Tagline:  Choreographing Affect using Augmented Reality on Mobile Devices.Quick Pitch:

  browse for hidden choreographies in your city __ view layers of movement using the Argon Augmented Reality browser on your mobile phone __ contribute your own movement images to the growing collection of locative media choreographies

  Cities are made up of layers of choreographies, these are patterns of relations between people, technologies, and architectures. AffeXity will insert additional choreographic video layers viewed through Argon, a free open-source augmented reality browser. These layers of dance emphasise ebbs and flows of affect; they are created and sensed by bodies in motion.

  Playing on both ‘affect city’ and ‘a-fixity’, AfeXity is an interdisciplinary, collaborative, social choreography project drawing together dance, geo-spatially tagged visual imagery, and people using mobile-networked devices. Located in Medea’s wider research and production profile, this is a particularly material and performative example of the “Internet of Things.”

The first city for AffeXity will be Malmö, Sweden. Short dance video narratives shot in the city with a focus on amplifying affect and corporeality will be geospatially tagged and accessed by using Argon. As an audience member you can experience hidden choreographies as part of an official performance event (see MEDEA site for details of première in autumn 2012) or you can explore on your own, using your own devices according to your own rhythms. At a later stage of technical and artistic development, we will promote the use of Argon for affective locative choreographies created in other cities. This crowdsourcing phase will take place in conjunction with and other social networking communities.

This project has several phases of artistic research and production:

  Phase 01 : movement & visual explorations of affect at the Laboratorium Dansens Hus Copenhagen (November 2011).

Phase 02 : technological development and explorations of mobile affective choreographies

Phase 03 : refinement of tagging and interaction

Phase 04 : première as part of Medea performance event

Phase 05 : crowdsourcing phase, AffeXity in multiple cities through social networking.


Affexity is a collaboration between:

  Susan Kozel (Medea Collaborative Media Initiative, Malmö Högskola, Sween)

Jeannette Ginslov (screendance artist and Director of MoveStream, Denmark)

Timo Engelhardt (Master’s student in the Designing Media Software programme, Malmö Högskola, Sweden)

Jay David Bolter (Mixed Environments Lab, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

Maria Engberg (Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden, and Georgia Tech USA)

Wubkje Kuindersma (Dance Artist, Copenhagen)

Additional screendance artists, choreographers, and dancers to be confirmed. 

Further relevant links: AffeXity Proposal Video:

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YouTube Channel Playlist: 

Clip #1 Carlsberg 

Clip #2 Ghost Hands 

Clip #3 Delicate Passage 

Clip #4 Laughing Bells 

Clip #5 Red Walls Feet 

Clip #6 Red Wall Dreaming

Contact: Susan Kozel, MEDEA, 0046 727 445 971

Keywords: affect, cities, dance video, mobile devices, Argon, geospatial tagging, social choreographies, locative media, augmented reality



DansAR 01 Here is an AR overlay made with Kinect. Transparent background.Video triggered by image of room. Virtual dancers dance with Ali Arafati, who made this transparent overlay. In the second clip the trigger is the poster. 

Video shot & edited Jeannette Ginslov

DansAR 01 & 02 AR Performance Project, in collaboration with Jeannette Ginslov, Skånes DansteaterLiving Archives at MEDEA, Prof Susan Kozel, Prof Daniel Spikol and Masters Students from the Department of Computer Science at MEDEA Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden.