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Jaime burned Cersei's letter in AFFC and refused to help her. But don't you think he HAS to come for her? That he owes her?

Sorry it took me so long. Yes. In a way.
I mean, lover or not, cheater or not, Cersei is still his sister and the mother of his children. She’s still family, and a good brother would not ignore his sister’s cry for help. Especially since a big chunk of the crimes she’s accused of – adultery, incest, high treason – Jaime is equally responsible of them. He’s the one she committed adultery with for almost twenty years, the father of her illegitimate children after all. If you think about this, it’s undeniable that he has some moral obligation to get cersei out of this ordeal. It doesn’t feel right that Cersei goes down without him. This is one way to look at it.

The other is that, by burning the letter, Jaime sets boundaries for the first time in a relationship whose lack of boundaries had devastating repercussions not only on the twins themselves, but on the whole realm. I cannot blame him for choosing not to prioritize Cersei over himself for once, for refusing to risk his life for her (let’s be real: Jaime championing for Cersei without his sword hand would be tantamount to suicide), for wanting to break this cycle of codependency that induced him, among other things, to trade Casterly Rock and a future lordship for an existence completely devoted to her, as her guard and secret lover. In a way, Jaime already gave up his life for Cersei. Mind you, it’s not like he did it for genuine altruism (they both are greedy and selfish in this relationship, they both take more than they give) no, he did it because he wanted his burning desire of her fulfilled 24/7. But this hunger consumed every other possible future Jaime could have, and now he’s middle aged, handless and full of regrets. 

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ladiesofthrones asked: Ashara Dayne or Arianne Martell

“And what is it I want, ser?”

“The Sand Snakes freed. Vengeance for Oberyn and Elia. Do I know the song? You want a little taste of lion blood.”

That, and my birthright. I want Sunspear, and my father’s seat. I want Dorne. “I want justice.” ― The Queenmaker, A Feast for Crows.

Sassy Starks

[Lommy] grabbed the little girl by the hand and pulled her close. “What if the wolves come?”

“Yield,” Arya suggested. (Arya, A Clash of Kings)

It was hard to tell which of them was more horrified. “But,” Grenn stammered, “b-but what do I do if the wildlings attack again?”

“Stop them,” Jon told him. (Jon, A Storm of Swords)

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Hi! Quick question, why is Cersei lady of Casterly Rock if she is already queen? Doesn't being queen take you out of the succession for family lands? We see that Arianne was supposed to give up Dorne to be queen, so shouldn't Cersei do the same?

Cersei is Lady of Casterly Rock because Tywin is dead, Jaime cannot inherit since he’s Kingsguard, and Tyrion is a disinherited and attainted convicted criminal.

Also, Cersei is not Queen, she’s Queen Dowager, since her husband the king is dead and her son is the king now. (Margaery is the queen.) Cersei was Queen Regent for a time… but that did not stop her inheritance. (Many regents in ASOIAF have held a lordship at the same time.)

Casterly Rock was hers now, and all the power of House Lannister. No one would ever disregard her again. Even when Tommen had no further need of a regent, the Lady of Casterly Rock would remain a power in the land.

–AFFC, Cersei I

Nevertheless, when Cersei asked her uncle Kevan to be Hand of the King,

Cersei had not expected Kevan to require coaxing. He never played coy with Father. “The realm needs you.”
“The realm. Aye. And House Lannister.” He sipped his wine again. “Very well. I will remain and serve His Grace…”
“Very good,” she started to say, but Ser Kevan raised his voice and bulled right over her.
“…so long as you name me regent as well as Hand and take yourself back to Casterly Rock.”
For half a heartbeat Cersei could only stare at him. “I am the regent,” she reminded him.
“You were. Tywin did not intend that you continue in that role. He told me of his plans to send you back to the Rock and find a new husband for you.”
Cersei could feel her anger rising. “He spoke of such, yes. And I told him it was not my wish to wed again.”
Her uncle was unmoved. “If you are resolved against another marriage, I will not force it on you. As to the other, though… you are the Lady of Casterly Rock now. Your place is there.”
How dare you? she wanted to scream. Instead, she said, “I am also the Queen Regent. My place is with my son.”

