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[Submission] Title: Baekhyun Attempts to Understand Love

Author: pogniscrow

Length: Two Shot

Status: Complete

Rating: PG-13 (for strong language)

Genre: AU, Humor, Fluff, Romance

Summary: Baekhyun turns up at Kyungsoo’s at four in the morning. He gets more than what he bargained for.

Reason for submitting: I originally thought this was already submitted, it is that good of a fic. I realized it wasn’t when someone sent in a ask about it (Fic Search #9, ask #7 -the one about Baekhyun trying to find out if he loves Chanyeol, ft. a certain Sehun skyping Luhan and Chen being jealous because Luhan was Xiumin’s ex). Kyungsoo is me in this fic, and it’s just overall a very very enjoyable read. Very light and fluffy despite Satansoo’s strong language.

Two Weeks Notice

Summary: “Chanyeol, Chanyeol, Chanyeol. What is it?”
“Okay. I’m judging Miss Korea contest in an hour and on television. What do you think?”
“Chanyeol please don’t tell me you called me out of a wedding to help you pick up a suit. Please!”
“You ran out of a wedding? You wan out of a wedding? Why did you do that?! That’s horrible—“
“You said it was an emergency.”
Author: holdbaek
Side Pairing: Kaisoo
Length: Twoshots
Status: Completed
Genre: Fluff, Office au
Rating: PG-13

my thoughts on fanfic readers

I write fanfics on aff (kaisoo, baekyeol, xiuhan, other pairings), and a lot of people read them. According to the statistics, 16,000 people have read one of my newer one shots, and I worked really really hard on it. I guess I can’t help but feel kind of taken advantage of when so many people read it, but can’t be bothered to leave a single comment, subscribe or even upvote. I know it’s not all about that stuff, and that I should be happy people even want to read my stories, but out of 16k people, only 30 or so bother to leave any type of feedback. Makes me wonder if the story was good, bad, whether I could’ve worked on the plot better, or if there was anything worth reading in it. I spend so much of my time writing and updating, but people to just read and move on.

I’ve also noticed this on soooo many other fanfics. Some stories are brilliant, plot is so well written, but they have like 10 subs and 2 comments, but the views are in the thousands.

I wish readers would be inclined to leave feedback, that’s all I wanted to say I guess

Our Love Is Green - (taegi)

*so I posted this oneshot on my aff account. I was inspired by the ‘Run’ concept photos and basically taegi’s matching green hair ;D 

Taehyung’s boyfriend was a handful.

And really, that was putting things lightly.

Min Yoongi was a complex creature full of Tattoos and vulgar language. He had a piercing stare, and a smile that was just as deadly. He was infamous, but that didn’t matter to him. He didn’t care about being feared or revered, he just minded his own business and let people think whatever they wanted of him.

Taehyung loved him.

But he didn’t love how stubborn his boyfriend could be.

“It’s just green hair, Tae.”

Taehyung’s eyes widened. He took his feet off the dashboard of Yoongi’s beat up truck, and sat up in his seat.

Just green hair? Ok, would you like my parents to just ground me forever? Would you like to just never see me again?”

Yoongi rolled his eyes as he drummed his fingers along the steering wheel.

“You’re the one who wanted us to act more like a couple. I figured we could start with matching hair.”

Now Taehyung was the one rolling his eyes.

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Title: Puppy eyes

Author: FanTheWind

Status: Complete

Rating: NC 17

Length: one shot

Genre: fluff, romance, slight!angst, smut, beagle hybrid!chanyeol & beagle hybrid!baekhyun, hurt comfort

Summary: Junmyeon just adores Beagles, but Chanyeol is a handful. When he leaves for work he prays that the house isn’t on fire when he gets back.
Recently, though, Chanyeol’s been a bit aggressive lately, and Junmyeon decides he needs a playmate. Of course, though, he wasn’t going to get just any hybrid. He has his own gain from this: He plans on breeding them himself.

Admin Shiba: SO adorable, and the romance is so well developed. Definitely my favorite hybrid fic!



**I’ve decided to debut this here since it’s got decent views on AFF.**

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Warnings: smut, language
Word count: 3680

Originally posted by yong-guks

Four months, one week, and three days. That’s how long it had been since she’d last seen him

“Hey baby girl.” His voice was deep and smoky. “Hey.” She replied with a smile on her face. “You ready for me?” The smile dropped and she could feel her throat tightening. She couldn’t see him, but she could tell that he was smiling. “Yes.” She whispered. She was more ready than she wanted to say out loud. It was almost embarrassing how much her body craved his touch. How could you tell someone something like that? “Good.” He said, voice cutting into her thoughts, “Because I’m coming for you.” And with that, he hung up. She stared at her phone in disbelief. He had something planned, that much she was sure of. 

