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@yall saying Yuri has a low alcohol tolerance: nahhh if he did he’d be pretty done in after 3-4 glasses like me. My more tolerant friends would be probably drunk at around 12. Yuri’s problem is he can’t control himself.
This sinnamon roll drank *16* glasses (at least) of fizzy-af ~12% champagne, which is basically THREE BOTTLES. This is also the equivalent of doing ~16 shots, which in any time span, is Not Good™.
And this fucker proceeds to CONTINUE DRINKING ANOTHER BOTTLE.
What amazes me about Yuri Katsuki? That he’s not fucking dead. How did he not land in the hospital? Where did he learn to drink like this? Detroit fucked him up.


Fairy Tail 520 reaction. 

yeah, I’m salty as fuck. So now anyone could wish to not dead or something and they’re magically alive? what was the point of this seeds if Natsu just… PUF made them dissapear. And please don’t talk about it. So Irene didn’t wished to become human again hard enough to destroy the seeds uh? what an irony. 

Also don’t make me talk about Nalu fans, I’m just to tired of them.

@the-archangel-of-zeref you know that I’m as salty as you about this bullshit. 

Note: I’m ready for all the hate I will get for the nalu fans :v 

FT Volume 58 cover

Neinhart has purple hair.My whole existence is a lie.


AND ALL THE SPRIGGAN 12 ON THE COVER.(I am so getting this volume)

(and larcade has blond-ish hair omg I don’t like where this is going)

I still like this cover tho<3

Day Six: Decorating + Sweaters

Pairing: John Winchester x Reader
Word count: 846
Warnings: None.
Challenge: This was written for @waywardlullabies, @deanwinchester-af,and @loveitsallineed‘s 12 Days of Christmas Challenge. Day 6 of 12 Prompts: Decorating + Sweaters.

Thanks to @lucis-unicorn for looking over this one for me first.

The Twelve Days of Christmas Masterlist

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