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Can I ask for keyword: Vampire AU?

Ooo interesting~

Keyword Requests

  • Victor as a ridiculously old vampire - we’re talking centuries old - who has reached a point in life where he’s giving up on finding things to interest him. (If this is an au where there’s a difference between like born vampires and turned vampires, Victor would definitely be a full blood born vampire).
  • Yuuri as a new vampire, who is still new to the vampire thing and pretty much terrified of himself and the whole blood drinking thing. 
  • Yuuri avoids actively drinking blood, and so when he gets super hungry his inner eros vampire comes out and basically takes control and he’s hot af okay? Okay. 
  • They meet by accident during one of the nights Yuuri has given in to his other side and Victor came across him drinking the blood of some woman in an alley (he smelt blood and Yuuri’s a messy eater). 
  • Eros Yuuri sort of teases Victor a lot, gets him all excited, and then flits away before morning and Victor is left to realise the bastard took his heart. (Not literally). 
  • Yuuri not remembering any of it in the morning. 
  • Victor tracks down Yuuri and basically tries to court him, but realises Yuuri doesn’t remember and doesn’t turn into Eros Yuuri very often (since he puts off drinking blood). 
  • Victor instead trying to court Yuuri properly, and helps him accept himself. 
  • Victor allowing Yuuri to drink from him whenever he’s about to lose control whilst Yuuri is still hesitant to drink from humans. 
  • Basically probably a lot of kinkier blood drinking happens too..
Birthday Girl

Jay Park Smut/ With Fluffy Ending

Word Count: 3,484-So sorry dude

Warnings: Sexual Content, Swearing

Song Recommendation: Jay Park I Don’t Disappoint

A/N: There’s an actual plot so you’ll have to wait for the sexy time. People forgive me. It’s long af because I didn’t know when or where to stop. It’s my first smut so go easy on me.The only person I could think of enjoying this as I wrote it was @smutfictionaddicted.

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In Which My Mother is Savage AF

She’s grilling me about this date and says “well why is he 31 and unattached? What’s his story?” To which I replied “well, why am I 30 and unattached?” Meaning, of course, there’s nothing wrong with it and plenty of people are dating in their 30s. Mother, sagely, instantly and over her glass of wine from the corner, says “bad life choices.”

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my issue with badlockers is that they tend to characterise sherlock so poorly? like he isn’t cool. he isn’t suave. he’s a loser and a dork and he’s camp af not to mention that he’s uhh.. you know.. gãy

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"I don't want to be hit on for people I am not friend with so I am making a new account" (or smt like that) mmhhh that sounds like preventing to me? Almost like... something big could happen and get hate on Briana. // She was acting so weird, this looked rush, kinda like she wasn't allowed to do this? She looked like she didn't want to get caught, her voice was trembling... weird, but if it brings us closer to the end then... *shrug*

Yes, it was weird af and she’s trying to get away from B and the fam as much as she can. She’s also deleting pics of Freddie from her social media…

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Can someone check if louis’ la house is up for sale or not?


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Lol my nephew hates clothes always takes them off at home so hes only in his underwear, he has since he figured out how to do it… my sister was 18 when she had him living with our parents and going to college (she can be a bit like B). She lives for social media sometimes ignoring her son to play on her phone, and at times will take pics in her car (while its parked), and yet despite everything shes NEVER taken her son out when hes not fully dressed ever.. especially in winter! (1)

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:(2) my sister lives in CA about 45 mins away from where B lives so its not like they live in different climates either.

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Blue who is this blog that is hijacking every post I saw today K******123??? Zeus.

Probably some anti with no life 


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Melly- I know it's cringey af but Kraft Heinz sending you product is big leagues- Warren Buffett and 3G own it- Warren Buffett knows Zayn- this is more iconic than Zrake! Please share a business hoe 101 on "product placement"

You’re really going to need me a minute to get past Gigith hawking personalized fart beans on her Snapchat before I can talk about Zarren. 

I can fan girl about a Captain of Industry Business Hoe like Warren Buffett, but there is something inherently NAHT sexy about the image of Zayn and Gigith eating beans together.  I’m sure its part of some larger influencer campaign in the way the slightly more sexy yet still cringey and embarrassing Zigi Nutella jars were, but. 

Get paid, I guess?