There was a knock at the door and she rushed over to it, pausing to readjust his oversized t-shirt over her thighs. “It’s cold, kitten.” His voice called out to her. She reached out to turn the knob, hesitating again. Maybe she wasn’t ready for him. “The longer I’m standing here, the longer it’ll be before I touch you.” Exhaling, she opened the door. There he was, in all of his ethereal glory. Bang Yongguk, and he wasn’t smiling. “I don’t like to be kept waiting, love.” She felt a jolt in her stomach as she stepped aside to let him in. “I-I’m sorry.” She apologized quickly. “Are you hungry?” She asked him as she closed the front door behind him. He tilted his head to the side, glancing down at her thighs with a small smirk on his lips and a devilish glint in his eyes, “Starving.” She swallowed and cleared her throat, shifting uncomfortably from one leg to the other. “T-there’s umm….food…in the kitchen..” He reached out and pulled her to him, leaning down to speak directly into her ear, “I didn’t say I wanted food, love.” Her eyes slid close on their own, hands reaching out to touch him. He caught her wrists easily, holding them close enough to his body that she could feel the heat radiating from him, but far enough that she couldn’t touch him like she wanted to. “It’s been a while since I’ve tasted you, love. I’ve missed the way you taste.” Another jolt shot through her belly and she could have sworn she blacked out for a moment. It was always like this. Him coming and going as he pleased, using her body however he liked. That was their agreement. This wasn’t anything other than pure, unadulterated sex. From the moment he walked into her life, sex. Mind blowing, body bruising, soul reviving sex.  There were no barriers. None. They explored almost every aspect of the sexual spectrum and it was glorious. Most times he was rough, animalistic even. Then there were the times where he went slow, making absolutely sure she could feel every inch of him. 

She wasn’t too sure which one of those times this time was, but by the way he was acting, she was in for it. 

He leaned his head down, nosing up her neck, pressing small kisses to her skin as he went. “Mmmm…you smell nice.” He moaned quietly. She was barely holding on. God, she wanted more than anything to reach out and touch him, any part of him, but his grip was unyielding. She tried pulling her hands away from him. His lips on her neck stopped moving and he leaned away. He cut her a look. “I-I…I’m sorry.” She rushed to apologize. He narrowed his eyes, “You’re sorry…." 

"Sir. I’m sorry, sir.” She hurriedly corrected herself. “Good girl.” He smirked. She was melting. She loved when he got like this. In any other setting, she wouldn’t even almost tolerate being spoken to like this. But for him, she made an exception. “Have you been a good girl and kept from touching yourself today? Or have you gone against my wishes, love?” Her face flushed and she wanted to hide away from his piercing gaze. Their earlier phone conversation flashed in her mind. 

She had never felt so…vulnerable and exposed. The things he was saying to her. She could practically feel him on her as he spoke. He had called her and told her to keep the phone close to her ear, making her close her eyes so that she could focus only on the sound of his voice. “Listen very closely, kitten.” He’d said to her. She did listen. She listened and felt like she would explode. Never did she think that listening as a man jerked himself off on the other end would be so hot. The sounds of his moaning and his hand sliding against slick skin was almost unbearable. She was reaching, down to try and soothe the ever-growing ache in her core. “Don’t.” He said, voice slicing through the thick fog in her mind. “What?” She questioned, hand hovering. “I know what you’re about to do, love. I said don’t.” How could he possibly know what she was about to do? “You’ll regret it.” The threat was clear. Touch yourself and reap the consequences.

