The most important part of 21st Century Afeminist

     E t i q u e t t e

gestates within her 

these paradoxical dualities

of form and function––

demanded by the masculine social strata

determined by her non-static environment

demeaned by the feminine sex to whom Afeminism


     º  E m p o w e r m e n t  º



I acctually dont know which to identify as, I dunno if id be pansexual, or a geneophile? I feel sexually attracted to various genders, men, women, trans, genderfluid, and even non bianary sometimes, but I also really am attracted to morr feminine people, like afeminate men, more feminine women, and trans when its ftm I like if they have a slight more feminine build, such as if they desire to be a man, but a slightly feminine man, and I like a feminine build, but I also kimda like a penis, like, chicks with dicks, mtf who decide to keep their nethers unchanged, I really like, its strange and I could identify as either, so im very unsure of how to identify officially, for now I say im bisexual cause its easier for now , and I dont think I could ever have sex with a man, because I dont like things in me so iyd be hard, but I get turned on when I see dick too