I Just Need to Know || afadingshadow

John stepped out of the TARDIS, looking around. Spotting the Master sitting at a park bench, he made his way over, trying to think of something to say. 

“I’m sorry,” was the only thing he could come up with.

There is a lot you don't know about me || Amy x Master

It was quiet in the TARDIS. Normally she would wake up to hear the Master fiddling with the buttons or something in the console room, or he would be curled up beside her, fast asleep. Fast asleep with that innocent look on his face, like every care in the world had melted away with his dream state, and that what they had just done, hours before hadn’t happened. But she was alone, and normally she would be okay with that, he tended to wander the TARDIS at night, or stayed in the console room. The ginger barely seen the Doctor sleep, so the Master must have been the same. 

Amy sat up slowly, slightly sore form the events that had happened that night, experimenting speeds and paces. And like the Master had promised, Amy was going to feel it, and it left her moving in funny ways to get out of bed. Her eyes scanned the room, the open books, the pictures of unknown people scattered the walls, the dim lighting from the fireplace, the sound of its crackle echoing throughout the rather large, but barely furnished room. A bed, two night stands, a vanity, dresser, bookcase and a fireplace. 

It was enough for Amy. She wanted nothing less, and nothing more.

Slipping on his shirt, she put it over her nose to inhale his cologne, always getting lost in that intoxicating scent. She loved when she was able to wear his shirts, it was like he was holding her every second of the day, or night. Whenever she got her hands on one. Pulling on a pair of panties she tip toed out of the room, red hair still curly, bouncing behind her in rhythm to her short strides. Thats when she heard it.

The Piano.

She couldn’t force herself to walk into the room as his fingers danced across the keys, she couldn’t even look into the room in fear of exposing herself, and having him stop. The sound was beautiful and it permeated her ears, filling them with the most delicious music in the world. Nothing could compare. That was when the piano had stopped and she sucked in a breath, thinking that maybe he had seen her, or he had heard her. He did know she was there, but he wasn’t one who had an easy time just opening up to anyone, but this was Amy, he could tell her anything. “Amelia, you can come in.” There was a smile on his tone and she felt comfortable enough to walk in.

Turning around she walked around the door and into the room, seeing him, sleepy eyed and half naked with that goofy childish grin on his face. “How are you feeling my darlin, Amelia?” She pressed soft, chase kisses to his shoulder and then his neck as his fingers lightly pressed the keys again. “You can say that you definitely weren’t lying earlier.” A slight laugh escaped his lips as a smirk pulled at them. “I didn’t know you played piano, Sir.” She spoke lowly, watching as his fingers skated gently over the keys still.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me.”