i honestly dont understand why drop dead diva is such an underrated show on tumblr i mean

its a show about a not-so-intelligent aspiring model who dies in a car crash and goes to heaven and there she’s sent back to earth in the body of a very intelligent, overweight lawyer

it has everything

  • strong female lead(s)
  • most of the main characters are women
  • WOMEN WHO DONT LAUGH AND CRITICIZE EACH OTHER even if they dont get along
  • deb, the woman who dies, gets in the body of jane, and well it’s the exact opposite of her previous life. but you know what’s the best? it takes her a bit to readjust to the new body but she NEVER says she’s ugly or stops loving herself. she just starts this new life being an awesome lawyer and winning all the cases and just being an awesome fashionista who has amazing hair and fantastic makeup skills.
  • and deb’s boyfriend (grayson) starts working at the firm so jane has to deal with him everyday, watch him grieve over her and date other women, etc - and he can’t know that she is actually deb
  • kim kaswell aka the badassest feministest and most intelligentest lawyer who gets pregnant and refuses to take checks from her ex and RAISES HER CHILD ON HER OWN
  • teri lee is jane’s assistant and she’s an asian woman who takes no shit from anyone. always speaks her mind and she’s no afraid to talk about her sex life or about her “butt of the day” screensaver or the roleplays she and her boytoys do in bed
  • stacy is also a model and was deb’s bff and is actually the only person who knows about her. they live together and even if she’s not as intellgent as the other women she starts a successful business on her own and lately decides to be a single mom using a sperm donor.
  • it has body positivity af
  • feminism af
  • there’s a plotline when fred (jane’s guardian angel) is dating stacy and he thinks he’s not ~masculine~ or dominant enough and other guys tell him to be thouger to stacy. the situation ends up with fred thinking “meh, i know stacy is more dominant than me and i’m okay with that”
  • and honestly the guest characters in every episode are fantastic (after all its a lawyers show and they have new cases everyday), let me just say that they portray an awesome transgender lesbian, a dominatrix, a lesbian high school couple and lots of minorities: asian people, people of color, even amish.
  • just watch it
  • watch drop dead diva ffs