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So I’m not entirely sure if this is how their first kiss would go since Hinata’s tsundere af, but the idea of him being comfortable enough with Komaeda to be the one to initiate it makes my heart melt c’:

I can imagine Komaeda, whose self-esteem and sense of self-worth is practically nonexistent. being so surprised by this predicament that he just sorta stands there and looks at Hinata like:


Ride over the clouds ☆゚.*・。゚


“fuck you nerris, sprinkles will kick your charizard’s ass”

i saw max/nerris in the tag earlier and tbh they’d hang and play some pokemans (that’s what the kids are playing nowadays right)

Carson: Ok, is everyone ready? 
Benson: Wait, I wanna change my shirt …
Bria: Dad, are you sure you set the timer? Nothing’s happening …
Carson: I may look ancient Bri, but I know how to work a camera. Look it’s starting to beep. 
Toya: Hon, did you remember to turn off the oven?
Carson: …. ooh crap
*camera click*

The Breck’s would like to formally introduce you to their newest addition, Bazel Breck!

okay so this is the funniest thing that has happened to me probably ever- So today in English 9 the teacher was like okay make 5 senses and she called on the guy next to me and he wasn’t paying attention so he looked at me for the answer I whispered dance. So he said dance, like really loud. And the whole class just laughed and basically peed their pants and the teacher didn’t even know what to say. So he was like “I said the answer is dance” and she just looked so disappointed and concerned and it was hilarious one kid left the class because he almost peed his pants. It was insane omg but yeah.