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Bad Venus

To prevent harmful heartbreak, by way of relationships, flings, or crushes, may I present the negative aspects of Venus in the signs:

Aries: rash; the heart acts on its own accord, making hasty declarations, and moving from one conquest to the next; relationships lack caution and care, but jealousy will be present.

Taurus: greedy; an intensely selfish desire for pleasure & satisfaction, uses only the worth & immediate advantage of love; self-serving approach to relationships.

Gemini: flighty; the heart is restless & unsure, and prefers to keep romance light to avoid emotional involvement; words can trick you into believing that there is substance, when love is just a game.

Cancer: suffocating; love can feel claustrophobic, affections are trapping; once emotional feelings are confessed, consider your heart possessed; they will never let you go. 

Leo: egocentric; the heart is territorial, and without regard to the feelings of others, on the hunt for a vain validation in a mate; there are over sized standards the relationship must reach.

Virgo: finicky; quick to find faults, & pick apart romantic feelings, the heart is hard to please, and you may find that nothing is ever good enough; but there is a reliance on your approval.

Libra: shallow; the mind ignores & overrules emotions, basing love on aesthetic appearances, seeking the perfect partner; there is little emotion exchange, and they feel disconnected from you.

Scorpio: suspicious; mistrust makes the heart & soul insecure about faithfulness, leading to jealously and calculated manipulation; the possessiveness and control may bury you.

Sagittarius: impetuous; fleeting feelings keep the heart fluttering to the next prize, without care or consideration of others, so watch out for a Lothario or Jezebel who just wants to get in your pants.

Capricorn: formal: the wintry stiffness of the heart freezes romance into an automatic routine that lacks excitement and/or change; even when love has evaporated, the relationship will continue like a business partnership.

Aquarius: robotic; feels mechanical & unemotional, with little to no warmth or passion or deep connection, it always feels friendly, never loving; there is palpable distance and the intellect rules the heart.

Pisces: nebulous; the true feelings are uncertain, the heart is hazy, and emotions have more than one meaning, which makes romance deceptive and misleading.

P.S. You were warned…

trading card game tarot/oracle spreads


(this mat is for two players just use one side for reading lol)
Active Pokemon - You, your situation, the main thing
Bench - factors to consider, since there are 5 perhaps a sort of who/what/when/where/why? Or just general “factors”
Deck area - Future knowledge to come/advise on the situation
Discard Pile - Past knowledge/influences from the past
Prize Cards - outcomes? What you’re wanting/searching/hoping for?


Monster Zone - 5 “monsters”, 5 physical realm things affecting you
Spell and Trap Zone - 5 “spells/traps”, 5 mystic realm (astral, etc) things affecting you
Pendulum Zones - past and future (left side past, right side future) - in later updates the Pendulm Zone has been merged with the S&T Zone, so it would be pastpendulum/spell/spell/spell/futurependulum, but I use this version of the Field
Field Zone - The situation
Extra Deck Zone - Powerful forces you can call on - who is helping you?
Graveyard - Past forces effecting you/the situation
Deck Zone - future knowledge coming to you

I hate the importance NTs think they have over our behaviours like?? I don’t give a shit if me rocking backwards and forwards annoys you, it makes me happy and comfortable. If I change topic quickly why do you care? I’m probably not even talking to you tbh. Yeah, my mood changes quickly, but tbh it doesn’t really affect you, sorry if I ‘bring the vibe down’ but your shitty opinion brings the mood down even more.

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Everytime Stan forgets everything, Ford finds it harder and harder to remind his brother of his life, including all of Ford’s mistakes. Sometimes he wonders if it’d be better to just let Stan forget...

Oh hhhhhhh ;O;

I wonder… if that’d be tempting for Ford or not? I imagine he very often gets caught up in the “I haven’t treated Stan very well for years and I almost destroyed the entire dimension and even though we’ve rekindled our brotherhood I still don’t feel deserving of his unquestioning love and affection” trap, and in that case… Well, I think Ford might internally consider this option. Just… Ford once leaving out a few details while trying to catch Stan up to speed on his past. Not tell him everything. Not a lie, he’s just not telling him everything

But then only a night or so later Ford eventually breaks under all the guilt he feels at remitting details, and gives Stan the whole story. He feels like he’s tricking his brother into liking him if he doesn’t know all the mistakes he made, and that’s very uncomfortable to him. If Stan wholeheartedly loves him, then he wants that to be for real- because they’re brothers and Stan’s forgiven him.

