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Bakugo may be confident and what not. But would he have been confident when asking out his s/o? When and where? Was he awkward af?

Bakugou Katsuki:

  • He’d be overly confident. Too confident. He’d be putting his pride on the line by asking you out, and Kirishima warned him not to be too full of himself when asking you out in case you turned him down, but luckily it worked out in his favor. Only, when it actually happened, for some reason your positive answer shocked him.

  • He’d have declared his liking towards you and his request to go out with you in a passive aggressive way, like; “Go out with me, dumbass. Take it or leave it.”

  • While he was boasting the I-could-care-less act, on the inside he was pleading that you would say yes. When you did say yes, his whole face lit up bright red and his composure shattered into nothingness. Everyone had doubted that he could ever get a date, and here he was, getting one.

  • He’d back up a couple steps in shock, blushing red all over as his palms would smoke, screaming his next response, “YEAH, SURE! FINE. TOMORROW AT THE GATE AT 1:00! DON’T FUCKING BE LATE!!”

  • When he finally met you outside the gate of Yuuei, he’d not even make eye contact with you as he’d grab your hand tightly and pull you along to where you were going to go on a date to. He’d be beet red the entire time, glaring at his shoes as he walked, refusing to look at how pretty you looked because he’d just get flustered.

  • He’d insist on paying for everything, wherever you went. Frankly, he had sprung the date on you out of nowhere, so he really had no time to plan where he wanted to take you. So the both of you just went to the mall and bought numerous things.

  • Once people were all around you, he’d let go of your hand and stay at least a foot away from you. It confused you, but you would realize that it was because he was nervous to be seen all “lovey dovey” by anyone he knew.

  • But the moment that anyone looked at you the wrong way, be it another guy, he’d grasp onto your hand tighter than before and pull you closer to his side to make sure nobody got the wrong ideas. Then, he’d refuse to let go of you the entire time, smirking at anyone who saw you both as his pride rose. “Look, this is now mine,” is what his expression would say as he’d hold you to his body.

  • His composure would break at certain times, but once the date would be over, he’d be a bashful mess once he realized that the first date wasn’t so bad. He’d try to ask for another one, but you would beat him to it, so really, he’d be the one saying “yes” to the next date.
I’ve been told to never let go of the person who can fully calm the storm wreaking havoc inside of my body. That’s why I’d have such a difficult time letting you go. Because up until this point in my life there hasn’t been a single person who’s been able to make the waves stop crashing on my heart and mind in a swift heartbeat like you can. One look, one smile, one touch from you and the oceans inside of me become still. I can’t understand why it’s so easy for you and I doubt you even know how much you do for me.
—  There’s no other way to put this than I’ve never felt good enough for anyone until I met you. I don’t know why and I don’t know how but you just made me feel like I am truly worth something

I think I just came. I am screaming. I need to write some bucky smut right the fuck NOW. If you watch this please don’t say I didn’t w a r n  y o u. 

You might not think you’re anything beyond ordinary but everyone who comes into contact with you, even for just a moment, can see that there’s more to you than you possibly know yourself. You’re beautiful that’s undeniable but it’s not a superficial type of beauty, it’s natural just like everything about you. You don’t realize the lasting effect you have on some people. Your radiant smile has the ability to make everyone in the room genuinely smile in return even if they are having the worst possible day. That in itself is a gift but it doesn’t stop there. Your generosity extends to the hearts of everyone you lend a helping hand to. Every single thing I’ve come to see in you shows the purest of hearts. Everything about you is extraordinary and it’s about time someone tells you.
—  For anyone who needs it

reasons you think people hate j*nerys: the incest, the “predictability”, because i prefer jonsa, daen*rys being infertile, etc.

reasons i hate j*nerys: jon and daen*rys are two fundamentally different people both politically and philosophically and would therefore never work as a couple, especially considering that daen*rys stands in the way of the northern independence jon (and robb, tbh) has built his life on fighting for for the past six seasons :)

From a young age you are taught to appreciate art. Art back then was merely sculptures and paintings. But now, I’ve realized people can be art too. And you, you are the greatest masterpiece God has ever created. From head to toe, inside and out, you were handcrafted with the utmost precision and care. I was taught to never touch art but when it comes to you I’d break the rules if it meant I got to touch your soul
—  March 4th 10:30pm