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Funny how when there are POC heroes people never have an issue making them half white with basically all of their culture erased, but with villains they're always pure blooded POC with an accent always speaking in a foreign language. I bet if Lance was an asshole the fandom would be like "listen Lance Espinosa is a pure blooded Cuban boy-" 😒

dude. oh my god. i never thought about that.

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THIS IS SO TRUE WTF like people make villains coded as every possible POC and sometimes not even like coded, just like BLATANTLY making POC’s evil af while any “”””hero””””” character is either white af or biracial and half white and mostly white. 


Not really in the mood for ecchi mangas rn but I’m bored af, let’s see how bad this is gonna be-

Wait- so THE LADY ARMOR IS ACCURATE AND DOESN’T DO THE BOOB-ARMOR STYLE?! HELLO YES YOU HAVE MY ATTENTIO- no wait I’m not falling for that, could be like that one time with the anime lady’s basketball and have ““cutesy”“ weak moves and no actual powerful action-

*wheezes* ok you have 90% of my attention-

HELLO YES, NOW (combining the points from the previous statement) YOU HAVE



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If it didn't make sense before and now say that they are together since December when D was in UK, makes it more than obvious. And people believe in this.

I want all the idiot antis that come to my inbox to explain this to me. You Have two options: he cheated on E with B since you probably believe they dated and then cheated on D with E (and she just took him back and Louis is a dick for you to support) oooor it’s fake af and you were absolutely wrong and Louis is good person like we believe  

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Jw, did you get some sort of sick pleasure by building up your readers' hope then shitting all over it. it's hard af to find bottom viktor fics, especially semi-coherent ones that don't read like they were written by 15 year olds.You said you wanted to break stereotypes?By yet again writing the guy who is whole 4(!1!) years older and like 2 inches taller than his partner as the dominant? Ground breaking stuff here. i wouldn't care if you stayed in your own power bottom!1! yuuri lane but why bait

Since you decided to follow me here and didn’t keep your whining to comments… 

I never once used the term bottom Victor. It’s not in the tags, never was, never will be. I used the term Omega Victor, which is correct. 

Omega DOES NOT immediately mean bottom, so who’s falling into stereotypes if they read it that way, huh?

They switch, get over it. Neither is purely top or bottom. Victor isn’t dominant, he’s actually more likely to tend submissive due to the gender dynamics. Yuri is slightly more dominant by nature, but doesn’t want to exploit it. 

They’re equals. And that’s more beautiful than any discussion of who’s plugging what when. 

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Could I possibly request Kuroo's girlfriend seeing him with hair down for the first time (he was caught in the rain or something) and it's hot af? Love your work!

Thank you, Anon!

I seriously had to debate if I wanted this to start angsty or fluffy.

It seemed like it had happened in slow motion and his heart seemed to stop at the sight. His golden eyes widened and his lips parted to let out a cry, but it didn’t come in time as the spray of water hit him square in the face. Kuroo turned away, feeling the water soaking into every part of his body. He called for her to stop, but it kept coming. His feet carried him forward, hoping that the created distance would stop the liquid assault from the gardening hose.

Her laughter filled Kuroo’s ears as the spray disappeared from his body, dozens of droplets falling from his slouched body, hyper aware of the now wet fabric sticking to his skin. He turned then, looking much like a startled cat, which just sent her deeper into her hysterics.

“Oh, you think you’re funny, huh?” he called, voice higher than he was anticipating. His sopping form turned and rushed towards her, arms reaching to pull her against him. He laughed as she squealed, pushing against his chest in an attempt to keep him away. “Is it still funny?” he questioned, leaning his head to smear his wet hair across her cheeks.

Hands pressed to his wet cheeks, pulling him away from his attack on her as she turned to better inspect the damage she inflicted upon him. Her giggling died away when she met with those eyes as they stared back at her with more than just the small amount of fringe that hung across his forehead. Black hair hung all around his face, framing his strong jaw and causing his bright eyes to shine with the contrast. With parted lips, her concern was no longer her wet boyfriend transferring his misfortune, but why she hadn’t seen him like this before.

Kuroo’s brow furrowed at the look on her face, his mouth parting to question what was wrong, but the words never left his mouth when her lips collided with his own. Quickly following along, his arms pulled her close, giving a small hum of satisfaction as their mouths slide against one another, paying no mind to the bumping of noses or the clicking of their teeth. Neither of them cared that they were in the front yard, on full display to the world, for them they were completely alone, the only two people on that planet.

When they parted, Kuroo grinned widely at her, amusement all over his expression, “Whatever I did, I’ll have to do it again sometime.”

She laughed, fingers embedding into his dripping black hair, “Shut up and kiss me, you dork.”