Mmm some quality hurt/comfort right here good stuff

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Yay! A new blog! If it's alright, may I ask for headcanons on how Jotaro, Kakyoin, and Polnareff would react to Iggy stealing their s/o's attention away from them? ( I was very inspired by your header gif) I hope you'll enjoy running this blog!

Thank you for the kind words! I’m hoping this blog will flourish too! I also have to admit that I like the thought of your request… Who wouldn’t get distracted by Iggy? :’)

I really like Iggy ha, ha.

Jotaro (P3):

  • At first, he wouldn’t have been bothered with it. Knowing he isn’t all too affectionate himself, he’d sort of see it as a benefit that you wouldn’t have to turn to him with your excessive hugs and cuddles.
  • But that’s at first. After constantly walking in on you spoiling the french bulldog, he’ll start to feel a pang of irritation hit him. It’ll be to the point where he’ll absentmindedly glare at the dog each time he’d bark in content when you’d give him yet another belly-rub.
  • Jotaro would throw Iggy outside without saying a word and would lock him out. Of course you’d be thrown off by this, and you insist on letting Iggy back inside.
    • “Why did you do that? I thought you didn’t mind him as long as he was out of your hair!”
    • “Good grief, you treat that mutt as if he were a child. He was a stray to begin with– he’ll be fine outside by himself!”
  • During the time Iggy would spend outside, barking loudly and whimpering until he’s let in, Jotaro’s irritation only doubles, answering to you with even more curt and rude replies. Only when you’re notably hurt will Jotaro roughly shove Iggy back into the house– maybe even throwing him like he did with Star Platinum. Rest in pieces Iggy…
    • “Do you have to be so rough with him!?”
    • “Do you have to mother him so damn much!?”
  • By the time you realize that Jotaro might be jealous, you can only laugh before bringing Jotaro in a hug. He does at first push you away, but seeing that you wouldn’t relent, he’ll relax in your arms finally, giving you a bit of an awkward arm-hug as you have your face against his chest.
    • “You know I only love you, right?”
    • He only grumbles something incoherent, but you take it as a “I love you,” or a “I’m sorry,” anyway.


  • When Kakyoin first sees you having so much fun with Iggy, he can only smile upon seeing you happy. Like Jotaro, he wouldn’t have too much of a problem with it at first, and he would carry on whatever he was doing and would leave you two alone. 
  • If this “fun” carries on longer than a few hours, however, he’ll slowly grow more and more jealous, and more in need of your attention. Although he’s more in tune with his emotions than Jotaro, he’ll still have a slight resentment towards Iggy without realizing it at first.
    • “Kakyoin, I thought I asked you to fill up his feeding bowl.”
    • “Ah, well, knowing he used to be a stray, I’m sure he’s used to feeling hungry anyway.”
    • Okay, maybe this resentment is more than just “slightly.”
  • When you’re not looking, or you’re finally away from Iggy long enough, Kakyoin would use Hierophant Green’s tendrils to get a-hold of the poor dog before putting him either in a noise cancelling room, or just outside. He’ll deny anything asked of him about the french bulldog.
    • “Oh, love, I have the perfect place for us to go to–”
    • “Kakyoin, have you seen Iggy?”
    • “Of course I haven’t! Ha, ha! It’s best to assume he left out himself! Anyway, about our date…”
  • He wouldn’t be able to keep up this care-free facade for long though. With your genuine concern over Iggy, he’ll start regretting his actions, before presenting him to you, only glaring holes into his skull. 
  • Kakyoin would want to isolate himself, but the moment you show him affection, he’ll trap you in a hug. Hierophant too will have his arms wrapped tightly around your form from behind. From then on, you’ll be needing to deal with the teen’s relentless teasing as he calls for a group cuddle session.  
    • “To think my beloved would leave me for the likes of a dog, let alone Iggy. No matter– I’ll just keep you here until you fully register that I love you most, and that no dog can change that.”
    • It’s only a bonus if Iggy gets mad at seeing this.


