Then she was back at the Whispers, standing amongst the ruins and facing Clarence Crabb. He was huge and fierce, mounted on an aurochs shaggier than he was. The beast pawed the ground in fury, tearing deep furrows in the earth. Crabb’s teeth had been filed into points. When Brienne went to draw her sword, she found her scabbard empty. “No,” she cried, as Ser Clarence charged. It wasn’t fair. She could not fight without her magic sword. Ser Jaime had given it to her. The thought of failing him as she had failed Lord Renly made her want to weep. “My sword. Please, I have to find my sword.”Brienne VII, AFfC

yourstoprotect  asked:

Hi butterfly! When first reading the books past BoBW I was surprised by how much Sansa thought about the Hound, and I don't know if this is me forgetting details already because ADWD is harder for me to get into, but I thought she thought of him less and less as she embraced Alayne more? Do you think this adopted persona might affect her view of him, as I imagine she'd react differently if they meet now? Do you think maybe he'll be less "involved" in her future growth than say LF?

Sansa actually thinks of Sandor more frequently and more romantically as Alayne than she does in some of her previous chapters.

When the mob sought to rape her, the Hound carried her to safety, not Littlefinger. –AFFC, Sansa I

The Lord of Runestone stood as tall as the Hound. –AFFC, Alayne I

As the boy’s lips touched her own she found herself thinking of another kiss. She could still remember how it felt, when his cruel mouth pressed down on her own. He had come to Sansa in the darkness as green fire filled the sky. He took a song and a kiss, and left me nothing but a bloody cloak.  –AFFC, Alayne II

“You do know what goes on in a marriage bed, I hope?”
She thought of Tyrion, and of the Hound and how he’d kissed her, and gave a nod.
–AFFC, Alayne II

(the last two quotes are particularly interesting because when Sansa thinks of kisses and sex, Littlefinger (who’s been grooming her) doesn’t even cross her mind.)

Now, mind you, she doesn’t think of Sandor at all in the TWOW Alayne I preview chapter, but Lothor Brune plays a very similar role, and we’ll see how things go in TWOW Alayne II. (Or Sansa I, depending on how GRRM does it.)

If they meet again, certainly Sansa should react differently to Sandor from the last time she saw him – time has passed (it’ll be two years or more), she’s older with more maturity and life experience, and she’s romanticized their encounters. Her Alayne persona could also make things different – if she’s still Alayne when they meet, of course – as Alayne is “bastard brave” and bolder and flirtier and a lot of things that Sansa actually is but had been too socially-cultured to allow herself to be. (Or too traumatized and oppressed to be, when she was a Lannister captive.) Even if Sansa is no longer Alayne, I can imagine her reaching for that persona for difficult social events (“what would Alayne do”, say), and meeting Sandor again would very definitely be one of them.

(There’s 15 tons of fanfic on this subject, so you’ll excuse me for not going into detail here. Besides, GRRM will write it however he writes it, so I don’t need to detail, broad strokes are enough.)

Littlefinger will likely be “involved in Sansa’s future growth” until he dies. I’d like to hope that’ll be in TWOW, but I know with GRRM it probably won’t be until ADOS, alas. But by definition Sandor cannot be involved in “Sansa’s future growth” except in his presence in her memories (or whatever she may hear about him), unless they meet again, which could be in TWOW if we’re lucky, but again probably won’t be until ADOS because GRRM.

But does it matter? I mean, it matters, because of truth and lies and Sandor and Petyr and Ned, but Littlefinger being involved in Sansa’s future growth doesn’t preclude Sandor from eventually being so. (It also doesn’t preclude Sansa from eventually rejecting Littlefinger’s influence on her.) Also, what’s most important for Sansa’s character in terms of Sandor is how he was involved in her past growth, and the lessons she took from that and always be part of her; not to mention the personal growth she had on her own, separated from him. If that eventually leads to something in a future encounter, then I’d be pleased, but I’d also be pleased if Sansa is just an amazing person all by herself. Which I’m sure she will be, no matter what.

alas-mylove  asked:

today, a co-worker (and fellow reader) called martin's inclusion of the martells in ASOIAF (specifically the arianne/quentyn + areo/arys POVs) "completely unnecessary and a waste of narrative space." i was infuriated, but couldn't respond articulately in the moment. what is your response to that piece of criticism?

Their loss. 

