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Personally, I'm not really buying the whole "Eclipsa wasn't really evil/was just misunderstood" thing that some fans believe. Based on what we've seen, do you think she could be an example of Affably Evil or the reverse of Good Is Not Soft ("Evil Is Not Hard")?

I don’t know for sure. Eclipsa is certainly more than what she seems, and the show is setting her up for a big reveal. Personally I think she’s not as evil as people in the show say she is. She’s feared because she mastered dark magic and ran off with a monster lover. In fact Monster Lover is one of her titles, and we’re already seen that Mewni’s monsters aren’t pure evil. The Mewmans invaded their home and they’ve been oppressed, feared, and hated for years. So for a Mewman queen like Eclipsa to be sympathetic toward them and even fall in love with one would be a huge scandal and make her a target of fear and scorn.

We also don’t know the reason why Rhombulus put her in the crystal. Did she actually do something wrong or was he acting on one of his whims? He obviously thinks she’s evil but his word is unreliable since he’s zapped people who did nothing wrong before. Glossaryck spoke positively about her, saying she was the only queen who let him be. And Glossaryck is confusing and has his own weird set of morals, but he’s usually right. So Eclipsa sounds like she could be a complex character, someone who lives by her own rules and does things her own way for her own reasons that could be dangerous and may or may not be socially acceptable. Not unlike Star Butterfly herself.

Also we still don’t know very much about dark magic in general. Is all of it dangerous and does it always lead to corruption? Star looked at Eclipsa’s chapter before and nothing bad happened to her, but it had a powerful effect on Marco. Why is that? Is dark magic less stable and more unpredictable? Are certain people more susceptible to harm from it? Does it take a special kind of person to master it?

And then there’s the possibility that Eclipsa had children. She’s a Butterfly but could she be related to Toffee somehow? Is Toffee half-Mewman? Or what about Miss Heinous? She has Butterfly family cheek marks but nobody seems to know about her connection to them. Who were her parents? Is she a long lost Butterfly through Eclipsa’s bloodline?

So yeah, I don’t have a solid opinion on Eclipsa yet. I just have a bunch of fragmented ideas and theories floating around my head.

Kwami Swap AU gone dark - Part 1, Origins

Part 1 (you are here!), Part 2, Part 3

I have to warn you, this is gonna be a hella long post. I’m sorry.

So, I can’t believe how long it took me but I finally realized why I don’t particularly enjoy how the Kwami swap AU is usually portrayed. Or better, I do enjoy it, but in a highly specific setting: the “Akuma somehow gets them to swap powers" one. That, I love. It has so much comedic and character insight potential, how could I not love it? Nothing like getting to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes to better understand them, right? No, what perplexed me was the other kind of Kwami Swap. The “they get the opposite Miraculous from the get go”.

So far, I’ve only seen this AU played out as something fluffy, but I’m talking past the cutesy idea of seeing our heroes in each other’s suits and roles.What could the actual implications of such an idea be, put realistically (as much as you can when talking about a fictional work) into the show’s canon? Because to me that would be a proper nightmare on so many levels that it’s actually kind of interesting. And this, really, is the whole point of this post. Brace yourself, it gets depressing.

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kuroshitsuji | sebastian michaelis

then there are villains who are affably evil. there is absolutely nothing separating them from being normal, polite people except for the fact that they want to take over the world or use human souls to power their artifact of doom. they’re not the stepford smiler — their affability is a genuine part of their personality, not a mask. if they have underlings, expect them to be a benevolent boss. in one way, they’re the opposite of an anti-hero. they may pet the dog on occasion, but won’t hesitate to kick it with steel-toed boots the next second if it helps them accomplish their evil plan. they may well be a villain with good publicity because, after all, being evil doesn’t mean you have to be anti-social.

Palpatine - Faux Affably Evil

I think some of my absolute favourite star warsy story scenes are of Palpatine simultaneously being friendly and creepy as hell.

I thought he fit the Faux Affably Evil character trope really well: turns out our friendly neighbourhood Sith Lord is actually on the list, wonderful!

Dads ranking:

I love grey hair, dark eyes, and the color combo of red/black. Also his name is Robert Smalls. Both those names make me think of my favorite Robert tho his sense of style aint nearly as good. And I see that grey chest hair. Work it.

Wearing purple, cute hair, dimples AND glasses. He looks soft and beautiful and like he smells like sweet coffee. Ugly ass jacket though… I mean you can pull it off cuz ya pretty but dont think thats a good look honey.

Now now im not always for gingers… but I do love a bear. Handsome beardy fella with freckles and loves corgis? I aint mad at it. Hes also got droopy eyes. My one true weakness (not including all my other weaknesses). He dresses like a scrub but again I aint mad at it.

I do love me a man bun and I respect a guy who can pull off a tache and not look like a creeper. Hes also got glasses and he got that ‘looks shy but is secretly filthy’ kinda vibe. But that color of suit makes him look dusty. Thats why youre rankin so low honey.