  • Unlike the other two boys, Polnareff would be very vocal on how much this displeases him. He will pout, urge you to spend time with him instead, and will be obviously jealous.
    • “Mon amour, why don’t we do something together instead, eh?”
  • Knowing Iggy dislikes Polnareff the most, he’ll have the most trouble on keeping him away from his partner without getting scared or being tempted to run away in the progress.
  • After some how getting Iggy out of the house, of course he’d be covered with dog bites and scratches after dealing with him. He’d be even more disgruntled if his partner refused to patch him up.
    • “What!? But, mon amour, he even chewed out chunks of my hair!”
    • “You shouldn’t have been messing with him to begin with!”
  • Of course, Polnareff wouldn’t doubt your love for him just because you’re spending extra time with Iggy– none of the boys will. He will, however, start taking more pride in the fact that his partner was his as much as he was their’s more so than normal. It’s disconcerting, really, but anything Polnareff does tends to be disconcerting anyway.
  • After bringing you Iggy, he’ll fake being hurt due to your “cold nature.”
    • “A dog was picked over the handsome Polnareff himself! Why, why would my significant other do such a thing!?”
  • It’s ridiculously easy to get him out of his little “funk,” by just offering doing the simplest of things for him in exchange for forgiveness. 
    • “We’ll be going out today after all…? Oh, mon petit chou, I’ve forgiven you already!”

I was so freaking stumped on how to carry out Polnareff’s headcanons to this. After finishing Kakyoin’s, I already felt as if this might have sounded repetitive. Knowing Polnareff’s the shortest, I apologize for that. Feel free to send in another request! 

- Admin CJ

While I was leaning from the Window unknown

what? I can’t hear you from this shower of blood. Oh. Yes. I left those mysterious flowers on a beam of Ley lines. Or was it a railroad? things change oh so quickly these days. I practice the science of visions for my loved woman; under disorders she laughs out her affection, my fingers still trapped in her distant nebula hinges. An organic aftertaste scattered between my duplicate knees; tentatively I drink her saliva as Chianti careless and sinking like any gentleman should.

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I've noticed in this second playthrough, even tho I'm not romancing Jaal, I still bring him just about everywhere with me hahaha

Jaal is just….a walking trap for affection, honestly. Nobody ever quite escapes from him once ya get him.

Plus, his reaction to things is often just so great?? The Nomad chatter, his lines, getting to look at him! (Can’t resist those eyes.) And who can forget he’s especially storyline important during at least two parts of the game??? His reactions and input there are just……. Yes. (For those who don’t know yet, Moshae and Meridian is all I’m sayin’.)

Jaal Ama Darav is a fantastic being and taking him with you everywhere is always good~

The Truth About Adam Pt 5

The Truth about Adam part 5
Summary: Sam, Dean, sister, Adam, Crowley when Sam and Adam fell into the pit/cage, as in she was there and watched, there since the beginning.
Y/N: 23
Adam: 24
Sam: 26
Dean: 28
Warning: Language, spoilers? If you haven’t watched up to season 5/6.
THIS WILL BE THE FINAL PART!!! Thank you to everyone who read this! This was originally two, so sorry if it is on the longer side!

Deans POV

Cas told us he would be back. He promised he would come back with a cure. If only he would get back here faster. It’s been almost 3 weeks and Y/n is getting out of control. I saw her and Adam on the news burning down a building with demons by their side. She has killed people and most likely done worse. Adam is on the top of most wanted list, with Y/n in second place. According to the news, Adam is the leader of the attacks, but has his partner commit them, which makes him more dangerous.

I know it’s not Y/n, but it sure looks like her. I try not to show how upsetting it is to me, but it’s hard to hide it, when I am currently drowning in a pool of pain. Sam isn’t hiding his pain well either. He buries himself in his work, and drinks, but I can’t say I don’t help with that. I am also constantly drinking, because of this. It breaks my heart to be seeing her in this state, and I pray to Cas every night that he will please fix her and bring us the cure.

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New trailer for Journey’s End is out today!

▶ In Cinemas February 2 

▶ Starring:  Sam Claflin, Asa Butterfield, Toby Jones, Tom Sturridge, Stephen Graham and Paul Bettany. 

March, 1918. C-company arrives to take its turn in the front-line trenches in northern France led by the war-weary Captain Stanhope (Sam Claflin). A German offensive is imminent, and the officers (Paul Bettany, Stephen Graham Tom Sturridge) and their cook (Toby Jones) distract themselves in their dugout with talk of food and their past lives. Stanhope, meanwhile, soaks his fear in whisky, unable to deal with his dread of the inevitable. A young new officer, Raleigh (Asa Butterfield), has just arrived, fresh out of training and abuzz with the excitement of his first real posting – not least because he is to serve under Stanhope, his former school house monitor and the object of his sister’s affections. Each man is trapped, the days ticking by, the tension rising and the attack drawing ever closer… 

You remember that James Norton played Captain Stanhope (2011) on the stage.

Will be interesting to look at cinema version. Pity that there is no record of Journey’s end of 2011…

Episode 71, part 1, this is the worst double-date I’ve ever seen!

