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it’s been 3 months since Carrie died. and i was thinking today, it’s sort of… it’s comforting to know that she was happy with her life. she was writing, publishing a new book. she was doing tv. she was doing movies. she was doing star wars again. like, you could see she was in a good place. she stole the spotlight during the promotion for tfa and she was going to do it again for tlj. she “shocked” everyone by announcing she had an affair with harrison ford 40 years ago, and she wrote a book on it. she didn’t give a fuck. she did campaign against trump and she told people to go fuck themselves; she congratulated a pregnant interviewer on the sex; she told ellen degeneres she was open to dating an oxford professor; she showed an interviewer the middle finger after he said anyone would look good sitting beside jabba the hutt; she joked about how other people’s opinions on her appearance hurt 3 of her feelings even tho she was hurt by it; she wanted to move to the uk bc she didn’t want to live in the same country as trump; she threw a birthday party at a hotel in italy at 2am and the cops showed up at 5am to stop the party; she was strong, and she was honest, and she was brave.

it’s comforting to know what a thrill her life was, and that she still lived it intensely. but it’s also so fucking unfair exactly because of that. it was too soon.

Quick Hamilton Facts

Y'all need to realize that:

Lafayette is YOUNGER than Hamilton by a couple of months.

Aaron Burr is about a year older than Hamilton.

Hamilton had an older brother, James Jr. Hamilton

Angelica once BITCH SLAPPED Jefferson so hard that Jefferson would sometimes refuse to go to events if he thought Angelica was going to be there.

Jefferson also feared Eliza because of this incident.

Lafayette was the last of the Hamilsquad to die in 1834.

Lafayette was rumored to have an affair with Antoinette. Leave the affairs to Hamilton.

Aaron Burr died 2 years later in 1836.

Peggy died in 1801.

This means that Eliza lost her father, her husband, her son, and her sister from 1801-1804.

Angelica only lived 10 more years after Hamilton died.

Eliza forgave Hamilton BEFORE Philip died.

Eliza liked to tell stories.

Anytime anyone tried to apologize to Eliza for Hamilton’s death (Monroe, Burr, etc), she would scold them.

Lafayette had couldn’t dance to save his life. Marie Antoinette knew this and made fun of him by inviting him to a dance.

Aaron Burr remarried in 1833 and they remained together until his death.

His wife’s name was ELIZA.

Aaron Burr was the lawyer in Maria Reynold’s divorce procedures.

Aaron Burr AND Hamilton WORKED TOGETHER in 1801 for a murder trial.

Monroe tried to duel Hamilton over the Reynolds pamphlet only to be stopped by BURR.

Aaron Burr sucked with money.

Aaron Burr tried to created AMERICA 2.




“My father never valued my mother. She did everything for him. She worked all day, then she came home to cook dinner. My father just came home to sleep. She’d bring him his food on a tray. Everything had to be perfect: right colors, right napkins, everything. But he’d still call her names. He’d get drunk and yell at her for nothing. My mother was submissive and accepted it all. She’d even get mad at me if I tried to intervene. Eventually my father had an affair with our neighbor. And two years ago he left our home to be with her. Recently I spoke to him on the phone. He sounded depressed. He’d just broken up with the woman. He told me that he’d given her everything, but she still left him. He’d cooked for her, he’d treated her well, and he’d bought her whatever she wanted. But nothing was enough. I asked him if he realized what life was teaching him. He had no answer.”