–AFFC, Cersei II

Kevan said he would only take the position of Hand only if Cersei gave up the regency (to him) and went home to Casterly Rock to take up her position there. After he rejected her offer (and she rejected his), Cersei spitefully made sure that Kevan had no position of power in House Lannister by naming her cousin Daven Warden of the West and her cousin Damion castellan of the Rock. But of course, after Cersei was arrested by the Faith, Kevan quickly showed up in King’s Landing to assume the regency. (Mace Tyrell became Hand.)

Now, Kevan had planned to send Cersei back to Casterly Rock after her trial. Though whether he intended that she take up the position of Lady of Casterly Rock in anything but name is unclear, as he deliberately shamed her and broke her power and made sure she had no guards but his men. But since Kevan has been assassinated, his plans are no longer particularly relevant… so we’ll just have to wait and see what becomes of Cersei and the Rock.

For further reference, screencaps from the appendixes of AFFC and ADWD, showing Cersei’s status and titles:

A Song of Ice and Fire 30-Day Challenge

3) A scene you want to see on the show: Brienne of Tarth’s encounter with Lady Stoneheart.

I think it is very doubtful that we will ever see this scene, as I honestly believe it is too late in the show’s storyline for the character of Lady Stoneheart to be introduced. Seeing this on the screen however would be fantastic! The entire scene is extremely tense, and it builds up to such a dramatic climax which was left with a superb cliffhanger. Furthermore, I think the cast involved in the scene would do an excellent job as both Gwendoline Christie and Michelle Fairley have shown their acting prowess in the fight against The Hound and The Red Wedding respectively. This scene was one of my highlights of A Feast For Crows.


Songs of Ice and Fire: Running with the Wolves - AURORA (x)

I should not be dreaming wolf dreams, the girl told herself. I am a cat now, not a wolf. I am Cat of the Canals. The wolf dreams belonged to Arya of House Stark. Try as she might, though, she could not rid herself of Arya. It made no difference whether she slept beneath the temple or in the little room beneath the eaves with Brusco’s daughters, the wolf dreams still haunted her by night. (Cat Of The Canals, AFFC)

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More seasons? Shit. Are we to be spared nothing? My money is still on GRRM not releasing a book for the entirety of the show.

He’s asserted differently, and IMO the only question is whether or not TWOW beats out S6. I feel like we have to be getting it in 2016 though.

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Is it confirmed that there’ll be 8 seasons?

As confirmed as it’s going to be for now. An HBO exec said so, but it’s possible he’s on a different page than D&D.

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first time through = boring is this a thing? it happened to me the first time I picked up the books

Uh, if you’ve watched the show then parts of AGOT and ACOK may seem to drag slightly, I guess. And I’ll admit that my first time through AFFC, I felt it. But on reread everything kind of clicked with that. Idk that I’d ever say “boring” though. Just like, “I feel like I should have made more progress than this.”

This may be surprising, but I’m not that much of a reader (a lot of that is because I’m super slow at it). So the first time through was me kind of, getting back into reading fiction, as weird as that sounds. Maybe it’s a common experience?

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You are one of the few people on here that doesn't glorify everything Sansa does, and that's really refreshing. People are so eager to villainize Arya for what she's had to do during the war, but are totally gung-ho to forget Sansa's involvement with Arya's abuse and Ned's death.

oh well…….thanks lol. i know my can opinions be poorly received on this godforsaken site so its nice to know im not pissing everyone off. the entire fandom has a really big problem with canon tho. they like to isolate the moments that appeal to them (or support their nonsense) and ignore the stuff that doesnt. im biased too but i try to have some perspective at least. with sansa, specifically, its not like her childhood actions make her a bad person but they’re not irrelevant either. like both of those things are still being brought up in the text as of affc/adwd. but they dont work into the stan agenda so we’re all expected to ignore it. 

