Typical ways in which companions show affection / Companion react to gently getting kissed by sole

Recently-romanced companions, like everything is still kinda new? they’re good friends but new lovers?


Piper decided it would be good for the paper if she got an exclusive interview with the Silver Shroud, and Sole was game straight away. “So we’re a little like Superman and Lois Lane now?” “Hm?” Sole chuckled “Nevermind.” After answering her first question,they leaned in and put their hand beside her head, locking eyes with the ever vigilant reporter. Surely they’d get a kiss as a reward now, right? She grabbed their shirt, encouraging Sole to bride the distance some more, only for her to push them back “ Focus Blue. We’ve got work to do.” She smiled they went for her cheek instead. Piper wanted to make Sure that Sole didn’t take her kisses for granted. They didn’t get given out freely and she knew them to be damn good.

Scribe Haylen:

During sparring, Sole ended up on knocking her to the floor. “Ow, Haylen, are you okay?” Haylen rubbed over her head a little. “I’ve had worse.” Sole was comforted by the way the corners of her mouth turned up a little. They slowly leaned down and kissed her gently before looking at her face, trying to determine what she felt like. All of this still felt so new to Haylen, someone to love. Someone to kiss. And damn, Sole could kiss. As soon as she opened her eyes she looked straight into their eyes. She saw their determination, their grit and just wanted to kiss them again. Sole sat up a little though, blocking her from really deepening the kiss. So she grabbed onto Sole, pulling them closer into a proper kiss. 


She noticed a while back that Sole seemed to like it when she spoke french so she purposefully woved more French into her language, gradually teaching Sole some French words in the process. She was working on comparing human and synth DNA-strands when Sole suddenly popped up and kissed her gently on the lips. She said ‘Bonjour.” getting a little bit flustered. She let Sole walk behind her to put their arms around her waist and lay their head on her shoulder. “Whatcha working on?”


Glory was taken by surprise when Sole planted a quick kiss on her lips as she was going over some tactical plans. She looked them up and down while biting her lower lip for a moment. “Focus, Glory. Damn they look good.” She looked up to see Desdemona with one raised eyebrow but she couldn’t erase the image of what Sole might look like underneath that armor/those clothes.

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Sole returned from a particularly bad mission and snuck into the mechanic’s workspace only to find him sleeping on some sort of blacked. Grease still on his face. They planted a soft kiss on his lips, not meaning to wake him up. Without opening his eyes, he grabbed their hand and played with their fingers, as if he tried to identify them as Sole’s, before placing both their hands on his chest. He figured that if Sole had any other plans in mind… this would be enough of a hint to ‘wake him up ‘.

Sole intended to go in for a small peck on Deacon’s lips and dash off but that was not counting Deacons lightning speed reflexes. “Ooh no, not so fast.” He grabbed them and had them lock into him, only to kiss them properly.  He grabbed them by the waist as Sole decided to lean back. When they reached the point Deacon decided they would fall, he pulled Sole closer again, knocking them into him. “ Go on hotshot, I know I’m simply irresistable.” 

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Enspite of the fact he calls Sole babe all the time, he’s not a huge fan of PDA. He tries not to make anyone uncomfortable and sometimes just doesn’t want to risk undermining Sole’s authority. When they give them a quick kiss, he just smiles a little and carries on explaining who needs to help which people. He makes up for the lack of attention at night though. He’s a big fan of spooning with Sole and regularly kisses this spot right behind their ear which practically makes them purr. “You have no idea how much I like finally being able to kiss you, babe.”


Cait tackled Sole immediately after feeling the peck on her lips. “ Ah no, you wanna kiss me you’ll have to beat me first. We don’t want ya gettin’ rusty when you’re supposed to have mi back.” Play fighting was a way she liked to show affection. Both the advantage and problem with it was that both Cait and Sole were very physical people: it started off with grins and quips but gets sexual as soon as Sole got  the upper hand only to get knocked down by the ex-professional fighter again. “Ah, too slow! Lemme show ya how it’s done.” Cait had no ssues with this new physicality. To her the big deal hadn’t been getting sexual with Sole, but giving her heart to them. The hard part was over, now she just wanted to enjoy finally having found someone who genuinely cared about her. This seemed like her reward for everything she had lived through. Finally.


 When Sole gave him a small kiss, he gently cupped their face between his hands and tilted it down a little bit. Forehead kisses were Codsworth’s favourite way to show affection to Sole in this new body. He liked how he could also give them in public without freaking people out. He knew that this soothed Sole, made them feel a bit calmer especially after a particularly difficult day. It was as if they transferred some of their worries onto him. He’d take the weight of the world off their shoulders if HE Could but instead had to settle for this. Sole would lean in and he would place his forehead against hers afterwards. “Oh mum/dad, I’ve waited so long to be with you. And miss/mister Sole, I can guarantee you you were well-worth every second I’ve waited for you.” 