“N-no. Of course not.” She lied. He grabbed her chin, “You’re lying.” She shook her head back and forth quickly, “No!” The grip tightened, “And you’re still lying.” Her heart rate kicked up and she felt his grip tighten a fraction more. “I don’t like being lied to, love.” Her heart was going crazy, threatening to beat out of her chest. “I’m sorry.” He tilted her chin up, “You’re sorry…" 

"I’m sorry, sir.” She whispered. She was afraid. Afraid of what her body might go through, afraid of how much she’ll enjoy being pushed to her limits. The hidden dangers of the evening licked up her spine in a delicious chill, giving her a sudden boldness. “I touched myself. And it felt good.” She smirked. He let go of her chin, choosing instead to grab a fistful of hair, yanking her head back. “Sir.” She added with a smirk. “I wouldn’t be smiling if I were you, kitten.” The fire in his eyes made her blood run cold. She was no longer feeling the boldness she had been a second ago. No, she wasn’t feeling bold anymore. The fear was settling back into her body, and it was cold. “Remember what I said earlier, kitten?” She did remember. You’ll regret it. Rang in her mind. She did regret it, she really did. “Yes.” She whispered. “So you know that you’re in trouble, right?” Trouble. She’d never been in trouble with Yongguk. She’d always done whatever was necessary to please him. Bending to his liking and giving him everything he wanted her to do. Today was the exception and now her poor body was going to pay for her disobedience. “You had one job today. One.” He let her face go, trailing his fingers down her neck, “You missed my touch that much?” He breathed. “It wasn’t the same.” She said quietly. “Of course not!” He laughed. “Did you really think your own touch was anything like mine?” He was serious again, fingers trailing down over the tops of her breasts. His eyes bore into hers and she wanted more than anything to shrink away from his gaze, but she couldn’t. It was impossible to look away from him. “I missed you.” She finally admitted out loud. He smirked at this and leaned his head down, her eyes automatically slid closed. His lips ghosted over her own, “I know.” She felt his lips brush hers, it was so light that she wasn’t sure it happened. Her eyes opened and she found him looking at her with his arms folded over his chest. She cleared her throat and stood up straight, “Is something the matter?” She asked, trying to hide her disappointment. “Did you really think you’d get it that easy?” She swallowed, backing away from him. He pressed a finger to the middle of her chest, pushing her backward. “Tonight is to remind you that if you don’t do what I tell you, there’s consequences.” He pushed her until her back hit a wall, her eyes fluttered shut on impact, her heart going a mile a minute. If only he weren’t able to read her like a book, she would have been able to get away with lying. But this was Yongguk, and regardless of whether or not she wanted to admit it, he had her all the way turned out. There was no going back to how she was before she met him. His right hand closed around her neck, and she welcomed the familiar feeling. Using his knee, he nudged her legs apart, “Don’t move unless I tell you to. Understood?” She nodded, afraid her voice would crack if she answered him out loud. “Look at me and answer correctly.” Her eyes opened slowly and locked on his, “Yes, sir.” He crushed his lips to hers, catching her off guard. His earlier warning forgotten, she reached out for him, knotting her hands into the front of his shirt, pulling him forward until their bodies were molded together. She sighed into the kiss, abandoning his shirt to push her hands into his hair. She clung to him, not caring about how it might have made her look. She wanted him, she wanted him so badly in that moment that she was sure she would spontaneously combust if she was denied. He was good for it, denying her. He would tease her past the point of torture and then leave her to crumble into millions of pieces without so much as a promise to see her again. She hated him. She hated him so much that it made her see red whenever she thought about how much anger she held against him. He wound his arms around her, pulling her even closer as she tilted her head and deepened the kiss. When she nipped at his bottom lip, his arms were no longer around her waist, he was pushing against her, slamming her back to the wall. She stared at him, breathing hard. She knew he was just as affected by this as she was. She also knew that he wouldn’t allow himself to lose his control when he was there for one reason and one reason only, to punish her for going against what he’d said. 

Yongguk stared down at her, chest rising and falling quickly as he tried to catch his breath. Him being this affected was his own fault. He’d never gone that long without getting his fill of her. He didn’t think it would be that big of an issue until now. He was fine with being without her, or so he thought. And now she could see that there was a possibility she would go without punishment. “Yongguk..” He shot her a look and she stopped talking. “Did I or did I not tell you to keep still?” She reached out for him and he moved back, “Stand still!” He bellowed. She shrank away from the volume of his voice, backing into the wall with her hands locked behind her. “You’re a glutton for punishment aren’t you?” She shook her head back and forth, “N-no! Yongguk, I..”
“Stop talking.” He interrupted. Her mouth snapped shut and she waited. “Go to your room and wait for me. Lay on your stomach and do. Not. Move. Do you understand me?” She nodded and rushed away from him in the direction of her bedroom.

