

1) The worlds first University was created by two Muslim women: Fatima and Mariam al-Firhi in Fez, Morocco known as Al-Qarawiyyin.

2) Medicine was a huge contribution by Muslims. The Ahmed ibn Tulun hospital in Egypt in 1872 was one of the earliest hospitals to give care to the mentally ill. Furthermore, a surgeon by the name of Al-Zaharawi also known as the “Father of Surgery” created an encyclopedia, which would be used by European surgeons for the next 500 years.

3) Muslims gave a wealth of knowledge when it came to science. Whether it was astronomy or chemistry the advances are remarkable. The invention of the basic process and apparatuses are still being used today by chemists.  Ibn Firnas a Muslim engineer in the 9th century had an idea to create a “flying machine,” which became known as the worlds first aviation.

I haven’t even scratched the surface of Muslim contributions, but these are just a few highlights. My point to stating all of these facts is to remember, that we have a beautiful religion and the followers of that religion weren’t “barbaric” or “terrorists” but rather intellects and contributing members to society. So I am not going to say Je Suis Charlie but rather Je Suis Muslim. I am a proud Muslim woman who will not live in fear.

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