(Bogotá, Colombia)

  • Friend: Are you okay?
  • Me to myself: To my recollection, Eliza is the only character who has a pony tail in act two, which is kinda weird. Except, if you think about it, all the characters in act 1 that have a ponytail (Hamilton, Laurens, Lafayette, etc.)are fighting in a war. But Eliza's battles are in act 2. Her husband's affair, the loss of her son, Alexander's death, and her 50 year struggle to preserve his legacy from the slandering of his enemies. She also had to raise 7 other children by herself and-
  • Me: I'm fine.
quick Hamilton facts
  • Lafayette is YOUNGER than Hamilton by a couple of months.
  • Aaron Burr is about a year older than Hamilton.
  • Hamilton had an older brother, James. Jr. Hamilton.
  • Angelica once BITCH SLAPPED Jefferson so hard that Jefferson would sometimes refuse to go to events if he thought Angelica was going to be there. Jefferson also feared Eliza because of this incident.
  • Lafayette was rumored to have an affair with Antoinette.
  • Aaron Burr died 2 years later in 1836.
  • Peggy died in 1801.
  • This means that Eliza lost her father, her husband, her son, and her sister from 1801-1804.
  • Angelica only lived 10 more years after Hamilton died.
  • Eliza forgave Hamilton BEFORE Philip died.
  • Eliza loved to tell stories.
  • Anytime someone tried to apologize to Eliza for Hamilton's death (Monroe, Burr, etc.) she would scold them.
  • Lafayette couldn't dance to save his life. Marie Antoinette knew this and made fun of him by inviting him to a dance.
  • Aaron Burr remarried in 1833 and they remained together until his death.
  • His wife's name was ELIZA.
  • Aaron Burr was the lawyer in Maria Reynold's divorce procedures.
  • Aaron Burr AND Hamilton WORKED TOGETHER in 1801 for a murder trial.
  • Monroe tried to duel Hamilton over the Reynolds Pamphlet only to be stopped by BURR
  • Aaron Burr sucked with money.
  • Aaron Burr tried to create AMERICA 2.

Donald Trump has a thing about Barack Obama. Trump is obsessed with Obama. Obama haunts Trump’s dreams. One of Trump’s primary motivators is the absolute erasure of Obama — were it possible — not only from the political landscape but also from the history books.

Trump is president because of Obama, or more precisely, because of his hostility to Obama. Trump came onto the political scene by attacking Obama.

Trump has questioned not only Obama’s birthplace but also his academic and literary pedigree. He was head cheerleader of the racial “birther” lie and also cast doubt on whether Obama attended the schools he attended or even whether he wrote his acclaimed books.

Trump has lied often about Obama: saying his inauguration crowd size exceeded Obama’s, saying that Obama tapped his phones and, just this week, saying that Obama colluded with the Russians.

It’s like a 71-year-old male version of Jan from what I would call the Bratty Bunch: Obama, Obama, Obama.

Trump wants to be Obama — held in high esteem. But, alas, Trump is Trump, and that is now and has always been trashy. Trump accrued financial wealth, but he never accrued cultural capital, at least not among the people from whom he most wanted it.

Therefore, Trump is constantly whining about not being sufficiently applauded, commended, thanked, liked. His emotional injury is measured in his mind against Obama. How could Obama have been so celebrated while he is so reviled?

The whole world seemed to love Obama — and by extension, held America in high regard — but the world loathes Trump. A Pew Research Center report issued this week found:

“Trump and many of his key policies are broadly unpopular around the globe, and ratings for the U.S. have declined steeply in many nations. According to a new Pew Research Center survey spanning 37 nations, a median of just 22 percent has confidence in Trump to do the right thing when it comes to international affairs. This stands in contrast to the final years of Barack Obama’s presidency, when a median of 64 percent expressed confidence in Trump’s predecessor to direct America’s role in the world.”

Obama was a phenomenon. He was elegant and cerebral. He was devoid of personal scandal and drenched in personal erudition. He was a walking, talking rebuttal to white supremacy and the myths of black pathology and inferiority. He was the personification of the possible — a possible future in which legacy power and advantages are redistributed more broadly to all with the gift of talent and the discipline to excel.

It is not a stretch here to link people’s feelings about Obama to their feelings about his blackness. Trump himself has more than once linked the two.


Clearly, not only was Obama’s blackness in the front of Trump’s mind, but Trump also appears to subscribe to the racist theory that success or failure of a member of a racial group redounds to all in that group. This is a burden under which most minorities in this country labor.