She hurriedly laid down on her bed like he’d said to. Her stomach was is knots as she tried to figure out how to fix the situation. She wasn’t entirely sure she’d be able to hand whatever it was he had in mind for her. It had been too long without him and her body had gotten conditioned to being without him. She heard her bedroom door open and she closed her eyes tight, biting into her comforter. He was quiet, saying nothing to her as he climbed on to her bed. He pushed his hands under the t-shirt, hooking his fingers into her underwear, yanking them down her legs. He tapped her side, signaling her to turn over. She let go of the blanket and turned over on to her back, her legs falling open without him having to say anything. “If you’re good, I’ll let you cum.” He yanked her down the bed by her ankles, bending her legs at the knee. He leaned over her, coming down low enough to kiss her lightly, “Do you remember the safe word, kitten?” She nodded, “Yes, sir.” He smiled at her then, “You’re welcome to use it at any time.” A brief look of confusion passed over her face. Since when did he bring up the safe word? What was he planning to do to her? “Yongguk….” He ran a finger up her slick folds, without warning, cutting her off. “There she is.” He mused as he coated his finger in her wetness. He sucked his finger into his mouth, closing his eyes. Even if she wanted to look away from him, she couldn’t. “I don’t think I’ll get tired of the way you taste.” His voice sent a jolt up her spine and she almost choked on the spit in her mouth. The teasing was starting early. “I’ve missed you too, you know.” He settled between her legs, pressing a kiss to the inside of her knee. “I missed the way you smell, coconut is one of my favorite scents.” Another kiss, a little higher up. “I’ve missed the way you taste.” Another kiss. “I’ve missed the way you say my name before you cum.” Another kiss. “I’ve missed the way you tighten your legs around me when you’re close.” Another kiss. His lips moved against her thigh as he spoke, “I’ve missed the way you feel.” Another kiss, moving closer and closer to where she was dying to have him. He pressed a small kiss to her folds and she almost burst into tears. Why was he doing this to her? Did she really deserve to be teased like this? “Someone’s dripping on to the blankets..” Her face burned in embarrassment. If she weren’t afraid of what he’d do, she’d kick him off of her bed. “Yongguk, I swear to G-..” He touched the tip of his tongue to her clit and without meaning to, she bucked her hips towards his face. She heard him chuckle from between her legs and without warning, he closed his mouth around her clit and sucked. Her back bowed off of the bed and she cried out. It had been too long, way too long since his mouth was on her like this and if he continued like he was, she wouldn’t be able to hold on. He flicked his tongue against the sensitive bundle of nerves before sucking into his mouth again. Her legs closed around his shoulders and she reached down, grabbing a fistful of his hair. She leaned up on her other hand, pushing her body into a slight sitting position as he continued his onslaught on her core. The grip on his hair tightened and she rolled her hips forward, causing her clit to slide against his tongue. He flattened his tongue against her, allowing her to chase after her own high. “Oh my God, oh my God!” She flopped back down on to her back and felt him slip two fingers into her entrance. Tears sprang to her eyes as he continued, unrelentingly pushing her closer and closer to the edge. Somewhere in the fog that settled in her mind, a phone rang. Before she could stop him, his mouth was gone from her. “WHY?!” She cried, eyes flying open. He held his hand up, silencing her. “Hello?” He answered. He actually answered his phone! What the hell? He placed the phone on her lower stomach, “What’re you doing?” Someone with a deep voice asked him. “Eating.” He said, looking right at her. She tried to sit up, only to be pushed back down. This wasn’t happening. He licked his lips, smirking at her. “Some of the guys want to get together tonight.” The person on the other line said. Yongguk put his index and middle finger into his mouth for a moment, taking a second to suck her juices from them before answering, “When?” There was silence for a moment, giving Yongguk enough time to rid himself of the rest of his clothes. “They’re all heading out now.” He climbed back over her, pushing her legs further apart, “Now?” He lined himself with her entrance, grabbing on to her knees to hold her legs against him as he pressed into her slowly, inch by inch. “Yeah. We’re going to grab something to eat first, so since you already ate, you can just meet us for drinks.” He snapped his hips forward, “Okay. Text me where you’re going.” 

