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Title: Babydolls and Rock n’ Roll

Author: jeulchen

Length: Two shot

Status: Complete

Rating: M

Genre: Romance, Smut, Age gap, Genderbender

Summary: When his beloved but annoying jailbait turns legal, Chanyeol finally realizes how insatiable the jailbaits swearing by babydoll dresses are.

Admin Notes: fem!baek and age gap fics are really my weaknesses in life and this fic has it all and it was written by my fave smut writer otl I died at the sex marathon and the innocent but sultry!baekhee this is all for us horny lil shits happy new year to us all what a great way to start the year by being sinful lol bye /dives in a pool of holy water - Admin Elle


Our Love Is Green - (taegi)

*so I posted this oneshot on my aff account. I was inspired by the ‘Run’ concept photos and basically taegi’s matching green hair ;D 

Taehyung’s boyfriend was a handful.

And really, that was putting things lightly.

Min Yoongi was a complex creature full of Tattoos and vulgar language. He had a piercing stare, and a smile that was just as deadly. He was infamous, but that didn’t matter to him. He didn’t care about being feared or revered, he just minded his own business and let people think whatever they wanted of him.

Taehyung loved him.

But he didn’t love how stubborn his boyfriend could be.

“It’s just green hair, Tae.”

Taehyung’s eyes widened. He took his feet off the dashboard of Yoongi’s beat up truck, and sat up in his seat.

Just green hair? Ok, would you like my parents to just ground me forever? Would you like to just never see me again?”

Yoongi rolled his eyes as he drummed his fingers along the steering wheel.

“You’re the one who wanted us to act more like a couple. I figured we could start with matching hair.”

Now Taehyung was the one rolling his eyes.

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Title: Night Blogging

Author: k3ykwangie

Length: Two Shot

Status: Complete

Rating: M

Genre: School!AU, Smut, Comedy, Romance

Summary: Chanyeol is convinced he knows pretty much everything about his roommate-slash-best friend. Living in a shared space with a person for a majority of the year does that, he argued. Little did he know…

Notes: sorry for my long absence ajujuju AND HEY YALL I FVCKING WITNESSED CHANBAEK HUG WITH MY OWN TWO EYES DAYUM FVKIN HAAA. ok im calm to intro this fic. this is really cute and witty and funny and HOLY SHIT SO SEXY. Byun Baekhyun is such a freakin sexy tease i totally love it and Chanyeol being oblivious af lololololololol love the dynamics love the writing yaaas iM BYE - Admin Rose wheezing


[Submission] Title: Sugar Daddy

Author: KaiyahKiyowo

Length:Two Shot + Sequel

Status: Completed

Rating: M

Genre:  Smut, Romance, AU

Summary:  Baekhyun is a 16 year old spoiled brat with expensive taste and a high class budget. His parents are filthy rich but know the meaning behind earning a dollar. When his sassy attitude gets the better of him on his 17th birthday the hand that holds the money clip is cut off. Baekhyun is stuck with a a fancy house and master bedroom but his spoiled lifestyle is gone.

While surfing on the internet in boredom he finds a website called

Reason for submitting: Because Baekyeol+ Age gap+ Diva Baek + Snobby Chanyeol is heaven.


[Submission] Title: Officially Stuck With You

Author: aaliyah67

Length: two-shot

Status: completed

Rating: M

Genre: Band!AU, Romance

Summary: Exo is well-loved and well-known. The twelve members attract a strong fanbase, and SM use fanservice to push that popularity along. But for Baekhyun, the fan service with Chanyeol has always meant a little more. So when he’s told he has to date Taeyeon, he begins to question where he and Chanyeol actually stand. 

Thank you chosenbythegobletoffire for the submission!

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Title: Lucky

Author: WoodlandSparrow

Length: Two Shot

Status: Complete

Rating: M

Genre: AU, Romance, Smut

Summary: Chanyeol is a photographer who lusts after Baekhyun, his favorite idol to work with. Not only is he sexy, but adorable and well-mannered as well. One day, though, Baekhyun’s poses and smiles seem way too forced for him to ignore it.

Notes: i find this really cute esp at how chanyeol is a closet fan. and how baekhyun is too innocent for chanyeol’s lustful gazes haha but yeol is a real gentleman when treating baekhyun :’’> totally loved and enjoyed reading this. oh, and BAEKHYUN CALLS CHANYEOL HYUNG HNNG 



[Submission] Title: Set My Midnight Sorrow Free (I Will Give You All of Me)

Author: ejacyeolation

Length: Two Shot

Status: Completed

Rating: NC-17

Genre: AU, Angst, Drama, Infidelity

Summary: He can tell the difference between black and white, night and day, right and wrong. Black is the color of his favorite sweater, and white is the color of his favorite shirt. Night is when they can be together, day is when they have to pretend that nothing’s going on. Right is when he thinks about ending it, and wrong is what they’re doing. He can tell all of these things apart, and yet he chooses not to because he thinks he’s fine with wearing white, he’s fine with risking getting caught during the day, and he’s fine with pretending that what they’re doing isn’t wrong. 

Baekhyun thinks he’s fine with anything as long as Chanyeol holds him.

[@levirens: This is the author shamelessly advertising my own fic because it’s almost Christmas and I think everyone needs a little Christmas angst in their life.]

Thank you for the submission!! ^^


[Submission] Title: Forgotten Books

Author: GloomyDragon

Length: Two Shot

Status: Completed

Rating: M

Genre: School!AU, Smut

Summary: Chanyeol really needed help with his math homework to get his grades up. But who cared about math when his tutor looked so hot? “Just forget about the books and fuck the boy senseless, it’s what he lives for.”

Thank you  baekhyurr for the submission! :) 

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[Submission] Title: Infidelity

Author: yen_xoxounicorn

Length: Two Shot

Status: Ongoing

Rating: NC-17

Genre: AU, Smut, Model!AU

Summary: Baekhyun is a model who works for a magazinHe finally meets up with his boss’ husband, Park Chanyeol. Not only is he rich and handsome, but he seems to be very thirsty for the sexy and seductive model.

Thank you chanbaek-firelight for the submission!

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