Trump’s racial ideas were apparently a selling point among his supporters. Recent research has dispensed with the myth of “economic anxiety” and shone a light instead on the central importance race played in Trump’s march to the White House. 


For Trump, even plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act aren’t so much about creating better policy as they are about dismantling Obama’s legacy. The problem with Obamacare isn’t that it hasn’t borne fruit, but rather that it bears Obama’s name.

For Trump, the mark of being a successful president is the degree to which he can expunge Obama’s presidency.
Joss Whedon Is a 'Hypocrite Preaching Feminist Ideals,' Ex-Wife Kai Cole Says

Fifteen years later, when he was done with our marriage and finally ready to tell the truth, he wrote me, “When I was running ‘Buffy,’ I was surrounded by beautiful, needy, aggressive young women. It felt like I had a disease, like something from a Greek myth. Suddenly I am a powerful producer and the world is laid out at my feet and I can’t touch it.” But he did touch it. He said he understood, “I would have to lie — or conceal some part of the truth — for the rest of my life,” but he did it anyway, hoping that first affair, “would be ENOUGH, that THEN we could move on and outlast it.”

Joss admitted that for the next decade and a half, he hid multiple affairs and a number of inappropriate emotional ones that he had with his actresses, co-workers, fans and friends, while he stayed married to me. He wrote me a letter when our marriage was falling apart, but I still didn’t know the whole truth, and said, “I’ve never loved anyone or wanted to be with anyone in any real or long-term way except for you ever. And I love our life. I love how you are, how we are, who you are and what we’ve done both separately and together, how much fun we have…” He wanted it all; he didn’t want to choose, so he accepted the duality as a part of his life.

Heartbeat | 5

“You’ve always stayed far away from the Kingsnakes, the coldblooded gang that runs the dark heart of your city. That is until your life collides with the intriguing and dangerous Jung Hoseok.”

pairing: hoseok x reader
genre: gang!au, angst, smut
wordcount: 10k

part one | two | three | four | five

** warnings: ANGST, degrading names during sex, dom!Hoseok, violence, graphic descriptions of injuries, dark themes, mentions of drugs, hospital scene

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Burr: So, Alexander Hamilton this alleged affair with Ms. Reynolds has been going on for.

Alexander: Two years.

Burr: And your first name again is…?

Alexander: Alexander.

Burr: And you boyfriends name is…?

Alexander: John.

Everybody: *gasp*

Alexander: I-I’m sorry I misunderstood you I thought you said “best friend” John is my best friend.

Laurens: You bastard!

Defects (M)

Muses: jungkook x reader
Genre: Angsty angst angst
Warning: mentions of cheating, sex (it’s all over the place) and plain old defect in the soulmate system.
Words: 4.1k
Note: Wrote all this Jungkook’s cover, Beautiful, a Goblin OST is on replay.

Concept: Every time you meet your soulmate, your pocket watch will start counting down the time you have with them until you part. For the amount of time you’re away from each other, whether it’s a month, a day, or just hours, the time is at a pause as your watch stares back at you with unmoving hands on the 12th hour. When you meet again, the countdown restarts.

Summary: Your watch comes alive in Jungkook’s presence, but often time, never as long as you will it to be no matter how hard you pray to the fates. The moments with him are fleeting and brief like the akin-to magical seconds you spend watching the cityscape buzz to life on nights you can’t sleep - nights Jungkook isn’t there to kiss your worries away and disappear like the wind blowing through cities at the break of dawn. When your the hands on your watch stills with glaring zeroes, you know where he’s at, you know who he’s with - he goes back to her, the woman who his time starts and ends with.

Originally posted by nnochu

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Bangtan Spells Compilation: Fights and Arguments.

Hello lovelies! It’s been a while since the last compilation, but here we are with one you will surely love. In this one we’ve gathered scenarios in which You and one of the boys are having a fight or an argument. We know you all love some drama, so here it is, enjoy!