“Alright. Oh! I almost forgot! Daehyun’s claiming he’s getting married.” Yongguk laughed and snapped his hips forward again, causing a small moan to pull itself from her throat. “Hold on..” He leaned down, “Did I tell you to be quiet?” She stared at him incredulously, “No..” She whispered. “Then why are you?” Her eyes widened, “You’re on the phone!” She mouthed. “Your point?” Her chest hurt, he couldn’t really be serious. “You still there, Chan?”
“Why’s he going to get married this time?” Chan launched into a story about how Daehyun’s girlfriend was threatening to leave him and marriage was the only thing that he could think of. She remained silent. Fighting back moan after moan as he snapped his hips forward, slow and hard. It was taking everything she had to stay quiet. Everything. She had a death grip on her blanket, and she was sure her lip was bleeding from the way she was biting into it. She closed her eyes and kept them closed. From the way he was yanking her hips into his, she could tell he was angry. The conversation continued as he fucked into her without changing pace. Her orgasm was building slowly and it was maddening. It was there, and she wanted more than anything to be sent hurtling into it, but he was angry and there was no telling how long it would be before she’d be able to cum. “Look at me.” He demanded quietly enough for only her to hear. She opened her eyes just as he changed the angle of his hips. Her mouth fell open in a silent scream as he pressed deeper into her, changing his pace. He grunted as he drove into her over and over and over, not allowing her to catch up to him. “Dude, you okay?”
“Let me call you back.” He responded, voice tight. He didn’t wait for a response before hanging up. He threw the phone on to the bed, grabbing on to her hips tightly, slamming into her repeatedly. She cried out, unable to hold her silence. He clamped hand over her mouth, “I don’t want to hear you.” Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as he pushed into her harder and harder, the sound of their bodies colliding echoing in the otherwise silent room. Her hand reached up and gripped around his neck as he snapped his hips harder. She couldn’t be quiet. She couldn’t. Her mouth fell open behind his hand and she could feel her throat becoming raw as she cried out over and over again, voice rising in pitch and volume as she neared her end. She pulsed her walls around his length, pulling him into his orgasm. She shuddered as he spilled into her, filling her. And then the pressure of his body on hers was gone before she could register it.

When she realized that he was no longer inside her, a broken groan ripped itself from her throat. “You brought this on yourself, kitten.” She closed her legs, getting on to her knees and shuffling to the end of her bed, “You can’t be serious.” She said, stepping on to the floor. “I am.” He pulled on his clothes and left her in her room. She stomped after him, following him through her apartment. She shoved him and he stumbled forward, whirling around to face her, “Fuck you.” He laughed, “There’s plenty of time for that tomorrow, love.” She went still as he closed in on her, face inches from hers, “I’m not done with you yet. When I said you’d regret it, I meant it.” Her throat tightened and she couldn’t breathe properly anymore, “W-what are you planning to do?” He kissed her then, pulling her to him. He kissed her until she felt lightheaded, “That’s for me to know.” She felt like her legs would give out. “Clean yourself up and get some rest. When I come back, the real fun starts.” The real fun. She couldn’t imagine what this ‘real fun’ entailed, as a mild ache was already settling into her legs, “I’m sorry…about earlier.” He laughed, “There’s no use apologizing now, love.” He pulled on his shoes and opened her front door, stepping outside before turning back to her. “See you later.” He said with a sweet smile on his lips, waggling his fingers at her. “Bye.” She waved back and closed the door in his face. The threat was still there, she’d heard it loud and clear. She’d gotten off easy this time thanks to his friends, his wonderful friends, but when he came back, she’d be in for it. For real this time. Her body buzzed with excitement and she couldn’t help the smile spreading across her face. She was in for it, sure, but she’d make sure she’d have a little fun with him before then. She had a little plan and she was sure it was going to finally give her the upper hand in this relationship. Let the games begin, Bang Yongguk. Let the games begin. 

anonymous asked:

hello^^ what are your favorite seokjin-centric fics? I started getting into fics lately and OHMYGOD I CANNOT STOP

Hello and WELCOME to the DARK SIDE!!! *Muwahaha* Just kidding, but seriously fics are addicting! I didn’t know if Seokjin-centeric meant they were narrated by him or if they were fics with him as the main pairing. I also didn’t know which ships so I mixed them up!

This list here is really good for Yoonjin

Out of those Resonae’s 999 is good (prepare the tissues it’s an angst oneshot) and Unrequited (Yoonjin main but also side Taejin- angst oneshot)

Resonae’s Save me (Jinmin and Yoonjin T^T this is angst on the next level with some cute fluffiness in between, not complete yet but makes waiting worth it. In which a sponsor scandal takes Seokjin out of BTS but Jimin won’t let him leave his life.)

