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BTS reaction to their girl crush being roommates with her guy bestfriend
  • I hope y'all enjoy this, I also hope it's what you wanted~ 💙💙 I made so that they confess because without gifs I need more dialogue and it was one of the ways In thought it would work out~ Hope you don't mind. 💙💙
  • ————————
  • Jin/Kim Seokjin:
  • Over protective because he absolutely adores you and doesn't like the idea of you being with another dude. We all know he rambles and it's cute AF.
  • Jin: You can't be roommates with him! You're a girl he's a man, what if he's a pervert.
  • You: I think I've known him long enough to assure you that he's Not a perv.
  • You: Why? I don't see the big issue!!
  • You: ...
  • Jin: ...
  • Jin: Please like me back at least. We could be a gorgeous couple.
  • ~~~~~
  • Suga/Min Yoongi:
  • You aren't going anywhere forget being roommates with that guy. Min Yoongi is a straightforward man.
  • Yoongi: No.
  • You: But why not?
  • Yoongi: Because I said no.
  • You: And this is supposed make me agree because...?
  • Yoongi: I like you, I get jealous, and I want you to myself.
  • Yoongi: Does that make you agree now?
  • ~~~~~~~~
  • J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:
  • Hobi would be really pouty about it and adorable. Trying to convince you to stay. Hates the idea of you spending nights and days living with some other guy.
  • Hobi: Please stay.
  • You: I already agreed.
  • Hobi: You wouldn't for me?
  • You: -Sigh- I would but.. Ahahha you're so troublesome.
  • Hobi: -cheeky smile- So will you please stay? And just be with me?
  • You: Aw. Baby, of course.
  • Jung Hoseok- The man pulling your heartstrings.
  • ~~~~~~~~~
  • Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:
  • He would awkwardly bring it up and disapprove. He worries for your safety and wants you to be closer to him not further away.
  • Namjoon: Sooo.. Moving with that guy.
  • You: What about it?
  • Namjoon: Isn't it too much?
  • You: It would help me with the pay for it to be split.
  • Namjoon: Are you sure nothing will happen between you guys?
  • You: Positive ~
  • Namjoon: I don't want the girl I like being with some dude I don't know. -Mumbling-
  • You: Cutie. If you want I'll stay. For you.
  • Namjoon: That would be really nice so please and thank you.
  • ~~~~~~~
  • Jimin/Park Jimin:
  • He would be a confused as to why you even agreed to be roommates with him. He would deal with it for awhile, just let you pack and move, but after a bit he missed you coming over more often. Now you lived further away and he hated it.
  • Jimin: Come back home..
  • You: I'm already moved Jimin, I can't just go back.
  • Jimin: You're to far away, I miss you.
  • You: So do I but the payment has been easier to handle with a roomate.
  • Jimin: I'll help you just please come back.
  • You: Don't Jimin.
  • Jimin: Please. -Now goes to holding your face-
  • You: You know what? You and your face are my issue. Okeeehh I'll move back.
  • Jimin: -Cute eye smile- I'm happy to have you more to myself now~
  • ~~~~~~~~~
  • V/Kim Taehyung:
  • Taehyung would barely let you even pack in the first place. He would be holding your hand telling you that you shouldn't move in with him. Childishly unpacking your clothes so that you took longer.
  • You: Tae please stop! Why don't youet me move out?
  • Tae: Because I'll miss you.
  • You: I can always call and visit.
  • Tae: Not as often!
  • You: What do you want me to do about it?
  • Tae: Stay, just stay.
  • You: I can't. -Return to packing-
  • Tae: -back hug with his head laying on your shoulder- Stay for me, because I like you a lot and I hate seeing you go live with another guy...
  • You're not leaving anytime soon! Am I right?
  • ~~~~~~~~
  • Jungkook/Jeon Jungkook:
  • He would watch you pack, sometimes help and let chu leave. After day three he realized all the problems with this change and didn't like any of them.
  • Jungkook ends up going to where you live to get you to go back.
  • KooKie: I need you to move back.
  • You: Um, I'm already moved in comfortably I can't just move out.
  • Kookie: But there's four problems with this.
  • You: Okay, explain.
  • Kookie: One: You're with a guy I don't know and that hurts my heart. Two: You can't call or visit as often as you used too. Three: I miss you and Four: I realized how much I really liked you and I can't handle knowing you're here.
  • You: Jungkook I-
  • KooKie: Please.
  • You: I'll move back home. No need to worry now, honey.