  • Borderline: Seokjin’s ex comes back pretending to be pregnant to ruin your relationship and you breakup with him, he tries to convince you of the truth with the help of the boys. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • All that Remains: You break up just before Seokjin is going for tour so you leave things like that despite still loving each other, Jin is afraid of talking to you because he thinks you are mad, so the boys arrange for you to go to his birthday. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Running On Empty: You get jealous of Jin’s screen partner in a drama which winds up in Jin and you having a big fight.
  • Don’t You Remember: Jin and you got into a serious fight, while you try to cool off you take your daughter with you, but scared of a separation she seeks help from BTS to keep her parents together.  Genre: Family / Drama.
  • I Promise You Forever: Seokjin breaks up with you because of work but when you try to move on with another guy he tries to get you back. Genre: Romance / Drama.


  • Stay:  You meet Yoongi at the music shop where you work, since then he goes continuously to be able to see you, you want to be with him but just when your relationship gets serious you might have to go. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Edges You two are heirs of your companies and engaged because of it, there’s a love-hate relationship between you and a lot of tension because you love each other. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Unspoken:  You have a big fight when you tell Yoongi you don’t want children even though he wants a family, later you reveal you are afraid of him being an absent father. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • It Will Rain: Your family don’t approve of your relationship with Yoongi a famous rapper, when you go visit them he can’t stop himself from thinking someday you might not come back. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Let It Snow You want to celebrate Christmas big time but Yoongi isn’t very enthusiastic about it so you have a fight. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Safe Haven: You come from an abusive relationship, one time Yoongi and you are fighting and in the anger he lift his hand and you flinch, Yoongi realizes what is wrong and swears to protect you.
  • Heartstrings : You have a big fight because you feel neglected in the relationship, despite everything you want to be with him but Yoongi thinks he’s not good enough. Genre: Angst / Drama.
  • Dead Leaves: Yoongi is wrecked when you say you’re going to leave him because he’s not taking you seriously, later you find out you are pregnant. Genre: Angst / Romance.
  • In A Heartbeat: Yoongi and you were in a relationship but when you got pregnant you leave to not disturb his career, after three years you come back with a boy who looks like Yoongi.  Genre: Family / Drama.
  • Mad About You: Yoongi loses his cool when he gets jealous of one of your friends.
  • Wicked Games: Yoongi is a bad boy that wants you but all you do is argue until he starts to make you jealous with another girl. Genre: Romance.
  • Crash and Burn: You have an ugly fight after you miss a date so you don’t talk to each other for a few days until both of you give in. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Breathe Into Me: You have been keeping secrets from Yoongi, you have a huge fight because Yoongi thinks you are cheating on him, when you go out alone after that and your car breaks you get scared so you call Yoongi who gets very protective even more after hearing the truth of your secret. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Silent Treatment: You two are having a fight when he says something that hurts you so you give him the silent treatment and he tries to make it up. Genre:Romance.
  • Remains Of April: You get into an accident that causes you to forget everything from the past few years and still believe that you are dating Yoongi, he doesn’t remind you about the break up because he thinks this is his chance to start over. Genre: Angst / Drama.
  • Love Is Not Over: You are a writer that’s been given the opportunity to go to work to New York, doing that would mean fulfilling your dream, only that you’d have to give up on the love of your life, Yoongi. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Hidden Promises: Yoongi is neglecting you and your daughter because of his work, when he fails to go to the little girl’s ballet recital you decide it’s enough, you leave and decide to not talk to him until he reflects on his actions. Genre Family / Drama.
  • Harder To Breathe:  Yoongi snaps with anger and jealousy when Taehyung gets too touchy with you, afterwards you have a fight because of it. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • I Can’t Let You Go: Your relationship with Yoongi reaches a dead point, and then he gets in an scandal with a girl.  Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Everything To Him: Your ex is back in town and he insists in getting back with you, your boyfriend Yoongi is at first jealous and angry but then gets very protective when he discovers your ex is harassing you. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Two Faced Lovers: Yoongi and you hit it off right away after meeting, after getting pregnant he leaves and you abort, depressed and hopeless you start sleeping around to fill the void.  Genre: Angst / Drama.