Smiles’ The Golden Rule of Love Curses (Jinmin- it’s so cute honestly)

Booop’s Effloresce (Taejin smut)

KissMeZelo’s 12 Months and Don’t be Afraid of the Dark (12 months is complete DBAOTD isn’t. Both have dom! Seokjin and bottom Taehyung) 

Taethereal’s Mine (Taejin Soulmate oneshot! Super cute!)

J_dope’s Baking Dreams (just cute jinkook it’s on my list… when will I have time?! *sobs*)

The Perks of Teaching at an All Boys High School (Jinkook smut. Teacher Seokjin student Jungkook. I haven’t read this one but my friend 10/10 recommends it)

Smile’s Ghosts That We knew and Vending Machines and Bad Ideas (2seok I didn’t read these yet either but she’s a great writer so I trust her XD)

Finally *shameless* self promotion here– I write Seokjin x Members a lot because… uhh well I pretty much ship him with all the members. So my ID on AFF is nocturnewritings and the two I’m currently writing are Mr. Arrogant’s Full House (yoonjin and side Jinkook) as well as House of Cards (taejin) I have some other taejin fics on there but i just recently started writing other pairings so please look forward to my future works (right now i’m in the process of drafting a Mafia Jinkook and a Artists AU Jinmin *evil grin*)

Sorry there’s no Namjin T^T I don’t really seek out Namjin fics so if anybody could help me leave a suggestion in my inbox!!

Also, If you were looking for some Seokjin x OC or Reader fics I’m sorry there too I don’t read many of those. As for the smuts, I tried to label all the ones that had smut in them just in case you weren’t comfortable reading them but please look at the ratings before because I don’t trust myself and I don’t want you to read something that makes you uncomfortable.

Thank you for asking me and if this isn’t want you wanted then feel free to message me again and leave a complaint!

Title: [ ICE ]

Author: lolaisajewel

Status: Complete

Rating: NC-17

Length: Two Shot

Genre: College/University!AU, Slight!Angst, Slutty-ish!Baek, Fluff 

Summary: “I want to. Please. It’s christmas… Can’t you compromise your morals for just this one day?”

The last place that Chanyeol wants to be stranded at the start of his Christmas vacation is a dirty frat house. 

Agreeing to do a favor for his long time best friend, he ventures into the cigarette butt of the campus only to be greeted by a very strange–and very naked–pretty boy. His flight home may be snowed out but luckily he’s found someone to keep him warm during the break. And maybe this snowy dilehmma could turn out to be the best christmas gift he’s ever gotten!

When you know you know… right?

Admin Notes: this fic is so beautiful! i really loved how the author characterized Chanyeol and Baekhyun TT - Admin N~


[Submission] Everlasting

Author: mminnex

Length: two shot

Status: Complete

Rating: NR

Genre: AU, romance, angst

Summary: He was promised everlasting love;

but not all promises are meant to be kept

and this one?

it was destined to be broken.

why: hi! i dont know if anyone has ever submit this fanfic but this story is so beautiful and painful. i cried while reading this.

Admin Notes: please make sure to stick to the guidelines next time you submit a fic!


Title: Babydolls and Rock n’ Roll

Author: jeulchen

Length: Two shot

Status: Complete

Rating: M

Genre: Romance, Smut, Age gap, Genderbender

Summary: When his beloved but annoying jailbait turns legal, Chanyeol finally realizes how insatiable the jailbaits swearing by babydoll dresses are.

Admin Notes: fem!baek and age gap fics are really my weaknesses in life and this fic has it all and it was written by my fave smut writer otl I died at the sex marathon and the innocent but sultry!baekhee this is all for us horny lil shits happy new year to us all what a great way to start the year by being sinful lol bye /dives in a pool of holy water - Admin Elle


Title: Night Blogging

Author: k3ykwangie

Length: Two Shot

Status: Complete

Rating: M

Genre: School!AU, Smut, Comedy, Romance

Summary: Chanyeol is convinced he knows pretty much everything about his roommate-slash-best friend. Living in a shared space with a person for a majority of the year does that, he argued. Little did he know…

Notes: sorry for my long absence ajujuju AND HEY YALL I FVCKING WITNESSED CHANBAEK HUG WITH MY OWN TWO EYES DAYUM FVKIN HAAA. ok im calm to intro this fic. this is really cute and witty and funny and HOLY SHIT SO SEXY. Byun Baekhyun is such a freakin sexy tease i totally love it and Chanyeol being oblivious af lololololololol love the dynamics love the writing yaaas iM BYE - Admin Rose wheezing


[Submission] Title: Sugar Daddy

Author: KaiyahKiyowo

Length:Two Shot + Sequel

Status: Completed

Rating: M

Genre:  Smut, Romance, AU

Summary:  Baekhyun is a 16 year old spoiled brat with expensive taste and a high class budget. His parents are filthy rich but know the meaning behind earning a dollar. When his sassy attitude gets the better of him on his 17th birthday the hand that holds the money clip is cut off. Baekhyun is stuck with a a fancy house and master bedroom but his spoiled lifestyle is gone.

