Feeling emotional lately? Trying to figure out where you’re heading? Uncomfortable with the present? Ready for more? Ready for love? Wanting to actualize your goals? Longing for your dreams to become your reality? #MercuryRetrograde is in full effect.

#MercuryRetrograde proves to be more powerful second time around. We’re going to be in this space until June 11th, so we can use this purgatory period to get clear, let go and realign. One by one, we’re all realizing that playing it “safe” is more paralyzing than taking a risk for our heart’s desire. At one moment, it feels like nothing is happening. The next, it feels like things are falling apart. This is a period of foundation building. Assemble the blocks you’d like to stand on. Art project ideas you’ve been holding on to should be taken more seriously now.

Doubt is a significant energy in the atmosphere. It can be difficult when our dreams don’t match our reality. It makes us question whether our dreams are possible or whether we’re worthy of them. In this space, old habits, circumstances, relationships and addiction seem appealing. But I’m here to tell you – it’s an ILLUSION. The past has nothing new, exciting or worthy to offer you. We must move forward and we must let go. It’s never too late to follow your heart. In fact, it’s TIME to follow our heart. Uninhibitedly. Unapologetically. Wholeheartedly.

Things, people and circumstances are leaving your path because better is arriving. It may seem like nothing is happening or coming undone. Yet, everything is coming together. That’s be beauty of Mercury Retrograde. Every exit is an opportunity. Where we are isn’t where we’ll be. Sit tight. We’re going higher. Breakthroughs ahead.

Today’s #Affirmation: I will no longer settle on spaces, energy, relationships or things because I realize I am worth so much more.

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Daily Affirmation 212.

Do not believe people who make ultimatums about asexuality that exclude you. Do not believe “asexuals do not.” Do not believe “asexuality is not.” Do not believe “if you are asexual you cannot.” Your identity is more important than a generalization. You are more important. No ultimatum can change the words that feel like they fit you best.


I hope this helps some people the way it helped me.

After giving this same advice about affirmations to a few people in the past few months, I thought I would put this together in comic form.

I actually recorded myself saying my affirmations and I repeat them as I listen on my drive to work. For a while, I got out of the habit of doing it and I realized I was feeling really down on myself. I’ve made it a priority lately and it’s made me feel more upbeat and capable. :)

Morning Affirmation

There’s no use being anxious. It doesn’t help anything. You do have enough. Any more, and you’d probably waste it anyway. I think you’re doing alright. Pretty damn good really, especially considering how it used to be. Don’t go looking for problems that aren’t there. Real ones will show up soon enough. You can handle those when they come.

You have incredible gifts to share. Keep your heart open. Let go of opinions, yours and other’s. Stick with the truth. Keep your practice vibrant and take the next breath like it really matters.

You may have no idea yet of what specifically you were born to do, but I can tell you a few things that are true of everyone in this world: You were born to live your life out loud. You were made to be unapologetically yourself and no one else. You were created to laugh at what you find funny, cry at what makes your heart break, smile so much that your cheeks ache at the end of a long and grand day, and love whom and what your heart longs to love with unabashed passion. You do not owe anybody anything except your best and real self; that is what the world deserves of you, and you deserve the world right back. If you deny yourself different opportunities to grow into who you are, honestly and truly, you will deny others the privilege of knowing and loving you as you are. You might prevent the world from knowing the next peacemaker, mover, or shaker. This is not to say that you need to be a household name in order to fulfill your destiny; the overwhelming majority of us never will be that prominent, or even close to that, but we all have opportunities daily to make an impact. If you refuse who you are and choose instead to be someone you are not, you might prevent someone from meeting their soulmate, best friend, or the person who saves their life one day by being an example of how to press on. If you grow into your intended form, the world will blossom right along with you, whether in small ways or large. Your unique addition to the world is more important than I could ever try to explain to you, so I hope you will trust me, take my hand, and be courageous enough to bloom into everything and everyone you dream of being.
—  Courage, 120/365 (e.f.a.)
Powerful things you should be saying to yourself everyday:

I am wealth. I am happy. I am abundance. I am ecstatic energy. I am joy. I am love. I am awesome. I am art.


Yes, I can do art. Yes, I can make and/or share love. Yes, I can forgive. Yes, I am blessed.

Or even,

Yes, I can and shall be affluent. Yes, I can and shall improve my craft. Yes, I was hurt, I am healing, I can recover. Yes, I do have enough time to do the things I love to do, and the things I need to do.

The power of “yes,” “I can,” and “I am” are and have been wildly underestimated, it’s bizarre. Still, we have the ability to work these possibility-welcoming phrases into our vocabularies and subsequently our lives. These are simple examples of affirmations you can change and adjust to suit your experience, and in my opinion, get the most out of it. There isn’t enough time in the day to spend our energy on negativity, remember that. Affirm ones self.