Man in purple, paints his nails, uses a bold eyeshadow…. Hes fine. Hes got a cool name and great nose. What wins me over is he looks kinda sad sometimes and I put the pathetic in sympathetic…

Hed probably be higher on this list but I dont like babies… and I especially hate when babies stare at me, plotting their little nasty baby shenanigans… I dont got time for that. other than that hes boringly attractive… but I really like his eyes and thick eyebrows though he does have that Vanilla Ice thing goin on.

I hate the name Joseph, I dont like blonds, and he looks like hed be like super rich and ignorant or like the ‘unexpected‘, faux affably evil villain in a movie. He also looks like he skinned Fifi.

Fifi are you alive…

i cannot believe i just saw someone describe kravitz as “affably evil.” that’s wildly incorrect and defamatory. he’s affably lawful neutral in crystal kingdom, and then he goes on a date and a cute boy touches his hand and he becomes affably neutral gay. get it right.

MBTI types as TV Tropes (one heroic, one villanous)

INTJ Hero: Xanatos Speed Chess

INTJ Villain: The Chessmaster

INTP Hero: Absentminded Professor

INTP Villain: Mad Scientist

ENTJ Hero: Benevolent Boss

ENTJ Villain: Affably Evil

ENTP Hero: Jerk With a Heart of Gold

ENTP Villain: Batman Gambit

INFJ Hero: The Obi-Wan

INFJ Villain: Well Intentioned Extremist

INFP Hero: Cloudcuckoolander

INFP Villain: Freudian Excuse

ENFJ Hero: The Paragon

ENFJ Villain: The Paragon Always Rebels

ENFP: Manic Pixie Dream Girl

ENFP Villain: Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant

ISTJ Hero: Badass Normal

ISTJ Villain: The Dragon

ISTP Hero: Anti Hero

ISTP Villain: Professional Killer

ESTJ Hero: By the Books Cop

ESTJ Villain: Control Freak

ESTP Hero: Proud Warrior Race Guy

ESTP Villain: Blood Knight

ISFJ Hero: Hyper Competent Sidekick

ISFJ Villain: The Brute

ISFP Hero: Black and White Morality

ISFP Villain: The Rival

ESFJ Hero: The Cape

ESFJ Villain: Beware the Superman

ESFP Hero: Plucky Comic Relief

ESFP Villain: Fashion-Victim Villian

Made by @swordchucksyo 

What I’d like to see most of all in BL3 would be something unusual, almost preposterous - I’d like to see Gearbox’s take on a Rogue/ Paladin type Vault Hunter. I imagine the skillset would be some sort of mishmash between Roland from BL1 and Zer0 From BL2 and I’d love their personality to be absolutely insane, warm and gentle one moment and then coldly cunning and bloodthirsty the next, almost like some affably evil Blackguard type. DnD references y'all.

A list of possible ideas and plot twists that I think could happen in Dangan Ronpa 3:
  • The setting will look similar to Hope’s Peak Academy, except with differences players of the first game will notice such as rooms and objects being in places they shouldn’t be. It then turns out this Hope’s Peak Academy is just an imperfect replica to house this killing game.
  • In addition, it turns out this replica is actually in a remote place that the characters won’t be able to escape from easily, such as in the middle of the desert, under the ocean, or up even in space. I wouldn’t put it past this series.
  • There will be a nice character who befriends the protagonist quickly, reminding the player of Sayaka Maizono and Nagito Komaeda and drawing the player’s suspicion. It will then turn out this character is 100% nice and kind with no hidden murderous intentions or insanity at all.
  • So far we’ve had two protagonists who both love Hope’s Peak Academy and are excited to go. How about a protagonist who absolutey hates Hope’s Peak Academy but is forced to go anyway?
  • Instead of a protagonist who’s talent is luck or has no talent, we will have a protagonist with an SHSL talent.
  • The protagonist is the first to be murdered, and the POV switches to a different character straight after.
  • Better yet, the protagonists solves the first few murders and everything seems normal, and then the protagonist gets murdered, right in the middle of the game with no warning.
  • We’ve had a protagonist who turned out to be a amnesiac Junko Enoshima. How about a protagonist who turns out to be a amnesiac Makoto Naegi?
  • We won’t be told what happened to the cast of SDR2 and Another Episode after the events of their games.
  • It will turn out AI Junko escaped somehow and has taken over one of the SDR2 kids.
  • Worse, AI Junko took over one of the Future Foundation kids.
  • Monaka will be the faux affably evil big bad.
  • We are led to believe the big bad is Monaka, but it turns out to be someone completely different.
  • It will be revealed that not all of the SDR2 characters have responded well to rehabilitation, possibly leading us to another game with one of the SDR2 characters as the new big bad.
  • A Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 twist where it turns out DR3 is actually a prequel.
  • More AIs are introduced.
  • It will turn out none of the characters are actual SHSL students: they are simply normal high school students who were kidnapped and had their memories altered. This will be hinted at by showing none of the characters to be actually good at their supposed ‘talents.’
  • There will be many video game and anime references.