While surfing on the internet in boredom he finds a website called

Reason for submitting: Because Baekyeol+ Age gap+ Diva Baek + Snobby Chanyeol is heaven.


[Submission] Title: I’ll B There To C You

Author: ahkiaf

 Length: Two Shot

Status: Complete

Rating: G

Genre: AU, MPREG, Fluff

Summary: Dr. Byun is so busy, while Chef Park offers a delivery

Thank you porpolkamote for the submission :))



[Submission] Title: Éffleurement Nocturne

Author: BaekMeSomeEggyeol

Length: Two Shot

Status: Complete 

Rating: NC17

Genres: AU, Phone!au, Infidelity, Romance, Age Gap

Summary: Before the day when Baekhyun accidentally sent a selfie to a wrong number, he certainly didn’t know all the sexual potentials a phone could hold…

Thanks Taerin for the submission!

[Taerin: I found this fic quite interesting, and moderately angsty as well. I didn’t like Kai’s role in this fic, nor did I appreciate Chanyeol’s obliviousness. Chen could’ve helped, but the asshole kept mum. I shouldn’t spoil it for the readers any further hence I will zip my mouth. Though as they say, patience is a virtue. If I went through 25k words without getting pissed out of my mind, so can you. I’m not a big fan of cheating fics, but the cheating in here was so minor you wouldn’t even notice it. Hope you enjoy this read!]



[Submission] Title: Follow You Down

Author: TamaXXo

Lenght: Two shot

Status: Completed

Rating: M

Genre: Smut

Summary: Pass his horribly ripped jeans, studded leather jackets, and the distastful smell of cigerettes and cheap cologne, Baekhyun thinks Chanyeol is really good in bed. 

(And yes, all of that matters.)

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[sailorbyun: Well you can’t say no to Baekyeol rough sex]


Title: Lucky

Author: WoodlandSparrow

Length: Two Shot

Status: Complete

Rating: M

Genre: AU, Romance, Smut

Summary: Chanyeol is a photographer who lusts after Baekhyun, his favorite idol to work with. Not only is he sexy, but adorable and well-mannered as well. One day, though, Baekhyun’s poses and smiles seem way too forced for him to ignore it.

Notes: i find this really cute esp at how chanyeol is a closet fan. and how baekhyun is too innocent for chanyeol’s lustful gazes haha but yeol is a real gentleman when treating baekhyun :’’> totally loved and enjoyed reading this. oh, and BAEKHYUN CALLS CHANYEOL HYUNG HNNG 



[Submission] Title: Set My Midnight Sorrow Free (I Will Give You All of Me)

Author: ejacyeolation

Length: Two Shot

Status: Completed

Rating: NC-17

Genre: AU, Angst, Drama, Infidelity

Summary: He can tell the difference between black and white, night and day, right and wrong. Black is the color of his favorite sweater, and white is the color of his favorite shirt. Night is when they can be together, day is when they have to pretend that nothing’s going on. Right is when he thinks about ending it, and wrong is what they’re doing. He can tell all of these things apart, and yet he chooses not to because he thinks he’s fine with wearing white, he’s fine with risking getting caught during the day, and he’s fine with pretending that what they’re doing isn’t wrong. 

Baekhyun thinks he’s fine with anything as long as Chanyeol holds him.

[@levirens: This is the author shamelessly advertising my own fic because it’s almost Christmas and I think everyone needs a little Christmas angst in their life.]

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Title: At The Age Of 22

Author: bbkrease

Length: Two Shot

Status: Complete

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Romance

Summary: As a child, Chanyeol declared Baekhyun as his. He’s 22 now. Does he still want Baekhyun?

Admin Notes: Probably one of the very first baekyeol fics I’ve read, and my first favourite author! I’m glad she doesn’t hurt us too much with her angst! - Admin Almond.