The Martells are doomed; it’s the subtext to pretty much every scene any of them are in. It resembles the Harrenhal curse in its unerring pursuit and exceptionally hideous fates. Oberyn’s story in ASOS, the multi-POV story in AFFC, Quentyn’s story in ADWD, and (as it’s shaping up so far) Arianne’s story in TWOW–all touch on the same themes, all orbiting around the unclosed wound of Elia’s death. Doran is cursed to watch it all, as we watch him with Areo. Of course, his decisions play a huge role in the unfolding doom, as do those of his children. But the Fates are unmistakably present here as well, pulling them down into the fire. The overall portrait is a classically tragic one of flawed but endearing people straining against the fate they subconsciously know is awaiting them, and so bringing it about. 

They’re my favorite House in part because GRRM’s gotten all that across with a handful of chapters each. The focus and density of storytelling in any given Martell-related chapter is staggering; look at the sweeping, assured setup in Oberyn’s introduction or “The Captain of Guards.” 

Now, the Martell story has been fairly intimate in its impact so far, I’ll grant that. But hey, setup and payoff! The reckoning is coming in TWOW, when Arianne helps Aegon take the Iron Throne (putting her family in Dany’s firing line) in large part to pre-empt Quent, who unbeknownst to her is already dead. 


She took a slow deep breath, her eyes watching him warily. “I would not hurt you, Kingslayer.”

“As if you could.”Jaime III, ASoS

“Lord Randyll bid me follow you. If by some freak’s chance you stumbled onto Sansa Stark, he told me to bring her back to Maidenpool. Have no fear, I was commanded not to harm you.”

Brienne snorted. “As if you could.”Brienne IV, AFfC

(Reminded of this lovely duality thanks to a re-listen of @closethedoorandcomehere‘s archived Jaime III breakdown)

anonymous asked:

I think Sansa could be 'the Velvet Wolf' (as a reference to her nobility as well as her political skill and style), or perhaps 'the Silver Wolf' (as a reference to the Stark colours in anticipation of her revealing her true identity and rejecting both Lannister and Arbor gold. Also silver is used to make mirrors). I'm personally partial to 'the Veiled Wolf' (both as a reference to her having to conceal her identity and people failing to see her true self).

We got a couple of other responses as well, but the one we like best so far is the Veiled Wolf! You’re right–it gets at the themes in Sansa’s book arc in a really cool way!  Some aspect of her hidden wolfness kind of captures that part of her character that represses things to cope, not to mention connections to clothing and fabrics get brought up in AFFC!

**Sorry–we kind of got book-tracked and this discussion originated as a show based one.  Our book!verse bias is showing.

anonymous asked:

hi Nina! I saw your conversation with PQ about Edric Dayne and the time-gap, and (I personally believe it because I refuse to accept that we will not see a new Sword of the Morning.. and I like little Ned) don't you think that GRRM will apply his policy of "If a twelve-year old has to conquer the world, then so be it"? I mean, with what we saw in Arya's chapter of Winds, he is already using it (and it's more credible a 15 yrs old knight with Dawn that a femme fatale of... 12? :S) Thanks Nina.

Respectfully disagree, Anon.

First off, Edric Dayne isn’t 15. The AFFC Appendix lists him as 12, turning 13 at some point in the remainder of 300 AC. He’s also still a squire until and unless he finds another knight to dub him, and he’s at a pretty young age for that (the youngest knight in Westeros ever was 12-year-old Daemon Waters, later Blackfyre). Moreover, consisting Dawn is only supposed to go to a “worthy” Dayne knight, I’m guessing “worthy” doesn’t count a just-recently-earned-his-spurs Edric. And, of course, Edric has to be physically big enough to wield Dawn (no small question; Dawn is a greatsword, and even 14-year-old Jon was too short to wear the smaller bastard sword Longclaw at his hip).

I simply don’t think there is indication that GRRM is going to make Edric such a big player as Sword of the Morning at the story’s climax. Edric is only mentioned once in the FeastDance - in that AFFC Appendix - despite the fact that he could have been easily included in Brienne’s storyline (wandering his last known location, the Riverlands), or even Jaime’s (he certainly thinks enough about Edric’s uncle Arthur). Hell, with the new POVs of the FeastDance GRRM migh have even added him as such; but no, he’s relegated to a minor role. GRRM could invent a lot of silly facts that would make Edric’s being Sword of the Morning at the end logical; but would that really be satisfying in the story? To me, no.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

livelyjackass  asked:

What do think is gonna happen with the Vale? Because Robert/Robin is good as gone and Petyr can't very well let Harrold live forever, because, with his possessiveness, i imagine he can only allow someone else to "have" Sansa for a temporary time

