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In her new memoir The Princess Diarist Carrie Fisher discusses a three-month long affair she had with Harrison Ford on the set of Star Wars.
The year was 1975, She was 19 and he was 34 and married with two children . Harrison drove her home one night when she was “wine sodden” and they ended up sleeping together
Apparently their first time was not impressive, but she didn’t mind because “he really was handsome”
She doesn’t remember much about their affair because of “the brutal strength of Harrison’s preferred strain of pot”
She recalls the diary she kept throughout the affair, in which she "relentlessly” tried to make him fall in love with her and dreamed that he would ask her to marry him with a “gold band with diamonds (inscribed) ‘Carrison.’”


51% YES; 
Morgana? Surely Morgana. The Avalon paper was created just after the Great War but It came into pre-eminence during the Thatcher years and the Brixton riots in 1981. It was the first right-wing paper to stand beside the then prime minister and to provide a predominantly elite class audience a moral sense of supremacy. The paper was run by Uther Pendragon, the son of the founder, for 50 years before his stroke in 2011 when his daughter, Morgana Pendragon, took over the over all running of the paper. In the coming years she would make big changes, much to her father’s rage, appealing to a far more left audience. The biggest test came when Morgana created a department to report magical affairs. Unconventionally the paper had gone all it’s years without mentioning a single magical event, despite the evidence it denied it’s existence. Now, Morgana had hired a man long suspected of having magic himself, Emrys Myrddin (nicknamed Merlin) to run the department. 

It came as a shock to everybody when upon Uther’s death in early 2016 he handed over the running of the company to his son, Arthur Pendragon. Many suspected it was in anger of the leftist turn the paper was taking. The paper had been doing it’s best in years under Morgana and the people were skeptical to see what Arthur would bring. Arthur worked part time for the paper as a sports reporter but had only sat in with his father and sister at few executive meetings. His days spent mostly lounging in his office or having a strange obsession in teasing Merlin and his nights spent drinking and enjoying London’s night scene. Being in the headlines of more papers than creating them. He was young and his real passions lay with writing but he was stubborn and didn’t want to disappoint his father, even after his father’s death. 

The biggest trial came during the 2016 referendum. The country had been divided. The people who did not understand magic feared it and those with magic wanted to be recognised. After a series of protests, which due to some turned into violent riots from the magic community, in an attempt to be heard was misinterpreted as an attack, a proposal was put forward to ban magic being used in public. And, a register was proposed for those with magic or related to those with magic. The executives and editors were divided, the paper was historically right wing and Arthur wanted to honour his father’s wishes but was democratic and allowed a vote on what side the paper would support.  After an impassioned speech by the social affairs editor, Gwen Leodegrance, the paper came out in support of the NO campaign. The country voted yes, by a small yet significant margin.  

TST is really an episode where supposedly amazing characters make disappointingly dumb af decisions

- Supposedly Loyal John gets into affair

- Supposedly Badass Super Agent Mary gets maimed by a 90-year old cat lady with a cone haircut, never mind that she has better reflexes, training and insight. never mind that she probably has had a gun pointed at her for 80% of her life and would’ve known better than to jump in front of a bullet if the goal is to save somebody

- Supposedly Genius Sherlock Holmes openly agitates villain with the gun. Well okay that’s not the first time. Sherlock gets a pass

- Supposedly trained army doctor John fails to even have a fighting chance at saving Mary. Isn’t ballistic wounds and trauma supposed to be HIS AREA?

- Supposedly weight-conscious, and most powerful man on England, Mycroft eats junk take out and nurses an empty fridge. Never mind that he could literally buy a vegetable farm or hire a fridge butler to mind his fridge. Seriously Mycroft, get it together

Apologies for being so quiet lately, but I had a very good reason!!!

That’s right, I WROTE A BOOK!!!  A real one, that you can buy!!!


“Matt Bartlett and his family have been pulled apart in the last year by his dad’s affair and the subsequent divorce. Now Christmas is looming, and Matt and his sister are expected to play nice and share the holidays with his dad’s new family.

Lucky for Matt, his best friend Aedan Gallagher arrives on his doorstep on Christmas morning, bringing with him a much-needed blast of festive cheer and plenty of sparkle.

As they navigate Matt’s vindictive step-mother and Aedan’s own family trouble, Matt starts to realise that Aedan might be more than just a friend to him. But with everything else threatening to fall apart around them, he’s not sure if he should dare risk taking the next step. If he doesn’t though, he could lose Aedan forever.”

A stand alone, New Adult romance with a happy ending.

49,000 words approx. 