A Song of Ice and Fire 30-Day Challenge

4) A character that you grew to love that you previously hated/felt indifferent towards: Sansa Stark.

I couldn’t stand to read Sansa’s POV in the early books due to her naive perspective of the world and her obsession with the fairy-tale like romances from the songs she had heard. Obviously she was quite young and had been sheltered from the true horrors of the ASOIAF world, so her character was genuine but that didn’t make it anymore enjoyable to read. I also hated her for her extreme selfishness that she exhibited, particularly in A Game of Thrones. However, by the time of reading A Feast For Crows I found a far more mature Sansa who has the potential to make an impact on the struggle for the Iron Throne. I am particularly excited to see where her storyline leads in the upcoming books.

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Hey! I was wondering what period of time do the books cover so far? In the show it seems that at least 2 years or more have passed since Robert came to visit Ned at Winterfell. How long has it been in the books?


Two years and a half, more or less (messuring the time span in deaths: Jon Arryn died in 298 AC and Kevan Lannister in 300 AC). Here you have a more detailed account, via Elio Garcia:

These are off the cuff, and those who’ve done timelines probably have a clearer sense, but this is in the right ballpark:

AGoT covers the most time – approximately 1 year.
ACoK seems to cover rough 6 months
ASoS covers about 4 months
AFfC covers about 6 months
ADwD covers about the same six months, and adds one-two months (there’s an exception to this that I won’t get into because of spoilers)


And here you can check a fanmade timeline of all the books that is truly amazing :)

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I was spoiled. I encountered the books within the year of ADWD's release so I didn't suffer like true blue ASOIAF fans. I get their anger though. I feel Martin tries to be too cagey. But I would redirect my anger at the people defiling Martin's work. They've invested 20+ years into it, I would be piping mad. Reading ADWD, I hated some POVs (Dany, Victarion) and the lack of my Sansa's but I was never bored. I ran the gamut of emotions but it was never dull. There was no payoff in S5 only failure

Agreed. Seeing a new Dany chapter heading in ADWD caused me physical pain, but I still trudged through it. At least Barry’s chapters were interesting, LOL. And I LIVE for Victarion, that crazy bastard. ;-) Of course, I did the AFFC/ADWD combined reading too, so I had just enough AFFC to break up the monotony of ADWD.

I can’t imagine following this series from the very beginning. I was in high school when AGOT came out. I’d probably be an utter basket case by now, LOL! 

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possibility that loras isnt actually wounded and that the tyrells are just up to something and using his supposed 'injuries' to explain his absence?

I think pretty low to be honest. For one, what could he possibly be doing that would require his absence at a time when his sister (a queen who was in need of a Kingsguard champion) could really use his help?

“Trial?” There was real fear in the girl’s voice now. “Must there be a trial?”

“How else will you prove your innocence?” Cersei gave Margaery’s hand a reassuring squeeze. “It is your right to decide the manner of the trial, to be sure. You are the queen. The knights of the Kingsguard are sworn to defend you.”

Margaery understood at once. “A trial by battle? Loras is hurt, though, elsewise he…” Cersei, AFFC

Margaery also went with Tommen to pray for Loras everyday and has been taking “sleeping droughts” from Pycelle (according to him) because she is “most distraught” over Loras’ condition. Book!Margaery is not show!Margaery. What I mean is that she’s not as old and savvy when it comes to political games. She definitely thinks her brother is on the brink of death. 

Also, these are reports, not just Loras’ family saying he’s hurt. Loras Tyrell is a noticeable presence, so unless the entire Siege at Dragonstone is fabricated by the Tyrells (which is obviously untrue,) I don’t see how they could pull that off.