It is also the worst double-date Yami and Seto have ever been on. I don’t think the fact that it’s the only double-date they’ve ever been on OR the fact that it’s not actually a date would prevent either of them from characterising it as “the worst double-date I’ve ever been on”, I mean, look:

That mutual awkward boredom in both their expressions is the very essence of terrible double-dates.

And then there’s these assholes.


So, Yami and Seto have been forced - by a string of embarrassingly overwrought and ostentatious kidnappings - to duel Tol and Smol Ghoul on top of this incredibly high skyscraper. When someone hits 0 LP, a BOMB explodes the glass under their feet, sending them hurtling down the centre of the architecturally-impressive skyscraper to their presumed deaths. Why not just use the bomb to kill them? That would be TOO FOOLPROOF.

(I’m pretty sure Kaiba’s the only one in actual danger of dying though, since the Ghouls - spoiler alert - have an escape built in, and Yami’s Puzzle is supposed to protect him from cowardly attempts on his life. So yeah, Kaiba’s the only one. Although, that presumes that he is not able to use that ridiculous coat as a parachute, and that is obviously a very flawed presumption.)

The Ghouls - you’ll never guess this - have a THEME to their deck that matches their villain personas, and their theme is masks. Janky, janky masks…

THIS mask has bolts for eyes, which is a marginal improvement on having arms for eyes, but still lags way behind having eyes for eyes, in the eye department. It prevents Yami’s Mr Magnet (not real name) from being able to attack OR defend AND it deals 500 points of damage to Yami every turn, because it is broken.

Yami’s observing their strategy…

(Light guy is Smol) The Ghouls are playing a tight team game, where Smol plays buffs and traps and shit and Tol plays mostly monsters.

Yami can’t use Mr Masked Magnet to attack or defend, but Kaiba thinks that if he sacrifices it….

Yami, meanwhile, thinks “I have a bad feeling about this” but, if there’s one thing Yami’s better at than overdramatic posing while dueling, it’s figuring out there’s a trap and deciding the best way to deal with it is to immediately trigger it on himself, and he is REALLY good at overdramatic posing while dueling.

SO good, his jacket pales into a white sleeveless cape in shock

also #figureskatingau

Sadly, he’s also very good at triggering traps…

And obviously smarmy sausage-finger fuck-face Smol Ghoul is all “oh you ~fell for it~” like, STFU asshole, there are only like four ways to summon things in the game and sacrificing is maybe the most common, it’s not ~falling for~ your super ~cunning trap~ to just … play the fuckin game…

But yes…

… due to the effects of another very overpowered mask-themed card, Yami and Seto can no longer use sacrifices, which basically means they can’t summon any decent monsters.

They’re in a tight spot, and Yami makes his boldest move yet: attempting to reason with Seto Fucking Kaiba.

In this moment, it’s clear that Kaiba and Yami share a bond that transcends 3000 years, 9000 kilometres, and Kaiba’s own alarmingly constipated emotional defensiveness, because they understand each other perfectly.

Sadly, in the moment immediately following, it’s clear that Kaiba is an angry, emotionally constipated asshole.



Okay so, Kaiba’s abysmal people-skills aside, Tol Ghoul goes to attack Kaiba and Kaiba’s in peak sass form today.


ahhhhhh he’s so fuckin cute!

Especially since the Japanese for “alright!” sounds like “YUS!”

So Kaiba triggers a trap of his own, the Grenade Necklace (not real name)


“Both players” in this case referring to opposite players, in the tag duel, so both Kaiba and Tol Ghoul.


(I like the eye-segments!)

Smol Ghoul changes the target of Kaiba’s trap to affect Kaiba’s Monster instead, and Yami realises neither of the Ghouls seem to care that Tol Ghoul is open to damage from the trap either way so he tries to warn Seto…

And Seto TAKES TIME OUT OF HIS TURN to be a jerk about it.

Seto Kaiba has less than no chill.

Does this look like the face of a man with any chill?


Kaiba’s terrifying grin is quickly wiped off his face however, as Yami is proven correct…

… Tol Ghoul uses a magic card to swipe Kaiba’s own Trap Protection Flower (not real name).

So Kaiba takes the damage from and loses a monster to his own trap…

“Well, would you look at the time, it’s fuck this o clock.”

…and Tol Ghoul follows up with an attack aimed directly at the now-defenceless Kaiba, with easily enough firepower to wipe out his lifepoints and send him falling through the ceiling with only his parachute-sized coat to save him.

