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My lips haven’t stopped talking about you since you first kissed me. My eyes haven’t stopped looking in your direction since you first came into view. My hands haven’t stopped aching to be held by yours since you first touched me. And my heart hasn’t stopped beating to the sound of your name since you took up residence inside of it
—  April 25th 4:37pm

If I could create some sort of magic thing, what would it be?

WidowTracer Headcanon!

Since Tracer and Widowmaker have been enemies for a decade at least, every meeting Widow got more angry and annoyed at her. This anger made her slowly feel more emotions: anger at missing her shots at Tracer, satisfaction at her work, amusement at their banter, etc. Mild bouts of emotion. Over time, Widowmaker grew to enjoy their times fighting. To the point she’d purposefully, yet discreetly, let her location be found by Tracer /only/. Sometimes it was Tracer who found her, but if not WM would give her the tiniest hints. She’d enjoy their games of cat and mouse, even sometimes purposefully /missing/ her shots or giving a quip to give Tracer a few seconds to recover. Sometimes even hesitating to even shoot her altogether. These emotions eventually grew to be a quiet, suppressed form of love.

Snakket ikke om han

Things that are confirmed in this clip:

  • Sana did know Even before
  • Sana knows what happened
  • Sana cares for Even and feels sorry for what happened with him and the balloon squad
  • Even had a good relationship with Sana’s (and Elias’s) parents (at least their mom)
  • Even still cares for the ballon squad, or at least for Elias

Not confirmed but interesting:

  • Sana probably said that the balloon squad are ”drittunger” aka ”childish brats” in ’Fy Faen’ because of the thing related to what happened with Even
  • Sana doesn’t want Isak to know what happened either (but maybe she is just considering Even’s feelings more than Isak’s because she knows how much it means to Even)
  • also did you HEAR Even’s voice crack when Isak approached?! God, I feel so sorry for Even, the thing that happened is something that Even is really scared of Isak knowing


  • Even looks so damn tall now, like we all thought he looked tall in season 3 but now that it’s from Sana’s POV he’s even taller because she is a lot shorter than Isak