Or why to be honest. The Tyrells have a book presence to be sure, but their scheming is way toned down in the books compared to the show. Partially because their limited page time and partially because some of the Tyrells are far less scheming-inclined than their show counterparts (like Margaery) or seem rather straightforward (like Garlan and Willas.) 

Now that’s not to say that they aren’t big players in the game of thrones, just that I don’t think they’ve come up with some big behind the scenes plot that involves faking Loras’ near death. I don’t see the purpose of it- unlikes say plotting Joffrey’s death, which had a very clear purpose for the Tyrells.

“Lady Olenna was not about to let Joff harm her precious darling granddaughter, but unlike her son she also realized that under all his flowers and finery, Ser Loras is as hot-tempered as Jaime Lannister. Toss Joffrey, Margaery, and Loras in a pot, and you’ve got the makings for kingslayer stew. The old woman understood something else as well. Her son was determined to make Margaery a queen, and for that he needed a king… but he did not need Joffrey.” Petyr Baelish to Sansa, ASoS  

Anyway, so I don’t think that’s possible in my opinion. I think Loras is very wounded, which definitely fits into a certain pattern GRRM has with fit and attractive characters.

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what are your theories about the faceless men, jaquen, and pate (prologue of affc).

Well there isnt much we know for certain; it’s believed that the Alchemist who gives Pate the coin is almost definitely Jaqen (since his visage in AFFC is v similar to the face he wears when he leaves Arya in ACOK), and we know that the key opens up every door in the Citadel, or at the very least some very important doors.

What we /don’t/ know is difficult to predict; someone had to have hired Jaqen… Or the Faceless Men are doing this out of their own ambition. Because it seems to me that this is not a cheap job, and that the Faceless Men are /very/ expensive, so either a very rich person commissioned them, or the Faceless Men are doing this for themselves. Either way, what information could they want?

We know that there a lot of old scrolls in the Citadel that pertain to so, so many things. Pate recalls some Valyrian scrolls in particular that are exceptionally old.

The way the group at the beginning spoke of dragons makes me think it may have something to do with that; there may be something in those Valyrian scrolls regarding dragons, perhaps even how to hatch them, or tame them. Nonetheless there is a lot of valuable information at the Citadel, and Jaqen now has access to it.

But like I said, there’s a lot that’s still unclear. We see a little bit more of the Citadel in AFFC, but I’m not sure how far you are. Let’s just say there’s more to Pate (and Alleras) that you’ll see later B)

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I really liked your meta about Jaime's loneliness. I've just recently finished ASOS and am now reading AFFC, and I'm in awe of how much I love his chapters. It just shows us so much, from how he began with hopes and dreams of greatness to the grim awareness of what he has become. And your meta perfectly encapsulates what I think his life is/was like. Keep on keeping on with this good stuff! :)

Thank you! ♥ And I know what you mean. I think Jaime (bar child-defenestration and the other despicable stuff he did) is one of the most relatable characters in asoiaf. I mean his struggles – his identity crisis, the feeling of failure and uselessness, the crushed dreams, the reality check of adulthood, the sense of isolation and difficulty to open up to other human beings, his attempts to reposition himself within society and find a new purpose in life although all the good things seem forever precluded to him, the tragedy of waking up suddenly grown old, in a relationship with a woman he can’t recognize anymore, in a life that is only a pale imitation of what he hoped for in his teenage years… I think all of this is extremely familiar to us, modern twenty-something readers who are often betrayed by our own dreams and expectations, isolated in our struggle to “find ourselves” and our role in society. Which is why I find him so engaging. :)

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Hi Maria! I've not been reading the books but I know that AFFC largely consists of Cersei POVs. Did the show remove some things from her narrative, or did they manage to include everything in, more or less, 30 minutes of screentime which was devoted to her?


Yes, that’s right, I think Cersei is the POV with the most chapters in AFfC (ten), and in season 5 they also included her ADwD chapters (another two). That’s a lot :S So, yes and no. They more or less covered all the “big things” –though rushed and sometimes in a different way, of course:

- She arms the Faith Militant (for different reasons, tho). She didn’t have anything to do with the High Sparrow becoming High Septon.

