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I think this has been done before but Shawn is super drunk and his s/o makes a move on him like kissing him or something and he's like "noooo I have a girlfriend" cause he doesn't recognise her because he's wasted af.

a/n: I’m so tired right now i hope this makes sense, also if my s/o forgot who i was when they were drunk oooo boy, but this is cute!

“You good?” you ask, looking up at your boyfriend as he stumbles drunkenly next to you. 

It’s a Friday night and he’s free - a rarity what with his busy schedule and rock star lifestyle – so you’d decided to spend it getting wasted with his mates. Seemed like a good idea at first until Shawn bought shots for the table and things went to hell. 

You’ve sobered up a little, having chugged a couple of pints of water back at the club, but Shawn, however – is wasted.

His skin glows in his intoxicated state, the blood in his body meeting his skin to wave hello and his hair is tousled, eyes rimmed red – a personification of liquor induced bad decisions. 

He’s so pretty though, and it’s honestly annoying how he can look so good while stumbling over himself in a half buttoned dress shirt while dropping a bottle of water onto the pavement at 3 in the morning. He picks it up quickly.

Shawn turns to you after he’s registered your question, and he looks down at you, nodding, saying “Baby, I’m having the best time of my life” and he bends down and leaves a long lasting, saliva laden kiss to your forehead. 

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I Loved You

 Author: bvidzsoo

 Warning: light swearing, smut

 Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x female reader

 Word count: 3, 888

 Summary: Baekhyun was the love of your life. Or at least that’s what you thought, never in your life did you imagine everything will end. Was it all a teenager love that faded? Or were you wrong, and all you needed was a little space in result to realize you still loved each other more than anything.

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Sansa is an actor, and so is Ghost. Jon is his trainer/owner/wrangler. Sansa really wants to adopt the dog who plays her dog on TV, because it reminds her of Lady. But he already belongs to Jon!!!

Let’s be honest, Jon thought she was flirting with him for weeks. He’s used to girls being into Ghost, but Sansa kept asking about Ghost’s not at work life. Trying to figure out if she could fit him into her schedule. At least a 90 minute walk every day? Maybe. She would definitely need help with the giant bags of dog food. He eats so much. Telling Jon he’d be such a good security dog. (Not that Brienne isn’t a fierce af bodyguard.) She’s clearly into him.

Jon starts imagining fitting Sansa into their routine. He’d need a bigger bed. It can barely fit him and Ghost. But maybe Sansa likes to cuddle?

And she does. Just wants to cuddle Ghost, not Jon. (YET.)

FL and dark content and cryptic lore and rollercoasters and disneyland

I’m going to write a serious essay once i finish the 3 actual essays I have to do for class but like I feel like the issue with the FL writing lately comes from seeing how many people latched onto SMEN and told other people about it

which lead to the assumption “people like dark gritty gore content and cryptic lore hints” 

but i feel like the charm of SMEN (which, imo is not perfect in the lore part) was a mix of darkness, grittiness, stark differentiation with the rest of the content, and an explanation of a cryptic lore that gets hinted in other parts of the game (or, that’s what it promises at the start of it, but more on that later) 

basically it’s like going to an amusement park and seeing the huge rollercoaster. You can ride it, you can decide not to. You can have your friends going “yes omg do it!” or “dude no wtf that’s scary af” you can turn around while on queue, you are shown what you are gonna get. If you ride it you go in and you get scared, thrilled, you have fun, whatever. If not, then you can see people riding it or telling you about it but you still have other rides you can choose to go to 

And then the rollercoaster gets popular and the rest of the rides get replaced by rollercoasters. And not only that but may times they keep the normal ride exterior so you go in thinking you are going into It’s a Small World and you get it with a rollercoaster you weren’t expecting which, for some people is fun, and for others is terifying and might want to leave the park at that moment. 