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Completely random here - (go with it) Its getting harder to pretend to be a "straight" I'm bi and currently closeted and my brother made a remark about zarya not even that she's buff af I'm use to that garbage but he came at my protein princess and her beautiful face and goddamnit he comes into my house and insults mY WIFE

does your brother want to fight tell him to meet me behind taco bell at 3 am, say my url three times into the night and I’ll appear to kick his ass

some fuckboy wrote in my yearbook that we should “”“chill together sometime”“” and i’m just like….hm….that’s presumptuous af even if you didn’t say “lmao fuck these hoes” about two of my good friends, but since you did, even more of a nah

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... STILL pissed AF about lexa's death... And... I don't want clarke to be with anyone else. I mean, it's not that I want her to be sad and suffer, she can move on just... not fall in love with someone else? I'm ok with niyla beacuse she's been considerated towards clarke's relationship and feelings for lexa and because I think clarke cares for her but is not in love with her... I am bad person? Why I can't move on myself? :(

Gurrrl, same. And you aren’t a bad person, many of us are still not over Clexa. I adore Niylah and I think I would be okay if they were an item moving forward, because, as you mentioned she knows how special Lexa was to Clarke and Niylah helps lift Clarke up and is there for her when her people are shitting on her. 

I would like to think that the new direction of the show won’t have Clarke’s focus be on “who is she going to sleep with?” but rather her role as a mother. I think the new “love of clarke’s life” is Madi. Not in the romantic sense of love like Lexa was to her, but in the mother type. Clarke has already experienced romantic love, friendship love, and how she is experiencing the type of love a mother has for her child. Madi is going to be all Clarke thinks about. Clarke’s “people” is Madi. She will put Madi’s needs first even if that means going against people she once fought for. 

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Hey, idk how much you know about the leaks, but I feel like you get a lot of traffic and could reach more people than me. The studio is deep shit over this and DreamWorks is PISSED. They might be facing legal problems. These posts need to be taken down ASAP. Plus there are people REFUSING to remove them, even knowing they may be contributing to people losing their jobs...

Lord okay

Guys like I said before and I don’t give a fuck if you’re one of the people that feel it’s harmless but shit like this could keep the show from releasing any new content including the actual episodes themselves.

Don’t be an ass and ruin this for everyone that actually enjoys the show. Especially for the kids that love it.

You’re not the only people watching the show and frankly it’s dumb af to leave the posts on since it does nothing but tell people you really don’t care and that you’re a piece of trash that doesn’t care about the legal consequences holding those posts has that could cause people to lose their jobs.

Don’t be an ass and just delete them

She’s No Angel (Part 9)

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A/N: 11:08. I know, I just don’t want it anymore. Plus I’m tired of people asking for it, but at the same time, I enjoy talking to you all. It’s long AF, approx. 10 pages written. Idk wtf a paragraph is. Good luck, here you go.

She’s No Angel Master list

Warning: Smut maybe IDK it’s my first time lol.

Shit get’s real …

“Fucking technicians,” Kylo mumbled. He hated how he couldn’t even be able to do this simple task. He couldn’t wait to get back to his quarters and actually do something productive for the first order. Fumbling with the wires, he didn’t even hear the stormtroopers sneak up on him. “Matt!” FN-8041 yelled. He froze and readied for an attack. “Oi, Matt we aren’t going to hurt you.” Seventies raised his hands up. The other troopers spread out creating a barrier between them and the wall. “What do you want?” he spat. “He does get a little temper on him!” JY-8342, also known as Bear, chuckled. 8041 leaned on the wall. “Well, yesterday was eventful.” The troopers laugh as Matt glared. “I see you truly don’t like Angel.” he smiled. Matt clenched his wrench.

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Ahhhhhh the reception to my new fic has been SO NICE, omg. I’m gonna cry. ;-; You guys.

I’m not gonna be around much this weekend, I kind of killed myself finishing my fic last night so I’m migrainey AF, it’s approximately the surface temperature of the sun here in sunny Sheffield, and my bf’s arriving in an hour to stay for the weekend. MANY THINGS.

