I’ve been working on a commission toy for past few weeks. Here’s a look at the progress I’ve made throughout. I created the skeleton of the toy with wire and set the base first. Once I was happy with an overall look of the body I baked the entire thing, then proceeded to add details, working on sections of the toy by parts. I use a mixture of the original sculpey with super sculpey for all of my sculptures as of recent, I’ve found the combination of both gives me the softness I like to work with it, while at the same time the rigidness I need for details.

This is a fun project that will consist of a run of toys for the company and if you’ve been following my work, you know I’m gonna kill it with lots of details and awesome packaging to along with it.

Toys will be available in the near future.

Afar25 version 3.0

I’m proud to release the 3rd version of my site Afar25

It was January 2009 when I first released my Tumblr blog and 3 years since I release the first version of my site, for the 3.0 version I’m using a lot of the things I’ve learned during that time. Everything is written in HTML5 and CSS3 with some PHP and jQuery.

Check out the older versions here
Afar25 1.0
Afar25 2.0