affiliation: hulks


Two Hulks Collide as Mark Ruffalo and Lou Ferrigno Meet at SDCC 2014

Today, A Stranger Said To Me:

“You look like a dumbass piece of shit, you fucking asshole!”

Apparently THIS is what they were talking about when they said ‘don’t talk to strangers?’ Because strangers are mean? That guy was mean. Thank god he didn’t see me wearing a scarf or something, otherwise he might have just stabbed me, without even saying anything. 

What if I was a hulk and he said that to me? Imagine the surprise in the stranger’s eyes as he was being thrown through a bus stop hut by someone he just yelled at! What delectable irony! 

Unfortunately, I am not a hulk. The only thing that happens when I get angry is my eyebrows get lower on my face. So that happened. 

Look out, UMass! There is a mean guy out there, and he’s still on the loose! Also look out secret hulks, for he will cause you to reveal the beast within!