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Samuel L. Jackson Returning To Marvel Universe In ‘Captain Marvel’

The long absence of Nick Fury from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is coming to an end.  His last seeming appearance came with ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’.  It’s a fairly good guess that he will make some sort of appearance in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, but it has been confirmed that the actor will appear in ‘Captain Marvel’.  ‘Captain Marvel’ is set to hit theaters on March 8th, 2019.  Brie Larson will star as Carol Danvers, who assumed the mantle of Captain Marvel in 2012 in the comic book world.  Larson is also expected to make her first appearance in the upcoming Avengers.

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I am Epic (Leo Fitz Fluff)

Summary ~ You never wanted to have to use your power on a living person but you couldn’t loose him.

Words ~ 1393

Requested ~ Yes

I sat in my room with my fairy lights on and a book clutched in my hand when I heard the door slam. I smiled running downstairs to my dad.
“Hey dad” I said giving him a hug.
“Hey pumpkin” He smiled. “I got you something” He said handing me a dead rose.
“Really dad, it is the fourth time this week” I said rolling my eyes.
“Please, it is my favourite thing”
“Okay” I laughed as I swiped my hand over the dead flower. I watched as it started turning red again. I smiled placing it in the vase with the others.
“So for dinner I was thinking pizza” He said dropping his suitcase.
“I like that idea, will I pick a movie while you get the pizza” I asked.
“I’ll meet you in the TV room with pizza you bring the blankets”
“15 minutes?” I questioned.
“I promise” He said walking out the door. I started bringing the pillows and blankets as I found a movie I knew we would both enjoy. I went into the kitchen and made us both a cup of tea. I brought the cups in placing them on the table as I sat on the couch waiting for him to come home. After 25 minutes I was getting kind of worried but I just thought there could have been a long wait. After 40 minutes I tried to ring his phone and there was no answer I kept trying but no one picked up. I paced back in fourth with my phone in my had. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I ran flinging the door open to see a large man in a black suit.
“Em..who are you?”
“Are you Y/N Coulson”
“Are you Agent Phil Coulson’s daughter?”
“Agent? What are you talking about?”
“Please come with me” He said pulling me out the door, I struggled against his hold but it didn’t do anything, he shoved me in the car and got in the front seat. I looked up to see a guy across from me. He smiled at me but I just looked down.
“Hi Y/N, I’m Leo” I said nothing just ignored him. “I’m sorry we had to take you like this, unfortunately I have some bad news-”
“I need you to take me home, if my dad comes home and I am not there he will be worried” I said cutting him off.
“That is why we had to take you. Unfortunately Phil was in an accident and we had to bring him to the hospital”
“What?!” I nearly screamed.
“I’m sorry” He said bowing his head as tears ran down my face. The car stopped and the man opened the door.
“Follow me” Leo said as he walked into a large building. I followed him down hallways and upstairs until he led me into a large white room. I could see a group of girl and boys standing around a man in a hospital bed. He was hooked up to life support, there were tubes everywhere, his skin was pale and his face had large scratches on it. That was my dad. I shoved the people out of the way as I ran over to him.
“Dad” I cried as I touched his skin.
“Whose the kid?” Someone asked as I cried into my dads chest.
“That’s Phil’s daughter” I heard Leo say.
“Phil has a daughter?”
“When did he get a daughter?”
“Yes he never told anyone about her because he didn’t want her to be in danger”
“Excuse me” I heard someone say. I looked up to see a women in a lab coat. “I’m doctor Moore, I am afraid that the damage done on Agent Coulson’s internal organs are too bad there is nothing I can do, I’m afraid that I will have to turn off his life support soon” She frowned nodding.
“No” I shouted. Every eyes landed on me.
“I’m sorry, I can’t do anything” She said shaking her head.
“You can’t do anything, but I can” I said turning to my dad and placing my hands over his chest. I have never shown anyone my power before only my dad knows about it. And he never told anyone in case they ever tried to hurt or harm me. My hand started to glow as I focus all my energy on my dad imagining all the amazing time I have had with him.
The time we went to the zoo and we threw bananas at the monkeys and one monkey threw the banana back. Or the time we went to the water park and ate ice-cream all day. The nights he would tell me stories about different superheroes until I fell asleep. I had to save him or I had to try. My body started to glow and I felt my feet lift off the ground. My eyes started to close as I began to loose consciousness. My arms dropped and I felt my body fit the floor, and everything just turned black. I sat up quickly looking around the room, I was in a bed.
“Sweetheart” I heard my dad say beside me as he wrapped his arms around me.
“Dad” I whispered as a tear rolled down my cheek, he pulled back smiling. “Your okay”
“I’m fine, all thanks to you”
“I was so scared”
“Everything’s okay” He said smiling. “Now I am going to get you something good to eat”
“Pizza?” I asked.
“No, you lost a lot of energy because of me I think you need some vegetables” He said before walking out. I sighed sitting back, before I heard a knock. The door opened and the people from my dads room came in.
“Oh hi” I said.
“We just wanted to say thank you, for what you did, Phil is like a dad to all of us and we would be lost with out him”
“Your welcome” I said my cheeks getting hot.
“Well we will let you recover” One of them said as they all left except for Leo.
“I heard Phil talking about making you eat some vegetables so I brought you this” He said handing me some ice-cream.
“Thank you” I smiled taking it from him.
“So should I tell how cool you looked back there?” He said sitting down.
“Yeah” I smiled opening my ice-cream.
“Okay so at first it was just your hands that were glowing and then your whole body was, and you were so bright we had to look away, and when I looked back you had started floating, and then the light started getting duller and you fell to the ground”
“So I was epic”
“Hum let me think you saved a life, and kind of flew. Yes you were extremely epic. Did it hurt?” He asked.
“No, it didn’t really feel like anything” I said shrugging. “So what do you do?” I said changing the subject. We started talking as he told me what he did. We just asked each other questions and laughing at the stupid questions.
“Okay something embarrassing that happened to you in school?” I asked.
“Oh one time I was in geography and I asked to go to the bathroom, then when I was coming back into the classroom I pulled the handle off the door, and I didn’t know what to do so I just stood there with the handle in my hand until the teacher asked me to sit down and I turned around holding it”
“Oh my god” I said wiping away a tear.
“Hey Y/N, maybe when you get out of here we could hang out?” He smiled shyly.
“I’d like that” I blushed. We looked at each other smiling as we slowly leaned in.
“Okay I found you some food- what is going on in here?” My dad nearly screamed.
“Em” Leo said jumping up from his chair.
“Dad relax I asked him if I had anything in my eye” I covered up.
“I better go” Leo said running out of the room.
“Your eye huh” My dad smirked.
“Shut up”


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Therapy (A Maria Hill fanfic)

“Take a seat ma’am”, “It’s Hill ,or Maria, hell I’m here opening my heart to you, let’s go with first names, Dr…..?”. Five hundred bucks for two hours a week and all the man gave her was a sigh and a shrug of his shoulders. “Hayden, now please, take a seat”. She replied with a soft smirk before sitting and lying back, feeling the soft leather give slightly under her weight as she arched her back along the contours of the couch. “Now then, Maria, let’s start with your family….”. “What’s there to say? Mom died when I was born, my Dad blamed me, blah blah blah, kicked out, joined the army….”, she looked at her nails, a diversionary tactic, given she was wearing gloves. “I meant detail…..”, the doctor sighed, probing more gently as his fingers curled around the pen, hovering over the paper. Maria inhaled, she could already feel her palms sweating under the gloves, “That necessary?”, she questioned softly, trying to draw out the time as he nodded softly. She inhaled slowly.

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