You’re certainly right about Littlefinger’s jealousy and possessiveness, and it’s entirely possible that Littlefinger fails to pull off the gambit he describes to Sansa at the end of AFFC and is either brought low in the Vale or has to run for it. But I doubt it, because it would be a weird storytelling choice to have Sansa break from Littlefinger before she learns about his true nature; that hasn’t happened yet, and doesn’t seem likely to until she reunites with Sandor and/or Jeyne. So I think Littlefinger holds it together until they reach the North with their army, and then it all falls apart for him from there. 

anonymous asked:

Its strange; but after season 6x02 I thought Sansa would take some of Lady Stoneheart's plot from the books, but now it looks like it could be Arya, presuming that Brienne and Pod are still in the Riverlands and they run into Arya and the BwB.

Hi anon!

I was of the same mind, as can be taken from my posts before the season aired. Man, was I wrong, but hey, that’s what specs are for. ;)

I am not even entirely sure if we will get *much* of any sort of LSH arc *at all*. Because I get the *very* queer feeling the more I think about the books and the double-fake-out/cliffhanger GRRM pulled on us with Jaime’s an Brienne’s last chapters in AFfC and ADwD, that we won’t even get an *on-screen* solution (i.e. POVs taking us right through that situation as it happens) to that conflict but will jump ahead in time for when Jaime and Brienne are already *over* with that plot arc and have moved on to other business and we only get the happenings from either one’s thoughts in the retrospective. I don’t rule this out, and if that’s the case, then that would explain *pretty* well why the show’s decided to cut LSH from the show. So the questions we always have to ask ourselves when watching the series is a) did the producers think this arc was too much to cover/ adapt to a visual medium (e.g. POV structure and inner monologs don’t work for the way they have chosen to film), b) did the producers (based on the fact that they know the endgame to all characters) feel like an arc could be crossed out because it doesn’t necessarily/essentially serve for the overall plot/ individual arcs, and c) did the producers adapt an arc to better fit into e.g. their time frame, resources, etc. Well, if b) is the case for LSH, then it may well be that only little of c) will have to be carried out.

For example (hypothetically speaking), if the producers feel like the *big parts* of the whole LSH affair was to a) gray Brienne’s character by bringing her to a moral and emotional breaking point, b) have Jaime *divorce* Cersei, c) have Brienne critically wounded (to whatever function it may be), d) bring those two lovebirds together at last, and e) get them in position for the roles they are to play for matters of endgame; then we do not need a LSH surrogate in that sense. Brienne may get wounded by Arya, yes, but it may also be during an ambush by dragons or if Tarth were targeted and she were there, or Cersei sends for her, or the BwB, or the Hound, Littlefinger… you see, the list goes on. Jaime can *divorce* Cersei in absence of Brienne (as he did in the books). Brienne already said that she failed, and it may get even worse for her to bring her to that emotional breaking point. That only leaves the big realization of dem feels for each other to cross out and we are ready to go on to move those two in position for endgame.

At the same time, those things may be handled very differently. That Brienne will be forced to choose between, say, harming Arya to protect Jaime (if she were to target him).

It’s all just wil guessing at this point.

What’s still a big factor to consider (and that we will sadly only have any sort of knowledge from once we get, say, a trailer) is the timing. That will likely predetermine many things with regards to where the new season will begin and hence either narrow down or widen the radius for especially Brienne.

If we start off *shortly* after Cersei climbed the throne, then Brienne is likely still around the Riverlands/ the Twins - and hence would be very suitable for a meeting with the BwB, Sandor, and/or Arya, even (i.e. if she doesn’t head to KL straight away, which I think may also become very important because I don’t think she’ll head back North). If we are to get LSH elements, then those are the addresses to turn to.

If we are starting off *later* on and Brienne is not back to Winterfell, then that opens up the possibilities to even Tarth as a location (or at least the area closeby - I can imagine that she may have sought out Tarth after her *fail* to maybe get some armies for Sansa after all, or something to that effect). If we are to get Tarth, man, that may throw things overboard for Brienne - and her *failure* may well not be linked back to an unfulfilled vow to Cat/for Arya, but about not fulfilling her role as heir of Tarth. Brienne’s been established more strongly as a diplomat imo over the last season specifically. If there is an upshot to that, then I can imagine that Brienne’s political role (and her heritage which is underlined by our every-season-Selwyn-mention) is supposed to be highlighted, and just imagine those Jaime-parallels. Imagine (however sad it would be for our dearest Maid of Tarth) that Selwyn dies before she can get to him, leaving her with the sudden responsibility conflict to serve her House as well as the House she has sworn allegiance to. We can spin this even further in a scenario where Selwyn previoiusly swore himself to Dany (if she were to land around there to take, say, Dragonstone) and hence assigning Tarth to that alliance, only to have Brienne take over, who’s just taken her vows to Sansa.