- She plots to have Margaery arrested (not Loras). In the books, however, Margaery is accused of adultery and high treason. She pretty much invents any proof agaist her, including her supposed lovers. The one thing she didn’t fabricate is Maester Pycelle’s testimony of Marg asking him for moon tea (an abortive/contraceptive potion), though I personally believe she hid part of ther truth; and the fact that Margaery’s hymen is broken, though she think that’s probably due to her riding (Margaery didn’t consumate the marriage with Tommen in the books, obviously). 

- She’s also arrested –though this is not a Tyrell/Baelish plot, as in the show. One of the men she had convinced to frame Margaery after days of torture confesses that he lied with regards to Margaery, and that he was actually Cersei’s lover. He also confesses that he had killed the previous High Septon following her command. After she’s arrested, other people join and testify agaist her (Lancel, for instance, but not because of Littlefinger’s powers of persuasion, or whatever happened in the show).

- The Walk.

- Qyburn also creates a Frankenstein monster version of Gregor Clegane for her, and he joins the Kingsguard, so he can be Cersei’s champion in her upcoming trial by combat. However, the fact that Cersei suplies Qyburn with a number of women so he can experiment with them is not mentioned in the show.

 They left some key things aside, though. (And I think it’s also important to see how book!Cersei and show!Cersei are really different characters.)

(Long and probably obnoxious rant ahead!)

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I haaaaate the argument so many people use to appease the negative opinions about S5: "oh, S3 and S4 were very powerful because they adapted the best book of the series". RIIIGHT. The eternal "AFoC and ADwD are crap". Did these people actually have read the books? Because S5 it looks to these books so much like an egg to a chestnut. What a boredom, OMG.

oh, and sick me too the “they haven’t more material to adapting”. LIEEEEEEEEES. They have two big books that they have decided to ignore, inventing plots with characters who have their own stories in the books, or simplifying plots so drastically and without any sense that it can hardly be called adaptation. If they haven’t more material to adapt now isn’t because Martin is a slow writer, it’s because they haven’t give a shit about what they had.

I feel like the people who say things like that – that AFFC & ADWD were “too boring” for TV – are probably people who are in it for the same reasons as D&D… those “shocker” moments. Character and plot development is secondary – get to the “good” stuff! Sigh. I mean, I’m not a HUGE fan of ADWD myself, but it had just enough Greyjoy insanity to keep my attention, LOL. And I thought AFFC was fascinating from a character development standpoint. Though they might lack in those Ned beheading/Red Wedding twists, there are PLENTY of great, dramatic moments that would/could have easily been adapted for TV and would have been just plenty compelling, IMO. In fact, I just wrote a reeeeaaaaally long post on Facebook comparing each character’s storyline from Season 5 of the show to their storyline in AFFC/ADWD, and there is just no contest, guys. The books are not only tighter and richer, but they are YES far more exciting.

I think perhaps a big reason for why there is so much disdain for AFFC/ADWD in the fandom might come from those who have been reading the books in real time. Like, I can’t imagine reading a book like ASOS, which featured the Red Wedding, the Purple Wedding, the Mountain & the Viper, etc., and then waiting YEARS for the next book and then getting AFFC. And then waiting a few MORE years and getting ADWD. I can see where there might be some disappointment. I think GRRM might have shot himself in the foot a little jam-packing SO much into ASOS and then writing and REwriting the next two books…

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Why do you think D&D did cast white actress for Brienne?

… I don’t know if this is a troll ask or not, but uhm oookay.

