People can show affection without it being romantic. I can care and love deeply without the intent of making you fall in love with me. Everyone needs love and everyone needs to feel safe and secure and needed. I believe in platonic intimacy, I believe in the depth of true friendship.
—  platonic affection is real and it is needed. Send some back maybe? (Via-child-anything-can-be)
And so I learned
Affection is not speaking every second of every day
No one has time for that or enough words to even say
It’s time to grow up from child’s play
I don’t quite know what real affection is quite just yet
But I can tell you all the things it is not
And build from there
I know now to avoid emotional guilt into physical actions
And to stop saying maybe
When my head screams no and my heart is cold
After I’ve eliminated all the things that are wrong
Surely I will find something that feels right
—  “Process of elimination” // a story a day #141 by d.y.