Diet David Fincher

Okay, I feel the need to address the striking similarities between the trailer for The Accountant (2016, dir. Gavin O'Connor) and the title sequence for The Game (1997, dir. David Fincher), because the former seems like a glaring bite of the latter. In fact, The Accountant appears to be poaching Fincher’s whole general aesthetic.

If you watch the trailer below you might recognize some of Fincher’s defining stylistic calling cards: cool, pale blues and modern, austere design. Even his camera movements are present, as well as the tempos set by his editing (he’s a very hands-on director).

From the onset, the shot of the car in the rain recalls Se7en. Ben Affeck, with his creepy, controlled reservation, almost appears to be reprising his role from Fincher’s Gone Girl. I could go on and on, even drawing comparisons to shots from House of Cards.

Fincher wasn’t even a producer for The Accountant, which could have easily explained the heavy-handed presence of his influence. And to make matters worse, even the movie poster for The Accountant is borrowing heavily from Neil Kellerhouse, the designer of many Fincher movie posters.

But what really irked me was the blatant rip-off of the title sequence from Fincher’s The Game (see screenshots below after the break).

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