Er. She has straw colored hair with blue eyes and prominent freckles which is usually found in pale complexions, because I mean idk I’ve never seen a person who wasn’t white or had pale skin with those attributes all at once. She comes from the Stormlands, which is like a fairly central region in a continent based on Medieval Europe and everyone from the series from the Stormlands is white. In every single official fanart she’s white. Usually when people from Westeros don’t have white skin it’s specified in the narration because it’s not something usual (see: Oberyn for one - it’s noted that he has a darker skin color) but I’m pretty sure she was described as pale or something in her affc chapters when she was having a bunch of existential issues about how ugly she looks. Never mind that Brienne is taller than almost anyone else in there and has very specific physical requirements and finding an actress 1.90 meters tall in the first place is hard already in the first place. Also I mean Brienne has a not common appearance anyway, do you think that all the white POV characters who see her for the first time wouldn’t notice something extra odd from the usual if she wasn’t white? Catelyn or Jaime or whoever would have probably mentioned it if she was anything but.

I mean, anon, I don’t know but maybe never minding that she actually fit all the requirements (blonde, blue eyes, tall, large-ish shoulders) maybe they cast Gwen because… Brienne is white in canon…?

C’mon, GRRM, Redeem This Bitch!

I’ve gone on rants about my love and affection for Cersei Lannister before and have also had to defend her against friends and family. It’s not easy to do because she’s not a sympathetic character at all. In fact, she’s the exact opposite. Especially in A Feast for Crows. She’s the only character in the entire series who becomes less likable when she gets POV chapters. At least before AFFC she had mitigating circumstances like being married to that abusive douche Robert or being a pawn in not-daddy-of-the-year Tywin’s machinations or just being female in the shitstorm of sexism that is Westeros. But the self inflicted cluster fuck in AFFC that Cersei instigates comes close to making her irredeemable. But that’s where GRRM needs to step in. Hell, he did it to Jaime. Here was the privileged golden boy whose arrogance and narcissism was only matched by his ability to defenestrate a 7 year old boy. We hated him but GRRM pulled off his best trick in the whole series by slowly getting us to, not just start to like him, but to root for him to succeed at whatever the hell he was doing. 

Jaime’s redemption began when he was at his lowest. His sword hand chopped off, beaten and tortured, full of self loathing, GRRM got us to feel sorry for this prick. Of course his likability rating was tied to his growing respect and, dare I say it, love for Brienne. Cersei, on the other hand, has completely different circumstances. Even though they’re twins and love each other because of narcissism 101 they are different in a lot of ways. Cersei is more ruthless and certainly more ambitious than Jaime. She also completely lacks the self awareness that makes Jaime more sympathetic. We won’t be getting any self deprecating jests from Ms. Everyone Sucks But Me that’s for damn sure. Plus, her pathological hatred of Tyrion doesn’t do her any favors.

But here’s the rub. Cersei reached her lowest moment at the the end of A Dance with Dragons. Her Walk of Atonement was one of the most painful things to read in a story filled with painful things. The key to the pangs of sympathy we begin to feel is that she’s not being punished for her actual crimes (which are legion) but for something her former husband did without consequence; having sex. So Cersei becomes a symbol for all that’s wrong with institutional, religious and political, misogyny. I mean, her whole life is, really. The fact that her gender has stood in the way of all she wants in life is the cornestone to her dysfunction. But a funny thing happens during her shaming; she shows true strength and courage. She’s the Lioness of the Rock not some shrinking violet who withers under the strain. She’s made of sterner stuff than that and that’s why I love her. So, GRRM, get to it and start redeeming Cersei somehow.

And why not? In a story filled to the brim with weapons-grade assholes, she’s hardly alone as world’s worst. Fuck, this fanbase has people openly admiring Tywin “set the countryside on fire” Lannister. A man who is basically Hannibal Lecter as dictator of an entire continent. (That admiration is not misplaced. With Joffrey excepted, I’m a fan of all the Lannisters.) Again, Mr. Martin, you don’t have to make us want to name our first born after Cersei but you can make us cheer when she drops the bomb on the High Sparrow and totally fucks shit up in a torrent of righteous anger and revenge. Maybe it’s just me, but that would be awesome.