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a gryffindor? really? i've always felt like u could be ravenclaw (cause ur like smart af) or slytherin (cause tbh i feel like u don't have any emotions sometimes) i don't mean any offense sorry!!!!(i'm a slytherin and i'm emotional af so it's not rlly)

defs not a ravenclaw bc i don’t think im as smart as you think and idk i don’t feel like im very cunning? if you ask @ominousdan she’ll insist im a hufflepuff but all the tests say gryffindor man 

fandom tag!!

rules: list 10 of your favorite people from 10 different fandoms and then tag 10 people

tagged by: @rhubarbstudies and @biolcgy 

graceling: prince po

the lunar chronicles: prince/emperor kai

the book thief: rudy steiner

attack on titan: leVi but also armin because hes smart af! he’s studyblr goals!

harry potter: i’m not even a harry potter fan but i lowkey love hermione because shes studyspiration (+ lot’s of potter fans call me hermione!! so!!)

the gilmore girls: i’m also not even a fan of this but rory!! gilmore!! is!! goals!!

uglies series: zane…my baby…

kagerou project: can’t choose between ayano, ene, kido or kano (kano is so hot imo)

moana: oh my gosh can i be moana 

brynhildr in the darkness: kUroha!!!!

tagging: everyone!! if u see this post, do it!! say i tagged you trololololol

Either, someone just called my drawing “ugly af” or they wanted to be funny. Anyway, in case of the first one, it’s pretty shitty and pathetic to write such a comment under someone’s drawing, fic, edit, text post, etcetera and the only thing that’s “ugly af” is your nasty behaviour!

Relating to Ayato AGAIN

I can’t believe how many of you believe that Ayato is a character who you can relate to. It made me really happy to see some of the tags in my post when it was reblogged by a few of you, and it gives me in hope in this fandom that usually depicts Ayato as some takoyaki-eating, boob-loving, basketball baka who’s sadistic AF with a poor fashion style. I love you guys A LOT, so thank you for granting this opportunity to me in less than two days. 


So I have been feeling pretty down lately. Wanting to get more involved in school and improving my leadership skills, I ran for treasurer, as a college freshman, for two clubs that I was involved with in college, and I was certain that I was the most qualified candidate. My speeches were great and I was a credible person with plenty of experiences as a treasurer and leader who could do the job well. But after voting and counting the votes for each club, I had been informed that I lost both elections. That hit my ego pretty hard, and it made me feel like maybe I wasn’t well-liked enough by other members or that I wasn’t considered good enough. I LOATHED myself because I could not believe that I lost two positions in two days. I felt as if no one saw the potential I had to do a great job. That’s where my superiority and inferiority complexes came back to strangle me down and tell me that I wasn’t doing my best AGAIN. I kept on asking myself what was wrong with me and what do I have to do to show people that I am capable of doing this and being a leader? 

Then, I thought about Ayato.

If Ayato was in my position, he’d probably think the same way as me and say something like, “What the hell?! Ore-sama was the best person to run! The full package! And you choose someone who wasn’t so great in the first place?! Tch, you’re all going to regret it!” We would both be pretty upset, angry, and confused. But unlike what Ayato may usually think, I have hope that there will be other things that will happen to me and end in greatness and success. I need to stop doubting myself and my abilities, and learn how to accept things as they are and work harder for things that I want. It may not happen now, but in God’s plan and time, I will reach my goals. If Ayato can be a great Vampire King and Head of the Sakamaki family, then I can definitely achieve my goals too.

There is hope for all of you, and I hope that your self-esteem is lifted and that you all will feel like you are the best one day because you all have the capability of doing so. If Ayato can survive the hell he was given, then so can I, and so can you. 

I’m sorry if this blog is turning slowly into something personal. I know it’s an imagines blog for DL, but I can’t help but share what’s going on in my life with you all and how a character like Ayato is creating an impact on how I see things in my life and it’s because he’s such a relatable character, but I want all of you to be able to find your own peace and closure one day if you are struggling with something in life too. 

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Re "I argued CQ shippers are often an insecure bunch". I can feel this feeling totally, and I am always wondering why I am so afraid. It's like the same fear that Q has not to be loved ...But seriously, I think it has to do with some manipulation of Gansa. Does Gansa care about Carrie's happiness and the other characters's happiness? Because we really do!

I’d argue four things have made us jittery, insecure and mad af.

First, Quinn’s death and all of 5.12, basically. I still cannot believe that episode exists in canon. It was legitimately bonkers. Second, this show suffers from a dearth of PR, behind-the-scenes gossip, info on contract lengths, etc.. Third, Claire. Going on about Carrie’s new love interests on CBS doesn’t help. 

Lastly - and we’ve talked a lot about this on the blog and podcast - the show has become darker and more humorless over time. The recent gifs on the blog of Brody made me realize how funny CB sometimes were. 

Y’know how George W. doesn’t look as bad in hindsight and in comparison to Trump? It’s kind of like that. When did Gansa lose his sense of humor and care for rote viewer reward?

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My bias is Namjoon ❤ Because he's smart, his deep voice, smooth af rap, and he's just a giant squishball of adorable. Did I mention his lyrics are amazing?

YAY!! Finally a Namjoon stan!!!!

Tell me about your bias and why you love them. Then i’ll bless you with a small gif spam.


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Allow me to randomly introduce myself, considering that others are. haha. I'm an 18 year old straight-ace emo tomboy, standing tall at 5'8. I have a huge obsession with bands, and dream to someday be like them. I'm a singer, actually. Though when i'm not singing, i'm spending my time by reading fanfiction, playing video games, watching movies, meditating, etc. I love shopping, and being around my family and pets. I'm typically an outcast, but I believe its because i'm unique af. ✨

that’s cool !!! i’m way younger than u and i love to sing also but i suck lol