So you have these issues: 

1) What makes the rollercoaster interesting anymore if everything is rollercoasters? The part about wanting to drown in a well, but not being able to because you always bled to death before that has always been the most chilling part of FL for me, as has the part where you flung yourself at some thorny vines and bleed to death. It’s chilling and scary (but classy in its gore. it’s not the bleeding that is scary, it’s the fear, stress, and oppressive desperate situation) but what’s special about it anymore when you get hit with a very explicit description of having your arm cut and replaced in an Exceptional Story? And much more stuff like that. 

2) What about people who don’t want to ride rollercoasters? I, for one, love gorey gritty content but I also know FL is not marketed as gorey and gritty and I understand the need for warnings. There was a warning for the Jack of Smiles storylet that only features a bit of violence, and not a warning for the stuff in Light Fingers or some of the last ES? Last time I saw a warnign was on Flint and it was more of a SMEN this-will-harm-your-character-more kind of warning. 

And on the topic of lore, I feel like more cryptic lore hints are being thrown around lately. Cryptic lore is a nice thing about FL which I think adds to the whole “theres a whole lot we don’t understand and we are at the mercy of higher powers” but at some point… you need to give concrete answers. 

Alexis Kennedy has said SMEN has come to an end and there’s not going to be much content about it. And, maybe it’s just me, but it left me with more questions than answers. You know, back to the rollercoaster metaphor, if you get on one you expect to have the experience, you expect the 1 hour queue and the fear and the money you paid and the courage you gathered paying off. Now imagine you get blindfolded or the ride stops mid-way and you are told to get out. 

Being told it’s the end of it makes me feel frustrated an dmakes me feel like im being called stupid. Like raising your hand in class like “hey uh what about-?” and having it slapped down and told “if you had paid proper attention you should know it by now”

And with that, many things. Sunless Sea is ended and I still don’t know what Kingeater Castle is supposed to be, I still don’t know exactly what’s the deal with Salt and East and the parallels with SMEN, and many other things. 

And I’m left with this feeling of “is it because im stupid? because I missed something? Because I’m not a native speaker? Because I don’t read classics?” and it sucks. 

Vague lore works when you are supposed to know nothing about the setting you’re in, and when the game makes it clear it’s not going to explain it. But if what drives you forward is “and now I’m going to understand” and then nothing is explained, and this keeps happening over, and over, and over again… it’s frustrating. 

Vague lore works when you can revisit previous things you’ve read about, but without a proper Echo archiving system (give me a tagging/navigation system please) and a proper wiki, am I supposed to remember small details from storylets I played 3 years ago? I understand how these things are not possible because people PAY to see the text and the lore and you can’t just hand it to them (tho, as a paying user I’m still as lost as I was before), but then both the lore reveals and the presentation of text should be reconsidered for this format. 

I don’t know this pitch probably turned into the actual essay halfway through but I needed to get my ideas in order. 

(as always this comes from a place of love and wanting to analyze existing works to LEARN how to properly write for games myself)

when your assistant is annoying af but it’s not even her fault and you care sm for her no matter how many times she messes up

so it’s really sobering when you realize the brandy cinderella movie was really the only classic princess story black girls got in recent memory. Had to wait  damn near a decade(after Cinderella) to see Disney turn Tiana into a  frog for 70% of her movie, who’s moral was strong black woman in the racist south of the 1920′s has to help humble a manchild  that she didn’t even like in the beginning. Seems like it falls on deaf ears since “strong independent black woman” seems to be progressive to alot of these hacks out here when it’s always just been a harmful trope and black women have very rarely gotten to be  complex individuals who can  also be or just be delicate or coveted or cared for. 

Like really it’s annoying af that nobody gets that.

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You be Closing requests on my Bday so i just wanna re17eat this now. How about an Malvie Hallooween AU where Mal dresses as a bear and scares Evie? Then When Evie Cries bc shes scared, Mal takes off the Bear suit so Confront her. Basically A Fluff. My Name's Hannah Btw

YOUR BIRTHDAY IS ON HALLOWEEN?? THAT’S BOSS AF, HANNAH. Ten bucks says Evie cries on purpose just to get Mal to hug her