  • Sweet Evening: You get jealous of one of his sister’s friends so you fight but it is also your anniversary. Genre: Romance.
  • The Girl Is Mine: You have a fight and break up because Hoseok is too jealous, later he protects you from a guy who was trying to touch you. Genre: Romance / Drama.


  • Worth Changing: Namjoon is always partying and drinking but he decides to change when his daughter is born. Genre: Family / Drama


  • Clarity: You are in the E.R with another male idol, Jimin doesn’t like any of it. Genre Romance / Drama.
  • Leaked: You are doing a risky photoshoot with a male model, when pictures get leaked Jimin isn’t pleased. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Earned It: Jimin gets more than jealous when he sees you doing an overly sexy special dance stage with Hoseok. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Kindhearted: Jimin and you have just moved together when in one of the boxes he finds a photo album with pictures of your ex boyfriend, Jimin gets really jealous and confronts you to discover it not what it seems.
  • Bad Behavior: Jimin is the bad guy at school who wants to date you, but you are always judging him. One day he confesses after school. Genre: Romance. 
  • Come a Little Closer: You have a big fight with Jimin and don’t talk to him for a few days but even if you are upset you can’t spend too much time without talking to each other. Genre:Romance / Drama.


  • 11:11: Your relationship reaches a point where Taehyung makes a harsh decision. Genre: Angst / Drama.
  • Only You: Taehyung is jealous of your best friend, Park Jimin. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Severely: Taehyung and you are having trouble as a couple, one time you get home and see him kissing another girl. Genre: Angst / Drama.
  • No One Else’s: Werewolf AU. Taehyung and you just found out you are mates, he’s very protective of you and very jealous of all the guys who you could be close with, but because of the past you are in a love-hate relationship with him. Genre: Romance.
  • Against All Odds: You are forced to marry each other, you really love him but he has a girlfriend. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Don’t Wish Is Over: You meet after two years of your breakup and you ask him to explain why everything ended. Genre: Romance / Drama.


  • Fools: The boys made a bet with Jungkook that he couldn’t date you, Jungkook won the bet and you guys became a couple with real feelings, after some time you find out about the bet. Genre: Romance / Drama
  • Be Mine: You’re best friends who secretly like each other, after an argument Jungkook gets distant and you are upset about no having by your side, until one day at school he pulls you with him and tells you his feelings.   Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • All Of Me: You are in your fourth year anniversary with Jungkook, you love him so you withstand how he neglects you but when he starts hanging out with a new girl you break down. Genre: Angst / Drama.
  • Lost Stars: Jungkook and you had a secret affair in school that ended up badly, a few years later you see each other again. Angst / Romance.
  • Still The One: When Jungkook reencounters with his first love he breaks up with you, but then he realizes his true feelings and wants you back. Genre: Angst / Drama.
  • Believe In Us: Jungkook is a popular student and you are a shy girl, when the rumor of him sleeping with someone else gets around Jungkook is expectant of your reaction. Romance / Drama.
  • Full OF Regret: Jungkook is having a hard time being a teen dad, one day you hear him saying he regrets meeting you. Genre: Angst / Drama.
  • Say Something: You are dating, but you’re so reserved one day he tells you he could be with anyone else because you don’t open up to him. Genre: Angst / Drama.
  • If This Isn’t Love: You have a fight when you join the military and Jungkook doesn’t want you to leave. Genre: Angst / Romance.
  • Second Chances: Jungkook goes out to have fun but does something really dumb that he regrets so he tells his pregnant girlfriend.  Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Pick Up The Pieces: When Jungkook sees you he can’t believe it, later he finds out you have a child and he is the father. Genre: Angst / Drama.
  • Undercover Surprise: Jungkook is secretly filming Masked King and since you love the show he wants his appearance there to be a surprise so he sneaks out for filming but you start to suspect he’s cheating. Genre: Romance.
  • Jumping Into Conclusions: You think he’s cheating with you best friend but it turns out an entirely different thing. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Tom: and this alleged affair with Belle has been going on for...?
  • Gaston: Two years.
  • Tom: and your first name is...?
  • Gaston: Gaston.
  • Tom: and your boyfriend's name is...?
  • Gaston: Lefou... I'm sorry, I misunderstand! You say 'boyfriend', I thought you say 'best friend'! Lefou is my <b> best friend</b>
  • Lefou: You bastard! You lying bastard!
  • Rich: So Mr. Heere... This alleged affair with Ms. Canigula has been going on for...?
  • Jeremy: 2 years
  • Rich: And your first name again is...?
  • Jeremy: Jeremy.
  • Rich: And your boyfriend's name is...?
  • Jeremy: Michael.
  • Everyone: *Gasps*
  • Jeremy: I'm sorry! I misunderstand. You said 'boyfriend', I thought you said 'best friend' Michael is my best friend.
  • Michael: You bastard!

