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who iiiis that

johnathan taylor thomas aka the voice of young!simba in the lion king

he was in home improvement? this is a “reunion” pic i am dying

everyone looks TERRIBLE

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does your school have the option to switch roommates? i know at mine if you’re having conflict they’ll see if they can find someone else to put you with instead.

switching rooms is a tricky business at my school… and it’s not like i’m fighting with her and there’s an open conflict. she just does stuff and i silently fume in annoyance at everything she does.  besides i’m sharing an actual bedroom in the apartment with a really good friend, and i really like my other suitemates… so as long as i have tumblr to rant to and other people to spend my time with, i should be able to keep my sanity.

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the x-files (lol you saw that one coming right)

FOX SMOULDERS lol this never gets old

SCULLY aka the original badass ginger

really attractive OTP that clearly inspired the “partners solving crime with tons of unresolved sexual tension” plotline for television shows everywhere!

aliens and shit? i know nothing about this show!!!!!!

actually- i think maybe fox is like SUPER into the alien crime solving or w/e and scully is the new kid on the block who is skeptical of all this alien nonsense and then probably by the end of the pilot ep she’s like oooh fox oh mr. smulders educate me in the ways of alien-dom

‘cause that’s a viable storyline

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pushing daisies

dude bro i have totally watched like 5+ episodes of this show!!!!!!

but before i watched it i mostly gleaned that lee pace had offensive posture and he was adorable and anna friel had a fantastic wardrobe and winston from human target was always really dry and sarcastic and kristin chenoweth was in love with lee pace aka ned the piemaker (i mean who could blame her) and it had something to do with dead people/magical powers but i honestly wasn’t very clear on the details i just lee pace