affirmations for artists

I want to be the best version of my self.  My life isn’t a competition where I’m constantly measuring how I stand against other people.

Affirmation of the day.

Be good with who you are and when you are going. It’s ok to give other people love when they are doing well. Just because someone else is doing well in your field doesn’t mean that you can’t excel. Don’t set any limits for yourself and achieve more than you ever thought you could.



You need to watch this weird, relaxing, life-affirming video ‘Hi Stranget’. Watch it now!

Flavors of Support from the Sensing Types


Low-key hugs and passionate artistic affirmation. 

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“I have a few reservations, but I’ll die supporting you.” 

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“Excellent. I’m in. We’re gonna be BILLIONAIRES.” 

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“I built you this. You know. To help.” 

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“You’re gonna be famous. But don’t work TOO hard, okay?” 

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“But have you checked the legality? Do you have sensible shoes? Have you saved enough money, though?” 

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“You have my sword.” 

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“What bitch says you aren’t amazing? Point them out! Then, we’re going to buy you amazing shoes!” 

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Connected. Together, with unconditional love in our hearts, we will ripple the fabric of this reality. Together we grow, as ONE. No separation. Only mirrors reflecting the divine light held within us all. Being the change. Embodying the truth. Painting this reality with positive affirmations and actions. I AM LOVE. I AM TRUTH. I AM LIGHT. I AM HARMONY. I AM WISDOM. I AM VITALITY. I AM BECAUSE WE ARE! ((Acrylic on hand stretched drop cloth canvas)) ✨ Hand painted by @jah-feel

Affirmation - [NCT] Tutor!Au

[A/N] I aspire to write a proper NCT DREAM Tutor!Au later on, which is consisted of all fluff and cutesy it makes you barf or laugh your asses of. Stay tuned. 

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Sad puppy eyes. Your ultimate Kryptonite.

‘Fine.’ You huffed, defeated. Donghyuck and Jeno cheered. Mark has a little delay in it but he joins in nonetheless. 'But you have to promise you’ll do well in the next quiz. And the next time, there’ll be two page of homework, yes?’ You averted your eyes at the door to Johnny who entered at a blink.

'Prepare for wrap-ups, I’m making a short trip to the bathrooms. I’ll be back with the summary of today’s lesson,’ you held to Johnny’s arm and whispered to him. You tiptoed and he leans in, 'Take care of them for awhile. It’s not going to be a short trip.’ You crumpled your face, grateful to his presence.

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