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Okay okay. So are blonde and silver brothers in okja or are they a couple? Because when I first watched the movie I was screaming "MY TWO FAVORITE ACTORS ARE TOGETHER IN A GR8 MOVIE" And then the nagging thought that they might be brothers started stabbing at the back of my head at 3am in the morning

Hi :) I’d like to tell you that Silver and Blond as a couple is 100% canon. But I gonna tell you they’re 90% canon. Because while some tumblr affirm they were confirmed gay by the director, I wasn’t able to find any source as evidence. So if one of you guys have some proof, please let us know (@treelifter maybe?)

However, both Devon and Daniel made it clear that they totally see Silver and Blond as lovers. Both liked and retweeted many tweets about them being a couple. Devon made the fanon ship name “Platinum”, created by @happylawnmowerprince the official one: While Daniel expressed at a press conference “ There’s definitely more than a bromance. I think the character of Blond and Silver are lovers, so well picked up on that; yes, it goes beyond friendship, I think.” Src:

There’s also this article that states them as gays and in love:

Now I know that the lack of kisses on the mouth (but Blond did kisses Silver on the cheek) “I love you” or “here’s Silver, is my boyfriend” for instance, may lead some people to deny them as good representation. I don’t think any of these are absolutely necessary for a ship to be canon. 

It’s kinda hard to express, but for me Silver and Blond are just too intimate together to be brothers. It’s not always easy to see it because a lot of their moments together are in the background. 

This hug for instance, is clearly a lover hug imo, I don’t force anyone to see it that way if they don’t, but…come on. Look at them. So cute, so gays, so in love. 

korean phrases to comment on the boys’ sns part 2 (bc i’m hella emo rn)

  • 뉴이스트의 곁을 떠나지 않을거야 - I’m not going to leave Nu’est’s side (informal)
  • 러브가 더 고마워 - LOVEs are more thankful (informal)
  • 다들 행복했으면 좋겠어요 - it’d be great if you all could be happy
  • 있다면 노래 너무 좋아요 - i really like the song “If You”
  • 열심히 응원할테니까 뉴이스트 잘되자 - I will work hard cheering for you, so Nu’est, let’s turn out well (informal)