BRAVO! That was such an amazing finale. I’m still so shook. I can’t decide if I wanna cry tears of sadness or joy. I’m sad that the series has come to and end but I’m so proud of these actors for their phenomenal performance especially Freddie, Max and Vera.
Ending: Norman finally meets Norma and they have an eternal (after-life) happy ending.
Dylan cries and cuddles Norman in his arms. Despite all the shady things Norman and Norma have put him through, this kid has a heart of Gold, he truly loved his family through thick and thin, this is why I always loved Dylan and always will. Just speechless. Beautiful ending. Dylan finally has stability with his future family. (Emma and his daughter)

breathabl-e  asked:

HELLO! i just wanted to say that i really really really like your art and your art style! you actually inspired me to buy a new notebook and just fill it with Haikyuu!! doodles. and youre so nice and friendly and i hope you have a good day!

thank you and take care!! stay creative ☆