Yeah. French writer. Total loser. Never had a real job. Unrequited love affairs. Gay. Spent 20 years writing a book almost no one reads. But he’s also probably the greatest writer since Shakespeare. Anyway, he uh… he gets down to the end of his life, and he looks back and decides that all those years he suffered, Those were the best years of his life, ‘cause they made him who he was. All those years he was happy? You know, total waste. Didn’t learn a thing. So, if you sleep until you’re 18… Ah, think of the suffering you’re gonna miss. I mean high school? High school-those are your prime suffering years. You don’t get better suffering than that.

Little Miss Sunshine (2006) dir. Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris

The Scandalous Life of George Eliot

George Eliot was, in fact, Mary Anne Evans. You probably knew George Eliot was a pen name. But did you know that Evans was, by the standards of the 1800s, a “loose woman.” From 1854, Evans openly had a twenty-year affair with the philosopher and intellectual George Henry Lewes. It was an affair, because Lewes was married the whole time. In 1860, she opened The Mill on the Floss with a dedication “To my beloved husband, George Henry Lewes.” Despite the fact that the novel was ostensibly written by a male “George Eliot” – and of course, that neither Mary Anne Evans nor George Eliot was married.

Lewes died in 1878, ending their love story. The scandal was over! But two years later the 60-year-old Evans married John Cross. He was twenty years her junior. The scandalous Mary Anne Evans was back on people’s lips. Still, when she died later that year, George Eliot was one of the most celebrated British authors. No one cares about your personal life when your novels are that good.

Read something on Lord Byron and Percy Shelley and now all I can think about is a Romantic poets AU where Georgi convinces a dark-mooded Viktor to come with him to their friend Christophe’s villa in Switzerland, and Viktor goes even though he knows that it will be nothing but a summer of chaperoning Georgi on his dates and trying to keep Christophe from putting his dick in places where it doesn’t belong. 

Why are you entering the country, reads the customs forms that they have to fill out, and Viktor puts down Holiday like a normal fucking person–Georgi puts down some shit like Enrichment of person and cleansing of soul, and then declares a ‘heart burdened with the knowledge of rejection’ on his possessions. They are detained on the Swiss boarder for six hours.

When they finally get to Chris’ villa, the sun is long gone and Chris tells them that another friend of his is already in residence, and would Viktor mind terribly sharing the guest house with him?

Viktor, who assumes the ‘friend’ is an illicit lover whom Christophe is providing temporary shelter to, agrees with grace to the arrangement. The guest house is large and it’s likely that the other guest and himself will lead entirely different schedules.

The man in the guest house is Yuuri Katsuki. With whom Viktor had had the briefest of love affairs a year ago whilst in Paris. He and Mister Katsuki spent a night dancing, laughing, stealing furtive kisses. They fell asleep together on the balcony of Viktor’s Uncle’s Apartments and when Viktor woke up, he was very much alone.

Katsuki is a skittering thing–he keeps his head low, usually in a book, and tends to be out when Viktor is in, and in when Viktor is out. Viktor can only assume that it is shame over their liaison.

“We have to leave,” Viktor says to Georgi, glaring across the breakfast table at Christophe, who nibbles on a scone innocently. 