Available now on Amazon


“ With Maria, there is that option of her falling in love with him, right? Her husband is a crook; he beats her. I’m sure if Hamilton was like, "I want to be with you, let’s run away,” she would grab her baby and do it. But that doesn’t happen. Then the Reynolds Pamphlets came out, and everyone knew about her business. So instead of playing it like a villain, I feel bad for her. There’s always another side to the story, and in this case, you don’t know exactly what was the truth. This affair happened for three years, and he’s a powerful man. I tried to find as many layers as possible. Even if it just comes out in a smirk, those little details make her more than a vixen in a red dress.“

Fleur/Hermione fic recs!!

This is part of a series I’m doing of femslash fic recs. You can see the others here!

Secret Studying by Originalpuck

Fleur knows that not every soulmate relationship goes smoothly, but she had hoped her soulmate would be as thrilled to meet her as she was to meet Hermione.

Dusk of Summer by ReginaCorda

Dusk of Summer takes place during Hermione’s fourth year at Hogwarts, the same year that Fleur Delacour visits the school in hope to compete in the Triwizard Tournament, and the same year they begin their love affair. This is an alternate universe, so possibilities are limitless. I must apologize for the terrible summary, but there’s quite a bit more information inside.

Part 1 of Dusk of Summer

Aucune Defense Pour Toi by dgeheimnis

Love is like death, sudden and unexpected, long and drawn out. Fleur Delacour is no expert in the ways of love, the English or Hermione Granger. But in Hermione’s seventh year, the learning curve is steep. Written, with permission, as a companion piece to Dreiser’s “No Defense for You” in Fleur’s POV.

All But For A Memory by anamatics for frost_bones

There’s a memory trapped for safekeeping, locked away by a spell, that Hermione knows she can never truly allow herself to remember.

Naming Conventions by Sylvesha

Fleur is a barista, Hermione is a new student in the area. They end up discovering they’re both into algebra, kissing and black coffee. Coffee Shop AU

Thread by faewolfxvi

The red thread of fate binds two souls together forever, no matter what the obstacles, no matter what their present is.

Magnetism by anamatics

In that moment, Fleur is seized by a want to make this girl’s day better. A simple gesture, she thinks, will surely make her smile.

French Howler by DValkyrie

Harry and Ron find out what Hermione did the previous night. Fleurmione One-shot.

We are not who we used to be by writing_escapism

You are passing time waiting for your coffee order at the local cafe when you see her. Hermione. You always thought seeing any of them again would be too painful. Your alliance was born of war time necessity and while you associated the word hero with her you also associated her with the worst period of your life.

“It is what it is”

John Watson has been fighting who he is for this entire series.

He pushes himself toward women who he can’t keep because his attention is always on Sherlock. He finds a wife while Sherlock is gone, when he knows he has lost all chance with the man that he loves. And then Sherlock comes back, but John still fights, because he’s not ready to admit who he is.

He gets married and then has an affair within a year. Mary dies and he pushes all of his guilt onto Sherlock because he can’t stand the fact that he’s been fighting for so long and it’s still not working. He’s still not the man that he wants to be. The man that he thinks he should be. 

This scene tonight was SO IMPORTANT. It was John Watson taking a breath and admitting that he is not the man he thinks he’s supposed to be. This is John Watson giving himself permission to be who he really is. 

John told Sherlock to take the chance to be with someone he loves before that chance goes away. Do we go on to see Sherlock texting Irene? Do we see John reaching out to “E” again? (Ignoring for just a moment the big reveal.) 


Mary (John’s mind) tells him to get the hell on with it, and we see John and Sherlock coming together and holding each other.

John’s other relationships didn’t work because John was fighting who he truly is and what he truly wanted. And he’s not going to fight it anymore. 

John and Sherlock’s relationship is what it is. John has accepted it. And soon the world will too.

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Hamilon’s affair with Maria Reynolds had begun in 1791, the same year Burr arrived in Philadelphia, the new federal capital. In a strange twist, Burr was drawn into the scandal in 1793, when he agreed to serve as Mrs. Reynold’s divorce attorney. Later, he would act as ward for her daughter [Susan Reynolds], whom he placed in the home of Congressman William Eustis of Boston so that she might avoid the shame associated with her mother.
—  Aaron Burr: Fallen Founder, page 121

Kristen Gilbert was a female serial killer charged with the murders of four patients at a Veterans Affairs Medical Centre in Setauket, New York. As a 33 year old nurse Gilbert may have been yet another example of how women who kill serially target their victims. Her prosecutors said that she liked the thrill of medical emergencies and wanted to impress her boyfriend. She is believed to have injected her patients with large doses of adrenaline, causing their hearts to beat rapidly and uncontrollably. The defence argued that the patients all suffered from serious illnesses, which ultimately caused their deaths. They insisted that Gilbert’s coworkers turned her in because they sided with Gilbert’s husband when they divorced. The prosecution argued that she initiated medical emergences so that she could respond and receive attention from her coworkers and boyfriend, who worked as a security guard at the hospital.