Danse flashed one of his rare but genuine smiles after getting the peck. It amazed Sole how he could so easily go from this focussed, hyper-vigilant soldier to a gentle, loving boyfriend in a split second after they showed him some affection. His walls were gradually coming down and they both knew it. He already trusted Sole with his life but it was new to him to have any physiccal affextion.  That was also the main reason why Sole didn’t want to rush him into anything.  Deep down Danse just happens to bit a bit old-school and he didn’t mind to ‘court’ Sole. He threw his arm around Sole and pulled them closer to him. Close enough to kiss the top of their head while he was at it. He liked to have them as close as possible, so being able to keep moving while being held by Sole, and while holding sole was something Danse considered a great advantage. “ It’s a good feeling when you do that. I wouldn’t mind it if that happened more often.” As Sole leaned against his chest, they noticed that his heartbeat was just a bit faster.


They gave him a light kiss on the lips when he was busy reading a comic he had found. Something that tended to really make him zone out, unaware of his surroundings for a while. This time, he threw his comic to the side and pulled her back by the hair. MacCready quickly discovered that he loved running his fingers through Sole’s hair, especially but not limited to when he was kissing them. To Sole it was a great indication of how he felt. He’d grab onto their hair and pull them close if he was about to take kissing to the next level, and gently stroked their hair as a way to comfort them or just make them feel loved. And that proved to be very efficient to Sole, too. “Hi. I missed you.Nice to get ya back with me in one piece.”


Maxson had self-control issues leading to him showing affection whenever he damn well pleased. It reminded Sole that he was only 20…  He often got Sole alone somewhere, from the prydwin to run down settlements after he dismissed the rest of the crew, and just made out with them then and there, going missing for hours when things escalated. Which they nearly always did. He showed affection by just getting physical on a regular basis but still holding back when his suboordinates were around.
He took Sole’s quick and gentle kiss on his lips as a sign that they wanted to get out and somewhere private. And considering how long he’d been waiting for them, he wanted to clear the room immediately. Not like these routine meetings with updates were the most exciting thng. “I think we can round this meeting up, gentlemen. Sentinel, a word.” He looked angry, he didn’t want the others to know about this, to avoid rumours about Sole getting a special treatment. It was the worst kept secret considering he even put in a rule that nobody was to enter his quarters freely but the Sentinel. .


Sole knew Nick to be the king of intense stares. He could take their breath away through just one of those piercing looks. It felt like he could straight into her soul, the core of their being. It made them shiver but not exactly in a bad way. Sole tried to keep going after the random little kiss, but he grabbed them by the arm and turned them around,facing him and instantly locking eyes with them. This kind of thing always caught Sole off guard and tempted them to close the distance that was left between them. And Nick knew that very well. “Where ya think you’re going, kid? Looked like ya had somehin’ to say. Or do…” 

Hancock was amused by Sole’s gentle kiss. He had been waiting for too damn long for this (five minutes was considered to be too long), to consider such a small kiss satisying. He grabbed Sole’s face and planted a kiss against their cheek, but in such a burning, intense way that it left Sole gasping for air. The people of Goodneighnor didn’t look away, Most of the outcasts and wild hearted  didn’t mind getting a show. Still some people yelled ‘boo’. Hancock backed away, leaving Sole with their mouth open wide and eyes still closed. “Yeah, I’m dating them now. Anyone got a problem with that, feel free to drop a complaint at the gate before heading out through that rectangle over there. Now, I’m gonna show ‘em what we mean by ‘to the people, for the people.” he winked as he grabbed Sole’s hand and dragged them inside while whispering “And I can promise it’s gonna be a hell of a ride.”.

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Sole gave X6 a a gentle kiss on the lips when he was trying to figure out why Sole’s gun had jammed. X6 developed the tendency of showing in a very small way that Sole belonged to him. Heremained focussed and fixed the gun. Sole was concerned he hadn’t even noticed the kiss and got a bit anxious; what if he had changed their mind on them. “That was quite enjoyable.” When X6 approached them, he put his arm around them and pulled them a bit closer to him by placing his hand on their arm. Sole learned this was just one the little ways he showed affection and got possessive. Especially since he mainly did this with other people around. “You jealous already?” “Jealousy is a futile emotion. I am merely expresing my affection towards you.” “Uhu.”

Desdemona just smiled and didn’t check who the quick peck was from. “Sole, that better be you.” Sole came to stand on the other side of the map she was studying. “You know they say that you can tell how well people match by how good the kisses feel. And that’s wh y I have never questioned the love I feel for you.”

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The majority of people affexted by these hurricanes in the U.S. are poor and non white, so I feel a little weird about guilt trip posts accusing us of getting care and attention (like we're privileged or are getting something we don't deserve), just because there aren't as many of us on tv on roods and floating face down in the water like after Katrina.

And tbh they learned alot about what to expect from these hurricanes from Katrina.

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