This scene is flawless.

🔴 UPDATED - Justice League Movie reshoots are currently happening at Cardington in Shed 1, next door to where the Chris Nolan Dark Knight movies were filmed.

We got a tip from our source in England that Gotham City police cars and buses, as well as, older model America sports cars were spotted tucked away at the rear half of Shed 1. The skeleton statue that Ben Affeck/Batman is standing on in the official trailer (see pic below) is also there, wrapped up in black plastic.

The Henry Cavill posted an Instagram photo of him in classic Superman attire earlier this morning (see below). Confirming he is involved in the reshoots.

The Justice League Movie is due out November 17th of this year.

anonymous asked:

I'm glad that people drag Collider for their article about Zack snyder's short movie. Seems like all Collider see from snyder is either click bait article material or just pure hate. Snyder could tweet "it's a good day to read this Batman comic :)", and Collider would probably find a way to write an article like "10 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Will Probably Just Stay In The Background In Justice League: All Snyder Cares About Is Only Batman" based on that tweet

Probably. We’d also see John Campea insist that this is proof that he’s looking for a replacement for Ben Affeck.