P.S. No but seriously I’m all for Zarren

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I started Ally McBeal. It's cringy AF but hot damn. First episode : calista's boobs and she says «lesbians» ... second episode : Calista's shower scene ... I am doomed. SCREWED. Help, Lola.

Hahaha I just watched 1x05 and 1x06 on Sunday. THERE IS NO REPRIEVE IN SIGHT MY FRIEND. 

(I have such plans to use some of it for young!Cat angst. You’re doomed!)

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(( 3 17 20 ))

3: How important are aesthetics to you? Do you do anything in particular because it looks better?

VERY IMPORTANT,,,, haha. Colors and style and everything are super important to me so you’re probably gonna see me experimenting with style a lot, actually. And I also came up with this entire blog by thinking “oh man that pokémon’s cute” sooo

17: What kind of relationships would you like your character to have more of?

Lorna’s lonely af so probably just a few super chill friends to hang out with?? I mean… not that I don’t have plans for other characters on this blog… *maniacal laughter*

20: Do you prefer to plot things out, or improvise?

I prefer to plot things out buuut everything seems to turn out better for me if i take one good idea and roll with it. So neither? Both?


Morning sun dyes Fuji by Shinichiro Saka
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山中湖 平野

AU where Mandy and Jenny put out any fire in the Haus before it can even be noticed by the Boys. 

Sometimes it’s not an easy job.

 It’s April 26th, why do you need to be setting off fireworks you hot mess of a human being? All the Haus sees is a broken window as a large firework blasts through the door.

And there was that one time where Ransom went a little crazy with the retail therapy and bought, like, 50 yankee candles from the girl going door to door fundraising. You don’t light them all at once boy, ffs. Mandy and Jenny are pleased when Jack pulls out the Sin Bin and makes him put in 20 bucks for the unholy mixing of scents which permeated every inch of the Haus. 

They get why the new kid likes the oven. It was really the first thing that helped him connect with his teammates in a way that didn’t terrify them. They saw the way he entered the house with his shoulders hunched up almost all the way to his ears, afraid that something could go wrong at any moment. Then he saw the kitchen, and decided that he would make it his. So yeah, Mandy and Jenny get it. 
But Good ol Betsy is a becoming something of a hazard. Mandy and Jenny had to snuff out a flame that would have burned the whole house down in no time. Bitty would only see a burned dish waiting for him when he returned. 

After a night of arguing, Mandy and Jenny agreed that it would be best that Betsy be put to rest. The oven doesn’t turn on after then no matter how hard Dex tries. 

Summers were quiet. Everyone was out and Mandy and Jenny could just relax for three whole months without too much responsibility. Really, they’ve done their best to try to give these boys common sense. They’ve added several shows about fires onto Jacks list of “to watch” documentaries, which should be noted is hand written and very meticulous. After he watched them, Jack made the Haus do one fire drill. One. Jack woke them up at 3am and had made them practice evacuating three different times. Because “No Bittle you do not need to your recipe book with you it’s a drill”
“You said that you have to practice like it’s the real deal, Jack. I’m not letting moomaw’s secrets go like that”. 

And the danger of fire has been a lot less since Jack got that fancy new Betsy 2.0. That thing works so nicely. 

So yeah, summer. Not much to worry about that they haven’t seen before. The Haus is quiet, and then it’s a little less quiet as Bittle enters the Haus, changes out of his suit and into his comfy clothes and enters Chowder’s new room to finish up some laundry. He doesn’t make it very far before Mandy and Jenny realize that he is not Ok. 

His face is all blotched and he’s sniffling. Mandy and Jenny don’t really know how to cheer him up. Fixing heartbreak is hard to do non-corporeally. So they look at his phone and queue up the song that he’s always singing in the shower. Maybe that will help him just cry it out. 

The song comes on and he immediately blasts it to where that’s the only thing he can hear around him. There’s nothing that Mandy and Jenny can do to get Bittle to notice when Jack bursts up the stairs and shouts his name into his room. All they want to do is scream “he’s over here!” at Jack, who is looking into Bitty’s room like he’s already making a sad mixtape titled “Love Lost” in his head. 

Then there’s a sniffle from Bitty, and Jack turns around. And he kisses him. And kisses him again. And again. 

For the first time in 22 years, Mandy and Jenny don’t have to worry about the sparks flying in the Haus.