I owe roughly one million replies and messages and I’m so sorry for being slow and crap as always! I will get to it! And thank you so much for supporting me. <33333

u know what just hit me??? there’s a possibility that sherlock texted irene while drunk af on john’s stag night

or even better. there’s a possibility that sherlock, emotional as he was after mary and john’s wedding, texted irene. i mean, he saw her in his mind palace and wondered where she was, and then he was feeling lonely and out of place. maybe he texted her bc he thought she might be a good distraction, but then things turn emotional and oh my god if i could write fanfic properly i’d fill u guys with content

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The Gangsey for the couple thing 😉


who hogs the duvet: they’re all guilty of this but ronan, noah and adam r the main perpetrators

who texts/rings to check how their day is going: GANSEY IS THE MOM FRIEND SO HE DOES THIS THE MOST BUT NOAH DOES IT A LOT WITH BLUE

who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: blue handmakes her gifts and ronan dreams shit for ppl if he rlly cares abt them so hes a winner

who gets up first in the morning: adam for study/work the poor soul

who suggests new things in bed: honestly adam can get a lil wild,,,,blue is kinky af and gansey’s down for whatever, same for noah

who cries at movies: gansey cries at every movie ever and adam cries if theres a dog, blue cries at f/f friendships

who gives unprompted massages: ronan gives em to adam, gansey gives em to adam, gansey gives em to everyone tbh

who fusses over the other when they’re sick: THEY ALL FUSS OVER ADAM SM OH MY GOD bc they know he hates being sick they know he hates not being able to perform at his best the poor soul

who gets jealous easiest: ronan of adam tbh

who has the most embarrassing taste in music: well. the murder squash song. so ronan + adam

who collects something unusual: blue has a lot of cool n kooky gadgets but gansey takes this one for the sheer amount of paraphernalia on glendower

who takes the longest to get ready: blue spends a lot of time on her hair, gansey takes a long time to transform into Richard Campbell Gansey III if theres a big event

who is the most tidy and organised: adam likes knowing where things are but lacks the time and energy to organise things, noahs honestly p organised, theyr all big messes tbh, ganseys only organised when it comes to glendower and even then hes a Mess™

who gets most excited about the holidays: none of them r v conventional tbh im gonna say noah

who is the big spoon/little spoon: i now have this hilarious image in my head of them spooning in order of height (which means ronan is the biggest BIGGEST spoon im crying)

who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports: adam has to win at everything but also dont get in blues way she will murder you

who starts the most arguments: ronan is just. angry all the time but adam picks fights when hes tired

who suggests that they buy a pet: noah. ronan points out that they already have chainsaw

what couple traditions they have: pizza at ninos (which blue hates), expeditions together

what tv shows they watch together: no-one cares whats on tbh

what other couple they hang out with: are there any other couples for them to hang out with??

how they spend time together as a couple: more expeditions

who made the first move: idk if this questions works tbh

who brings flowers home: blue and noah bring home wildflowers, gansey brings home leftovers boquets from events,

who is the best cook: honestly????????? ronan

send me a couple!!

Chaos and Healer Witch Aesthetic. Air and Water based. I threw in some astrology also.

Requested by: @lavenderxflame 💛

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Hello ! I thought about a request but I think it's long af to do but I'm still going to suggest it 😂 What it would be to live with NCT 127 + Ten and Hansol after graduation ? Thanks ! ❤

Ooooo should I start a series of aus with university!nct???? I could include how u meet and what they major on and graduation with them and living with them after too????

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from one canadian to another,,,, i feel ur pain (also joy from knowing such a cool artist is also canadian 😎🇨🇦😎). not only is the shipping expensive af but loonie's value compared to the usd and euro is making me Loony

agsgdhdhdhd Canada Struggles ;v; like I want it rlly badly but…$22….for one charm……..

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I'm sorry but they really can't make us believe Rob is 100% the dad unless proven otherwise with a DNA test. It's ridiculous. She slept with Ross the day before & after and because she had slept with Rob once without protection, it automatically means the dad. We know that condoms are not 100% effective and it is possible to still get pregnant with protection. If they wanted to make it obvious it would be Rob's then there was no need for her to sleep with Ross at all.

Same. I’m holding out that the baby isn’t Roberts. I mean as soon anyone mentions Robert or the baby she becomes so defensive. Not to mention she clearly has no idea how far along she is. Why wouldn’t she just tell Chrissie how far along she is? It’s suspicious af.