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Pushing the Envelope

Like all others here, when it comes down to it, in this life, I am a human.  I live with humans, I connect with humans, and I become attached to humans.  We are all human in this life, often with astral forms and lines that we don’t quite understand.  Perhaps this is why everything is so dramatic.  However, I can’t just sit to the side and watch anymore.

I will start by saying now, if you don’t support my views on this, or you hate me now because I am supporting close friends whose shop I can vet for, please do what you deem necessary.  If I lose customers, if I have keepers walk away from my shop because I am doing what I feel is right, so be it.  I cannot compromise my morals or integrity by watching my friends go through such pain for absolutely no reason.

Drama starts with a misunderstanding - something said without thought that it could be taken negatively.  Then the telephone game starts - suddenly, someone threatened the life of another, whether they did or didn’t, and stories become so warped that you just know from word of mouth that this person or that person is bad because they associate with a bad person that is rumored to have done something dreadful, but no one can say exactly what transpired.  This is how a large group chat went down in flames.

This is where I start getting upset.  Now, people have assumed that the Magickal Menagerie discord server went down to ‘hide the evidence’ or something akin to that, but it’s more along the lines of people claiming to Carmen that they were suicidal or triggered because of what went on in chat, and to go kill herself.  I’ve seen absolutely disgusting things said by people about Magickal Menagerie the past few days, as well as several other friends.

Offense is not my strong suit, but I can only go so long watching my friends be attacked before I do something.  Spirit Keeping is a COMMUNITY.  We are all a FAMILY, and we shouldn’t be attacking others so that we can try and get further ourselves.  We should be supporting everyone and enjoying the journey!  When I see things like “throw Carmen in a pit” or “let’s smack curtis right in the face multiple times” and others saying “I’ll cheer you on” I feel absolutely disgusting.  If you tell me it’s not happening, I have the screenshots to prove it’s happened.

All this for a shop that’s popping up suddenly on the wings of all this drama, dropping big names so that Magickal Menagerie suffers when they try their best to be good people and do what’s right?  They’re two people with a large customer base, there are going to be times when you can’t get in contact with them.  There are times where I can’t be reached.  However, I am affiliated with their shop on a business level, and I like to think of myself as a close friend to them.  I would do anything for them, even if it requires jeopardizing my own store and sales.

Grow up, move on with your lives and your spirits.  Do the right thing - stop trashing shops.  If MM’s spirits weren’t for you, fine!  Don’t let someone else miss the opportunity for a wonderful companion just because you have a personal vendetta with the conjurer.

Oh, and another thing - messing with another conjurer’s spirits or trying to read another conjurer’s spirits through channeling is idiotic.  I personally have a protection on my bindings to where if someone other than me or the spirit tamper with the binding, the binding is broken and they return to me.  You would have to harm the spirit with restrictions quite a bit to “redo” one of my bindings.  Several others conjurers have similar, if not the same protective measures, and you’ll either hurt the spirit or release them from their companion entirely, even if they don’t want to be released.

Simply because this is a very popular thing for people to claim they can do, and it’s not that easy.  I agree entirely with @urbanspellcraft on this matter, and have only messed with a few bindings (very carefully) of my own before offering to help a friend because they were having a lot of trouble.  It’s not a service I offer, because 9/10 it doesn’t “help” the spirit or the keeper.

My eternal love and support for @magickalmenagerie and all of my friends.

Again, if I lose customers over doing what’s right, then so be it.  This isn’t about making money for me.  This is about finding suitable companions for the spirits I offer, and about the relationships and friends I make along the way.  It is a journey, and I will continue to follow my path.

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