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I'm a huge fan of your art work. I was wondering, in your immortals au what would you do with Finns character?

I’m really glad you enjoy my work! As for Finn:

Long story short, he’s something of an Irish Erlking! Of the Fae subclass, same as Satyr!Daniel Bryan. He’s Lawful Neutral for most part though being the head of the Wild Hunt (he sees Immortals as being prime game/is honored in the idea of hunting them down), he occasionally crosses the line into Affably Evil. 
Roman runs into him shortly after escaping The Authority and managed to cut a deal with him initially though he still has his eyes out for the prized ‘hound’ who he’s pegged as a worthy quarry. 

He doesn’t care about anyone else save other Faes as he sort of sees himself as their lord/king, so while he has no love for the Rebellion whatsoever, he despises Bray even more for encroaching on his territory/trying to snag his people to be used and corrupted, which is his basis of working together with the good guys. 

Unlike Roman and some others, he didn’t come with an anchor so he has no memories of who he once was. There is something about the wild redhead who calls herself ‘Bex’ which intrigues him however, even if he can’t quite pin it down yet. 

Teen Wolf Meta: Fanon vs Canon

((or, why calling them ‘adorable puppy’ and 'sassy uncle’ is a disservice to their characters))

As with any show, Teen Wolf has had its hiatuses, which have left the fandom with time to think.

Which is the worst thing for any fandom, really. Because, invariably, things get twisted around in one’s head (whether due to fan fiction or metas or just plain remembering incorrectly/forgetting things). No one’s fault. And I’m guilty of it myself.

But these tidbits of mis-information, though seemingly small, can lead to large character misunderstanding, and cries of OOC when the character doesn’t match up with Fanon’s view of them.

So here are the 2 characters I feel have taken the brunt of it:

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Short guide to the new Star Wars characters. Spoiler free in case someone still haven’t seen the movie.

FINN (FN-2187)

- “Big Deal Resistanceman”
- Christened by Poe (previously known as FN-2187)
- Almighty Janitor
- Deserts from the First Order, because he didn’t want to shoot innocents, joins the resistance to shoot the First Order
- Child soldier upbringing
- Butt monkey for the majority of the comedy in the movie
- “Cowardly Lion” type character development
- Chronic hero syndrome (especially towards Rey ^^)
- Thinks he can swing a lightsaber


- Badass Adorkable
- Knows something about waiting
- The ingenue in a scavenger world
- Never seen grass
- Abandonment issues
- Damsel out of distress
- Can fly the Millennium Falcon – big props
- Is a fan of the main characters from the original trilogy
- Actually can swing a lightsaber


- Ace Pilot (and by ace I mean The Ace, he’s like a one-man squadron)
- Can even fly on a barn front door
- Big brother of the group
- Finn’s wing man
- Deadpan snarker
- Viva la resistance


- The obligatory astromech droid
- A droid head on a rolling sphere, how does it work!
- Cute machine
- The funny guy
- The hero in the back


- The big bad
- Dark, Evil and Ax-Crazy (or is he?)
- Badass family
- Has anger issues
- Mood-Swinger (and kinda emo)
- Vader fanboy (the sole reason he wears that helmet)
- Villain with hidden depths
- Non-standard lightsaber


- The military man brat of the new evil group, as opposed to Kylo Ren being the Dark Jedi
- Calm and self-assured non-action guy, as opposed to Kylo Ren being the passionate, plagued with self-doubt fighter
- Competes with Kylo Ren for their senpai notice
- As you might have guessed, he and Kylo Ren doesn’t like each other much
- Large ham
- Third Reich level speech skills


- Tall stormtrooper lady
- The new Boba Fett
- Other stormtroopers are jelly of her cuz she has a real name
- Dumped


- “Snoke” really?
- The bigger bad
- Affably evil
- Looks as like Voldemort and Gollum had a child
- Was the one that corrupted Kylo Ren

What News Novice? Roleplay

Malik sighed. It was a rainy day in Jerusalem, which was rare. Malik walked to the lobby of the bureau and watched as the heavy rain hosed down the fountain and the half of the room. He wondered about Altair. He knew that the novice hated water let alone rain. Malik chuckles to himself as he thinks of Altair huddled under a bench or a shop roof better. Malik walked back inside the bureaus main office and began working on his maps.


Teen Wolf + TV Tropes

Affably Evil: Usually, villains have a personality or manner that underscores how evil they are. Then there are villains who are affably evil. There is absolutely nothing separating them from being normal, polite people except for the fact that they want to take over the world or use human souls to power their artifact of doom. They’re not the Stepford smiler — their affability is a genuine part of their personality, not a mask.