To whoever falls in love with me,

I promise to fall so insanely hard for you. I promise to love you top to bottom, inside and out. I promise listen to you and care for you greater than anyone ever has. I promise to be the shoulder you cry on and the person to make you laugh. I promise to lift you up on days you feel you can’t get out of bed. And if you still can’t get out of bed I will lay with you. I promise to do everything in my power to make sure you don’t ever doubt my love for you. I just ask for a few things in return. Be patient with me. I’m a little hard to handle sometimes and I apologize in advance. Sometimes I just get sad and I don’t know why. Just hold me and tell me you love me, I’ll come back around I promise. I can be needy so please don’t leave me hanging for hours because I’ll wonder if I said or did anything wrong. Just let me know you’ll be busy and I’ll be perfectly okay. I get anxious. A lot. A majority of the time I don’t know why so please understand that. Listen to me. If you show me you listen I swear it’ll only make me fall for you even more. I’m not the easiest person to be with but I love harder than anyone I’ve ever come across.

—  I promise you won’t regret falling for me just like I won’t regret falling for you (March 30th 10:11pm)
My lips haven’t stopped talking about you since you first kissed me. My eyes haven’t stopped looking in your direction since you first came into view. My hands haven’t stopped aching to be held by yours since you first touched me. And my heart hasn’t stopped beating to the sound of your name since you took up residence inside of it
—  April 25th 4:37pm
Someone recently asked me “do you see yourself years down the road with the same girl you are with now?” Without hesitation I quickly responded with “fuck yes”. They asked me to explain how but I just smiled and shook my head. But all I could think of was how she talks about me like I put stars in the sky. How one kiss, one touch from her and I feel like I’m flying. It’s the way my body aches when hers is just a little too far away. It’s the way her presence is the only thing that seems to calm my entire soul. How her smile, her laugh could take any bad moment and turn it into something worth while. It’s how her beauty is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. The way she makes me feel can be compared to the way kids feel when they are told they are going to Disney. Full of butterflies, full of excitement, full of anticipation. That’s how loving her feels like. So when someone asks if I can see myself with her in the future I’ll just smile and nod because for the first time thinking about a future with someone doesn’t come across as terrifying to me. A future with her feels calm, it feels right. I’m not much of a believer of soul mates but I do believe that our souls were meant to cross paths for a reason and I’ll spend forever finding out why.
—  this love was worth the wait
I’ve been told to never let go of the person who can fully calm the storm wreaking havoc inside of my body. That’s why I’d have such a difficult time letting you go. Because up until this point in my life there hasn’t been a single person who’s been able to make the waves stop crashing on my heart and mind in a swift heartbeat like you can. One look, one smile, one touch from you and the oceans inside of me become still. I can’t understand why it’s so easy for you and I doubt you even know how much you do for me.
—  There’s no other way to put this than I’ve never felt good enough for anyone until I met you. I don’t know why and I don’t know how but you just made me feel like I am truly worth something
Fiz tantos planos ao teu lado. Coloquei a sua felicidade no topo da minha lista de prioridades, não fui obrigada a fazer isso mas para mim nunca foi nenhum tipo de sacrifício tentar fazer diferente com você, o algo em mim gritava que você era diferente e que valeria a pena. Fiz por você o que ninguém nunca fez por mim, o que estava ao meu alcance eu fiz e faria tudo outra vez se fosse preciso. Cuidei de ti, e preocupava com as coisas mais banais do tipo, se iria chegar bem em casa ou se dormiu bem durante a noite. Parava a minha vida só pra observar e ter certeza que você estava bem, eu fazia qualquer coisa só pra ouvir aquela sua risada gostosa no final do dia. Não media esforços para demostrar o que eu sentia, era tudo tão espontâneo e até hoje ainda é. Nunca esperei nada em troca. Te amei gratuitamente da forma mais intensa, moreno. Quando você estava quase caindo, segurava tua mão, dava um colo e alguns carinhos para curar o machucado do teu coração. Quando eu percebia que você estava com problemas eu tentava ser o seu cais mesmo sabendo que em mim habitava um caos imenso.  Fui muito mais do que um dia eu pensei que poderia ser para alguém, sabe aquela frase que diz que é preciso ter asas quando amamos o abismo? É, moreno, esqueci dessa parte. Fui intensa demais para alguém que nunca gostou de intensidade.
—  Ainda é sobre voce, moreno.