“Nonsense, Vitya,” says Georgi, who has already found and lost three ‘future wives’ in the time they have been here. “We’ve only been here two weeks. We were planning to spend the summer.”

“We could just as easily holiday in Saint Petersburg,” says Viktor, clutching his pant leg tight under the table. Mister Katsuki is, as usual, absent. “Or Moscow.”

“I can’t stand Russia this time of year,” Georgi says, and attains a sort of whistful melancholy with which he gazes out the window. “It…reminds me.”

“Good lord,” Viktor mutters under his breath.

Historians will later call this portion of Viktor Nikiforov’s life The Summer of Pining. There will be entire books written about the summer he spent gazing after Yuuri Katsuki from behind manuscripts and writing uncharacteristically lavender poetry about a man with deep brown eyes and raven hair and slight stature. It will come to be known as one of the great romances of the Romantic Era. Movies will be made about it in 1936, 1970, 1998. The great actors of stage and cinema will do some of their best work portraying Viktor Nikiforov’s longing gazes and Yuuri Katsuki’s demure shyness.

These portrayals will get many things right, for both Nikiforov and Katsuki were prolific diarists, and most if not all of that summer in Switzerland is carefully articled in a series of notebooks which were donated to various institutions by grandchildren and great grandchildren. 

However, there are two things which every portrayal gets wrong–but it’s hard not to, because these things were never written down.

One: Viktor Nikiforov had become acquainted with Yuuri Katsuki far before their encounter at Christophe Giacometti’s villa. Some historians will realize that they were in Paris at the same time a year before their fated meeting at the villa, but they will never be able to put them in the same place at the same time–and the dark mood which Nikiforov descends into for the following year will always be blamed on a bout of writer’s block–for Nikiforov’s works at this time in his life are sparse, and mostly have the air of a man deeply depressed.

Two: Yuuri Katsuki could drink six men under the table, but could not for the life of him remember anything that happened that night in Paris.

“Oh God,” Yuuri whimpers as Viktor recounts the story to him. “Heavens. Lord preserve me.”

“You are a fantastic dancer, mon cheri,” Christophe says, and Yuuri sinks under the table. 

“You can never tell anyone about this,” comes the wail from under the table. “Give me your word. Swear to me. None of you will ever.”

“Poo-poo, how boring,” Chris grumbles.


The marauders met way before their Hogwarts years. Remus wasn’t even a werewolf yet. They were about 4 and all of them were taken to Diagon Alley by their parents for different reasons but ended up meeting at Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour.

Walburga Black let Sirius play with little James Potter as she caught up with a very polite and pure blooded Euphemia Potter. Sirius was just standing very still as he watched James bounce all over the place, letting his ice cream drip to the ground, as he excitedly told Sirius a story that sounded everything but real.

Then, they heard the bell from the door and a lady walked in with small chubby kid holding on tightly to her mother’s hand, half hiding behind her as he chose what ice cream he wanted to eat. James watched the boy curiously and walked over to him. “The chocolate frog with popping caramel is really good.” He told the boy over his shoulder getting a jump out of him. Little Peter Pettigrew looked over at James Potter and smiled before asking his mother for the chocolate frog flavoured ice cream with popping caramel.

Peter’s mother let him chat with the young Potter and Black, just glad to see her son talk with other kids his age for once. He looked happy too.

Then a man walked inside the shop, carrying his son who was wildly trying to explain his father why he really needed a wand like… right now. Lyall Lupin chuckled and put Remus down so he could pick his ice cream flavour. Remus looked up at his father and was trying to bargain a “Alright if I don’t get a wand, at least I can get two flavours” kind of deal when he gained the attention of a curious Sirius Black. And once Remus made it and was patiently waiting for his two scoops, Sirius elbowed James and Peter and walked over to him. he just had to meet the boy who got his father to get him two scoops of ice cream. I mean, two scoops! And it was almost dinner time! 

After that parents started calling their respective kids to go on with their affairs and the boys wouldn’t meet again for years. 

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