They noted that each victim had a healthy heart upon entering the hospital intensive care unit where Gilbert worked and each died following a visit from Gilbert. For so many patients with healthy hearts to suddenly die for no apparent reason so close together in the same unit was believed by the prosecution to be practically impossible. The prosecution compared it to the probability of lightening striking the same location many times. Gilbert was also accused of trying to kill three other patients. According to the prosecution there were also falsified medical reports, and Gilbert herself reportedly confessed to the murders, saying ‘I did it! I did it! You want to know? I killed all those guys by injection.’ to her boyfriend and ex-husband.

Gilbert was sentenced to four life sentences without the possibility of parole.

The Business Trip that Changed Everything

So I had my first affair 5 years into marriage with my boss. I wrote about that a few months ago and if you scroll down far enough you’ll see what happened there.  Well that night I knew I wasn’t on birth control (long story how come, I just can’t), but he came in me anyways and it was one of the hottest, biggest orgasms I’ve ever had.  We continued our affair for months however, because I didn’t want to get pregnant he always wore a condom.

We worked for a PR firm and travelled frequently but since we started our affair we hadn’t travelled together. Fast forward about 2 months and we were in New York doing a media tour.  The first day we arrived, there weren’t any events scheduled and Bryan asked if I wanted to catch a movie, dinner, then head back to the hotel for some “prep work.”   So when we got to the hotel, I changed into a sexy, flower sundress.  The dress was loose fitting and fell just above my mid thigh with a lowish neckline held up by a pair of spaghetti straps.

I met Bryan down in the lobby and whispered in his ear “you’re seeing everything I’m wearing, I left my panties upstairs.”  Pretty sure he got hard right there.

We walked a few blocks to the theater and caught the 4pm show of Lincoln (this was a few years ago obviously).  The movie had been out for a few weeks so there were only a ½ dozen people in there. We sat down and Bryan’s hand immediately found my inner thigh and his fingers started working his way towards my already dripping wet pussy. Before the previews ended, he already had 2 fingers buried inside my cunt, fucking me with his hands.  I looked around, saw nobody watching us, removed his fingers and licked them clean. Then I told him if he made me cum in the theater we could skip dinner and go right back to the hotel.  Well, that was sufficient encouragement because he made me cum 2 times before we left.

Once we got back to the hotel, he didn’t even let me take off my dress. We got to his room, he turned me around, bent me over the bed exposing my ass to him and he started teasing me with his cock.  He made me beg for his cock, beg to be impaled. He threatened he’d make me call my husband while he was fucking me.   Then, as always he put on a condom and started fucking my brains out.  

As his cock started to swell, we rolled over so I was on top and before I lowered my pussy on his dick for some reason I reached down and removed the condom and whispered to him “I want a REAL affair. Cum in me.”
He looked at me and asked if it was safe.  
“No,” I replied, “Actually I think there’s a chance I’m ovulating.”

And with that, I lowered myself on his throbbing dick and rode him until he shot loads of his cum deep in my belly.   We were in New York for 4 days, and Bryan and I fucked at least 20 times (not exaggerating), and never without any protection.  I didn’t end up pregnant that trip, but Bryan never wore a condom again.  

Fastest way to a koala’s heart: Drabble

The performers found it unbelievably cheesy, and some, even an unbelievable lie. This discussion turned into argument, which turned into theories, which turned into bets. Did their Buster Moon deny love? Have some forbidden love affair? Did he have his heart broken into a million pieces years ago? No one knew, and they were dying to find out. And so, the bet began, who could prove their fellow castmates wrong.

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Despite the fact that Trump has not (to date) flown around on a Halloween-themed hoverboard while wearing a goblin costume and hurling bombs at people, he does have a lot in common with Norman Osborn. Both of them are business tycoons who live in giant towers in New York City.

Both of them also have a thing for blondes who are much younger than them. Trump, despite looking like an embalming accident, is married to a former model 25 years his junior, while Osborn had an affair with Spider-Man’s girlfriend, Gwen Stacy. Both these turns of events are equally inexplicable.

So strong is this blonde obsession, in fact, that it even leads these powerful men to desire (or repeatedly joke about desiring) women they should stay the hell away from. Osborn once impregnated his son’s girlfriend, while Trump’s own family weirdness is somehow even more off-putting. We’re not going to detail every sexual comment he’s made about his daughters here, because 1) there are already enough articles about that, and 2) holy shit there are multiple articles about that.

And finally, one has pumpkin bombs, while the other simply resembles a pumpkin.

But wait. Wacky looks, lavish buildings, younger women, incestuous overtones – we’re describing every millionaire ever here, aren’t we? Sure, but that’s only the beginning.

How Marvel Predicted Trump’s Rise Almost 10 Years Ago