All I’m saying: Conflict material. And we may well get a different kind of “being forced to choose between different oaths”.

Haha, and of course… Jaime released from KG duty, Brienne rising to heiress of Tarth… Bachelor and Bachelorette of West and East, you know… I don’t need too many shipper feels to bring up that possible plot.

But to return to Arya more specifically another time, she is such a wildcard to me that I am not entirely sure just what her endgame’s supposed to be. If she even is to meet Brienne again. And I have the bad feeling that she’s gonna bite it before the series ends. If she continues to be driven by vengeance the way she displayed it very prominently in her treatment of Walder Frey (hehe, Frey Pie), she is a *neat* candidate to take up on LSH plot elements because LSH is, at her core, the embodiment of nothing but vengeance. So if Arya is supposed to get that part of LSH’s narrative function, then that would be in-tune, I suppose… just like that makes it very dangerous for Arya to bite it. 

Where and how exactly Brienne computes in all this… man, it’s really wild guessing at this point. I can’t say that often enough. Maybe she is really supposed to choose between Arya and Jaime in a way, that she’ll have to hurt a young girl she was sworn to protect to keep her from killing Jaime.

And of course there is one other thing to toss into the mix: Beric.

The show’s kept him alive - for some reason. Well, keeping up with the *logic* of the book plot, the essential part of Beric is that he gives up his life giving the kiss of life to someone he believes worthy of it.

So we may well be in for another resurrection. And it may be Arya the same way it may be Brienne.

Oh, and of course, Mel’s headed to the Riverlands to further complicate those matters.

So yeah, so many question marks, so few answers.

I haven’t made up my mind yet as to what direction I tend to most. Other than JB-GLORY and JB-LURVE, there are just so many holes to fill that I am craving some solid spoilers or news.

For hiatus is long and full of terrors.

Anywho, thanks for the question!


‘Ser Galladon was a champion of such valour that the Maiden herself lost her heart to him. She gave him an enchanted sword as a token of her love. The Just Maid, it was called. No common sword could check her, nor any shield withstand her kiss. Ser Galladon bore the Just Maid proudly, but only thrice did he unsheathe her. He would not use the Maid against a mortal man, for she was so potent as to make any fight unfair.’ - Brienne IV, AFfC

apelliccio  asked:

Emmett, You know I love your work. I got a question: Only this year did I read a fan theory (a bit tin foil probably) that Loras was not injured, or in the least not fatally, in the assault on Dragonstone. The premise is that the Tyrell clan is playing Cersei to free up the Redwyne Fleet to combat the Iron Fleet in the Reach and Dragonstone stands. Does this hold any water? If not,do you believe any Dragonglass was able to make it off in time and is headed north for the War for the Dawn II.

Hey man! I could buy them covering up Loras’ exact situation, but faking holding Dragonstone? I doubt that. One of the reasons I don’t like the cluster of Tyrell-chessmaster theories regarding the events of AFFC is that it reduces the emotional stakes involved and numbs characterization. Indeed, one throughline in AFFC I don’t see discussed much is how the Tyrells frequently drop their composure around Cersei, as she clearly not only irritates but baffles them. If you want to see Team Highgarden being conspiratorial, look at Olenna’s introductory scene in Sansa I ASOS. In AFFC, by contrast, the Tyrells are more reactive and committed to just carrying on, while Cersei is the constantly disruptive force. Which helps emotionally ground them and generate sympathy; the Tyrells were a delightful force to be reckoned with in ASOS, but I didn’t really connect with them personally until AFFC pitted them against Cersei. 

As for Dragonstone’s place (and that of its dragonglass) in the wider plot from here on in, I’m honestly not sure. I agree with @goodqueenaly that Dany’s inevitably headed there first in Westeros. Maybe she’ll take over the dragonglass? Or maybe it’s a red herring and Jon’s sarcastic quip about asking the lords of Westeros for their Valyrian steel swords is actually going to be a thing?