… This really doesn’t seem like the best way to kill a man you need to immediately take a trading card from post-defeat (remember their primary goal with Kaiba is get Obelisk) but OKAY.

Tol Ghoul launches his attack…

And Kaiba stares it down, presumably reevalutating his choices since Yami’s his only chance to avoid death and he literally just got done explicitly telling Yami to mind his own damn business

IS Kaiba finally about to die due to his own rudeness? DOES Kaiba even care or is he like “worth it”? WILL Yami be the bigger (smaller) man and bail him out? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON PHARAOHSPARKLEFISTS WATCHES YGO

I’m gonna be honest, even though Chloe caused a lot of the akuma villains that ended up targeting her, I kinda feel sorry and…worry for her. Like she may or may not have deserved it but if we all think the first akumafication (of Ivan) may give Mylene (and Ivan(?)) PTSD, then imagine Chloe. Like so far we have:

  • Put in a bubble and shot into the troposphere/stratosphere by the Bubbler
  • Lady Wifi jumping out of her phone and freezing her (/keeping her locked in the hotal?)
  • Dark Cupid chasing her trying to shoot an arrow at her and insulting her by saying her there’s nothing in her to turn into hate (but really her love for Ladybug so Kim you miscalculated)
  • Being killed(?) with the rest of her classmates by Time Breaker
  • Being targeted by Evillustrator (who sounded like a sociopath in this scene) who erased her surrounding, chased her with a large sentient heel and almost killed her with a spinning saw blade
  • Being held hostage by Rogercop
  • Being kidnapped and trapped in a goo prison by Horrificator
  • Being turned into a knight (for a while) by Dark Blade
  • Being chased around and hypnotized by Princess Fragrance
  • Almost being made into soup by Kund Food (Also why does she hate soup, ya know I make a follow up post)
  • Being- I don’t have words for this. Just- the beginning of “Antibug” when The Vanisher was following her for two days
  • Being turned into a Reflekta by Reflekta, which isn’t really a terrible thing at all, it only affects your appearance
  • Being trapped in pixel space by Pixelator
  • Being kidnapped and thrown off the Eiffel Tower by Stone Heart

So while some of these don’t seem all that threatening and she doesn’t seem to care or anything after or during these, I feel a bit worried that something might happen that causes some effect or whatever in her. Just like everyone else.


I don’t think you guys realize that Calypso isn’t /cursed/ to fall in love with the people who land on her island. She usually just falls in love with them, after they spend weeks there, and the boat doesn’t show up /because/ she loves them. It shows up when they need to leave, and /if/ she loves them.

I think Rick portrayed Leo and Calypso’s relationship like so: She was tired of the curse, and the fates, and didn’t want to bother. She wanted Leo off her island. The gods had broke their oath.

And then she wanted to be friends, because he’s an okay guy. So try started to work together. And that guy who you don’t like but reveals the little quirks about him, the one you can’t help but crush on, was Leo for her. They fixed things together, they ate together. And then she fell in love with a grease covered, sarcastic, sometimes an asshole, brave, mechanic who was determined to help his friends, and help her along the way.

She fell for him and he for her and neither of them changed. They fell in love, that’s it.

And he promised to get her off that island, not because he loved her, not because she returned his affections, but because she’s trapped there. And he doesn’t find it fair, so he’s fixing it.

He may have found a woman, but he also found a promise. Leo has no fixed point, no reason to truly save the world. (Other than, ya know, saving the world.) But what after that? They all have somewhere or something to go to.

He changed, he’s hardened, because now he has a goal. A North Star.

The romance of it all, the beauty of first love and last love, of impossible promises is a plus.

So, yeah. :)

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I feel so sorry for Lapis. In the last few episodes i've been coming to realise how behind the Crystal Gems are in terms of gem technology and i totally forgot that Lapis is just as out of touch as they are. All she wanted was to go home and it's not even her home anymore, i hope she's alright on the homeworld. I wish she could come back to Earth but i doubt that's likely.

Yea, its sometimes hard to wrap your head around the timeframe of this show, since the Gems are so old and now we’ve only just learned how much more advanced their society has gotten since they cut themselves off and its easy to forget how this will affect them and how it affected Lapis. Trapped on Earth for thousands of years and she finally gets to leave an the one place she wanted to go is gone. Not physically, no, but in spirit, which is kind of worse. Because her home is there, but its different, its scary. If it were just gone it’d be one thing but now she needs to come to terms with her home not being what she thought it was and maybe being what those rebelling Gems said it was. And that’s scary. She just wanted to go home but home as she knows it just plain doesn’t exist anymore