“Ser Boros, His Grace has forgotten himself. Kindly escort him to his bedchamber and bring up Pate. This time I want Tommen to whip the boy himself. He is to continue until the boy is bleeding from both cheeks. If His Grace refuses, or says one word of protest, summon Qyburn and tell him to remove Pate’s tongue, so His Grace can learn the cost of insolence.” ( AFFC ) 


badwolfwho1  asked:

He's not exactly a fave, but I really enjoyed the interactions he had with Jaime in AFFC, so I was wondering if you had any idea on how Ser Ilyn's fate is gonna go?

I enjoyed them as well; I really liked the strong sense of inner life we got with Ilyn Payne in AFFC. No longer (just) an avatar of death, but a real live person. Now, as to what happens next…somehow Kevan got word about Jaime’s disappearance, as we see in Cersei I ADWD. Did Jaime’s crew return to KL, as was his intent post-Raventree, or did they send a raven from the Riverlands? We don’t get confirmation either way. 

So either Payne, the squires, etc. are still in the Riverlands, in which case they might get caught up in the Second Red Wedding (I could see the squires staying in the Riverlands to search for their knight), or they’ll show up in Cersei’s chapters in the capital, maybe facing her furious questions about what happened to Jaime. Either way…Ser Ilyn is still on Arya’s list, so it would certainly be interesting for him to run into her again. Maybe she chooses not to kill him, recognizing that her father’s death wasn’t his fault even though he swung the sword, and that marks the end of her list?

anonymous asked:

What do you think would have happens if Mya was brought to Kings Landing like Robert wanted to? And if Robert found out about Cersei where would the next heir come from? Love love all the edits and the blog!!

Hi! Thank you so much :)

We do have a clue about what could have happened:

Once, after that sorry business with the cat, [Robert] had made some noises about bringing some baseborn daughter of his to court. “Do as you please,” she’d told him, “but you may find that the city is not a healthy place for a growing girl.” The bruise those words had won her had been hard to hide from Jaime, but they heard no more about the bastard girl. (Cersei IV, AFfC)

I don’t know if Cersei would have gone through this (she does order to kill Robert’s bastards, but only after he dies; and rumours say that she had the twins he fathered in Casterly Rock killed, but that’s her “territory” so to speak), but I don’t think Mya’s life would have been easy - also, I believe she wouldnt have felt comfortable in court either.

And, if Cersei’s children were discovered as Jaime’s, I assume Robert would have Cersei (and the kids?) executed and would take another wife (the Tyrells wanted him to notice Margaery and set Cersei aside, for one…) and have more children. But, if he didn’t have any more heirs, I believe his brothers (Stannis, being the next in age, and then his line - aka, Shireen) would be his heirs. He, as a king, could also legitimate one of his bastard sons; but if he were to die without legitimate issue, the next in line would be Stannis :)

Before I started AFFC, all I heard about Cersei’s POV chapters was that it was basically nonsense and just ‘crazy talk’ (granted, I read that on Reddit so it wasn’t that reliable in the first place), but she’s actually a fascinating narrator? Yes, she’s extremely paranoid but half her family was recently murdered and everyone does hate her, so she has a reason to be.

Also, half of her inner monologue is her making snide remarks about the people she’s talking to. I’m in love.

I love those moments from Cersei’s POV in AFFC where her limited scope of thought is presented as oblivious as she is, like when she’s all “my stupid washerwomen shrank my old dresses how dare they!!” because Cersei…….I dunno but……maybe it’s not their fault…….maybe you……you don’t fit in them anymore…….you probably drink more in one day than Robert did in a week…..weight gain due to alcoholism is a thing…..

waywardfoe-blog  asked:

Do you think Robb was set up by the Lannisters? Jeyne Westerling insisting on nursing the wounds of a man who has taken her father prisoner and just stormed their home seems passing odd. Add to that Tywin's reaction saying that he's pretty sure the Westerlings remember the Castameres

Yup. We get the proof of it in Jaime VII AFFC: Tywin conspired with Sybell, though Jeyne herself didn’t know what her mother was up to. 

makewayhomer  asked:

Why is the Eldritch Apocalypse called the Eldritch Apocalypse?

(TWOW spoilers)

“Eldritch” generally defines my taste in books, music, movies, paintings, architecture, etc. As such, I tend to zero in on the skin-crawlingly uncanny, and that’s precisely the tone of AFFC’s Oldtown bookends. There’s something lurking beneath the surface, waiting to strike. The glass candles are burning. 

As for “apocalypse,” well:

“The bleeding star bespoke the end,” he said to Aeron. “These are the last days, when the world shall be broken and remade. A new god shall be born from the graves and charnel pits.”